N Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) Supplement Benefits!

N Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) Supplement Benefits! Removed from Amazon because of the FDA!

N Acetyl Cysteine is a really cool supplement that has been around since the 1960’s and is still used in hospitals today. The NAC Supplement has many benefits to the human body and is used my many people to help protect their liver, kidneys, immune system and lungs. But for some reason the FDA decided to spend your tax payer dollars to send letters to supplement companies that sell NAC (N-Acetylcysteine)

what’s going on guys tester levels here
thanks for being with me thanks for the
love you guys today we’re going to talk
about a really cool supplement that’s
kind of popped up in the news for some
really weird reasons
it’s called nac n-acetyl-l-cysteine it’s
a really good supplement
and we’re going to get into it but
before we go on please consult your
doctor before taking any supplements in
any way shape or form
do a quick medical disclaimer and jump
right in
nac is a pretty interesting supplement
and it’s been known in bodybuilding in
the psarms world
for a long time it’s uh it’s great for
your liver and great for your kidneys
when you’re taking anything that’s oral
and has to be broken down by the liver
uh you know your liver takes damage so
this is something that can help prevent
that and possibly help reverse it
like i said there’s some other ones milk
thistle and tudka
i personally think nac’s on a different
level that’s what i
use i take it every day it has a lot of
other good benefits
so i’m going to go through the benefits
and at the end we’ll go through
why it’s getting messed with and why it
got pulled off amazon
so an acetylcysteine it is actually
used in hospitals and why is it used
so if someone takes too much tylenol or
that can be highly toxic to your liver
uh what they do is they’ll give you an
iv of nac to help get rid of all that
acetaminophen from your liver and help
prevent your liver from permanent damage
so it’s pretty pretty impressive i mean
it’s a supplement
it’s an amino acid that they use to you
deal with like overdoses and stuff where
the liver is just taking a whole bunch
of damage
to get rid of all that stuff and to help
the liver not get any permanent damage
so right off the bat you know it’s
pretty good for your liver but they’ve
also found that it’s good for your lungs
and it’s also good for the flu
so they’ve used it to where people’s
lungs are getting full of mucus
and however it works i don’t know but it
gets in there and it helps clear it up
they also say that when people take nac
when they get the flu
that it can help alleviate some of the
symptoms and make people feel overall
and this kind of ties into why a lot of
think that the fda kind of
got involved with nac and it has to do
with this
whole situation that’s been going on in
the world which by the way where i live
in florida
is over it’s not even a thing you can do
whatever you want here in florida so
if you’re still locked down sorry but uh
it sucks so nac in your body
helps your body or it’s needed to be
there for your body to make
a super super powerful antioxidant
called glutathione
now you can get glutathione by itself
from like a clinic like defy
they’re a really good clinic they offer
tons of stuff if you’re thinking about
starting trt i have a
link and a discount in my description
but anyway you can get glutathione it’s
an injectable
super powerful antioxidant and ac is
kind of like the precursor to it
so that’s why they say that can really
help with your immune system
and like i said it protects the liver
the kidneys can help with your lungs
helps with the flu
really cool supplement i i’m really
super into nac
i’m super into it yeah like i go to it’s
like soccer games and stuff
but anyway i love it great supplement i
don’t have any links for it in my
but you can find it on oh no you can’t
find it on amazon because they pulled it
don’t worry we’ll get to that you can
get it at walmart and most supplement
shops that aren’t
scary little pansies like amazon another
thing it may do because it can be such a
powerful antioxidant
is help with fertility in men and women
i mean
that’s pretty darn cool right there it
may stabilize blood sugar levels by
inflammation in the body again super
this is a really good supplement and
really the only like
side effects that people you know
possibly encounter on this
is like stomach issues where like it
upsets your stomach or you get like
diary or something
nothing like you know is going to mess
you up just you know it’s inconvenient
and annoying
and last but least it may reduce heart
disease because
of again reducing inflammation in the
such a cool supplement so why why is the
fda messing with it and why did amazon
uh the scared little pansies that they
are pull it off the shelves like
so a lot of people speculate that this
whole thing
going on in the world which i mentioned
earlier you know they started to look
and you know nac has really good effects
on the respiratory issue
so a lot of people have jumped to the
conclusion that because it helps with
respiratory issues
the fda wants to ban it while that may
be the case
i don’t know um but what actually
was there were some supplement companies
i think seven of them
that were advertising supplements that
had other stuff
but also had nac in it as like hangover
supplement or hangover cure
and so they sent these people these
letters they basically took time which
equates to your tax dollars uh to spend
the time to craft letters
to send to these seven companies basis
like a cease and desist
like uh you know you can’t market your
products like this because it’s
misleading to customers and you’re going
injure people who are already drinking
heavily so they’re hungover
and anyway so what happened is
after that happened um amazon was like
nope we want nothing to do with it and
just immediately
pulled all the nac off the shelves you
cannot buy it on amazon
i looked i tried i went i got two
bottles from freaking walmart because
walmart’s cool like that
so just by the fda sending out those
seven letters saying you can’t
market stuff with nac in it for hangover
amazon was like nope and a lot of
companies that make nac
they’re nervous right now they don’t
know if they want to continue to make it
because i mean let’s say they drop fifty
thousand dollars into a production run
you know let’s say nutri cost they want
to pump out ten thousand of these
bottles and it costs them five bucks
fifty thousand dollars of inventory
amazon or amazon
the fda comes out tomorrow and be like
nope you can’t sell any c anymore now
it’s gotta be a prescription
so they’re sitting on fifty thousand
dollars inventory that they can’t sell
i mean this is nac has been around since
it is still used in hospitals there are
no side effects except for stomach
discomfort and diarrhea
but for some reason the fda decided to
i’d probably venture to say 50 000 of
your taxpayer dollars
to mess with a supplement that as you
tons of good benefits for people and you
know what’s interesting
during this whole situation i’ve not
heard one
government agency doctor anyone say you
know what maybe
you could take a multivitamin some
vitamin c maybe some d3
maybe some nac get some exercise get
some sun
eat healthier take a multivitamin
no none of that but it’s just super
weird that
the fda decided to go after a supplement
it’s been around since 1953
and it’s still used in hospitals to help
treat people with you know overdoses of
and fix their liver or prevent damage to
their liver
but i guess that’s what the fda is busy
with during this crazy
year and a half that we’ve been through
[ __ ] around supplements so i don’t
know that’s about it guys
really weird situation it’s really weird
that i may not be able to buy a
that i enjoy because it helps protect my
liver kidneys
lungs immune system heart and
antioxidant and reduces
inflammation in my body for some weird
anyway guys not gonna drag the video out
i appreciate you guys being here
love the support love you guys if you
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if you have an interesting opinion on
why the fda is messing with nac
drop me a comment and if you’re new
welcome to the family
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you’re awesome
and get your levels tested and buy some
nac at walmart because they’re not a
bunch of scared pansies

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