Vitamin K Benefits for Men

Vitamin K2 Benefits for Men

Vitamin K2 is an often over looked Vitamin that many men may be deficient in. Some of the benefits from Vitamin K2 are a healthier cardiovascular system, stronger bones, lower chances of osteoporosis, lower blood sugar levels and lowered anxiety.

Most multivitamins only contain about 20% of the Vitamin K2 that your body needs. So some people may benefit from supplementing Vitamin K2. Studies have shown that Vitamin K2 has a symbiotic relationship when supplemented with Vitamin D3. So many supplements on the market combine both of these great vitamins into one great supplement.

Here is a link to Vitamin K2 with Vitamin D3 added. Vitamin K2 with Vitamin D3

Here is a video that goes into more detail about the benefits of supplementing Vitamin K2 and D3.


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