sarms vs gear

Ask a Bodybuilder – Sarms or Steroids for the Average Man? Featuring David Demesquita!

I speak to Bodybuilder and Coach David Demesquita to see which PED’s he feels are the best for the average guy trying to gain muscle! His answer may shock you!

what’s going on guys tester levels here
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today we have a special guest david d
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but today we’re going to talk about
something pretty interesting so
are storms better than gear
for like the casual lifter someone who
just wants to look a little bit better
they’re not trying to be bodybuilders
they’re just trying to
pick up girls at the bar on the beach
they just want that little boost
um so i’ll start off with my opinion and
then i’ll let david
uh tell you his decision or his his
i was on the thought process of so if
wanted to you know let’s just say run
two or three cycles in their life
you know they’re not trying to be a
bodybuilder i was under the thought
sarms overall i think would be better uh
they’re obviously suppressive they do
mess with your lipid profiles um
you know you should probably do a pcp
after and definitely do blood work
so they’re obviously they’re not safe
i’m not saying that at all but i was
just thinking that for
someone who just wants to look a little
better at the beach maybe put on five
ten pounds of muscle
over you know a couple different cycles
that sarms would be better for them
um but david i don’t know if he feels
the same way
so what are your thoughts on that do you
think gear would be better do you think
sarms would be better
yeah so i’m a huge fan of testosterone
um obviously there’s really very little
downsides to it one
you’re at replacing even at replacement
levels so one thing that i think people
issues with is they always start at like
500 milligrams of testosterone for a
base and it’s like you don’t need 500
milligrams of sauce around on your first
you can do 200 milligrams titrate up to
300 right
yeah yeah exactly everyone’s told 500
milligrams like that’s what you do
and it’s like no like you can do 300
milligrams and you’re at three times
probably your natural level
um and then if you need to like later on
you can bump it up
so reg relatively speaking especially a
younger guy
um when you come off that testosterone
you’re going to pct
and you rebound relatively easily
especially on that first cycle
second cycle maybe not as well and then
third cycle maybe not as well again
but it’s all dependent so when you’re
talking about
shutting down your test schools test is
very very suppressive
for shutting down your testicles but our
body goes through its natural process
and steroid genesis to break that down
and to aromatize it into estrogen
keep in mind estrogen is phenomenal for
muscle building
that’s one thing that people forget when
they talk about songs you get no
one of the benefits you don’t get
gynecomastia right but if you’re talking
about just doing a few cycles
then you’re probably not going to have
gynecomastia as long as you kind of keep
it in check
just don’t run your test level super
super high you can run a lot lower
dosages and be perfectly fine with it
um now let me take a step forward i mean
look at the sarm side of it and why i
don’t like sarms
sarms are selective androgen modulator
receptors right or receptor modulators
when you look at the tissue that it
actually binds to
there is very limited tissue that it can
bind to once you hit that saturation
it starts basically having that spill
over and you get the same exact side
effects they do from steroids
so interestingly enough when it comes to
enhancement of a physique in a male
realm right
i think that it has no rule and no place
austrian is going to be your safest bet
and have the most research but keep in
none of these have been able to pass
toxicity tests that’s the reason why
they’re not legalized yet
but what i’ve seen in blood work of
people who go from being
natural to on sarms actually i i can
tell you both sides of it from
testosterone replacing therapy
like no he did 500 milligrams of
testosterone came off
and then he ran a cycle of stars he’s so
he was completely recovered
strong as could be benching like 400
plus pounds um
and it was his first cycle ever and then
um after the saucer and he still
mentioned 400
then he went on sarms and he was like
dude i’m just not feeling good like
what’s up and i’m like
run some blood work the lowest amount of
testosterone i’ve ever seen in someone
are people that have run sarms
and come off as arms now they didn’t pct
that’s one thing is like if he runs arms
you need a pct
it still shuts you down it’s legit what
i’m seeing is it’s actually more
suppressive to the testicles
than testosterone is not only that but
also seeing lipid profiles being thrown
off so that means your liver and
liver is off so your ast alt are
elevated so you’re showing signs of
basically fatty liver
yeah um your lip your lipid profiles get
and then i’ve also seen from sarms and
i’m talking 15 milligrams of austrian so
you’re talking a very mild dose of it
spilling over and affecting your kidneys
the spillover is so bad from the liver
that he started getting pressure on his
now keep in mind like steroids don’t
cause renal failure but it can create
pressure on it if you’re getting too
much spillover from that liver
like if the liver enzymes get thrown off
too badly sometimes
because it can’t detoxify everything you
eventually get some pressure on the
and that’s essentially what i was seeing
in it but his levels were 80
nanograms per deciliter lowest i’ve ever
hands down on top of it though what i’m
also seeing
is it’s shutting down estrogen like it’s
bottoming out the estrogen so when
they’re coming off of even on
this guy was on actually and he was only
at 80 nanograms per deciliter
i’m seeing um shgb either get bottomed
or sky high through the roof um meaning
you either a can’t mobilize it
or b you have you’re not have no free
testosterone in your body
so the side effects and the blood work
that i’ve seen to align with storms
are worse than running testosterone and
coming off the testosterone
interesting it’s interesting because i
mean you everyone in the industry you
know sarms are safe
no side effects and lots of kids are
taking them because you don’t have to
um you know that’s that’s interesting
that you know you’ve seen blood work
from someone
who’s on juice and on sarms and their
blood work was way worse than uh than on
that’s interesting i mean i can’t argue
with that i mean i mean obviously it
varies from person to person but
i mean testosterone i mean it’s natural
to your body
you know so i mean it could make i mean
there’s an argument that taking
testosterone would definitely be safer
than sarms
i mean it starts our research chemicals
and testosterone is just a natural
that’s just interesting you know i just
you don’t think of sarms as being
as suppressive um and obviously i mean
you know you don’t have any testosterone
you don’t have any estrogen so you’re
going to feel bad on both sides
so same ideas these guys these doctors
prescribe you know too much arimadex and
these guys feel horrible it’s because
they don’t have any estrogen
but imagine no estrogen and your
testosterone you’re gonna feel like [ __ ]
yeah absolutely so yeah i had to run
like basically reboot protocols one of
them was so bad um sometimes if they’re
having like estrogen issues hcg is a
good answer for that
um and it helps to turn the testicles
back online and then clomid
so i mean if you’re in those shoes that
that’s a protocol but it depends on
where your estrogen if your estrogen’s
in check you probably don’t need hcg and
you can just jump on clomid
and pray to god that your levels come
back up to uh where they need to be
but that’s kind of how it is once you go
hypogonadism you
basically are at someone else’s mercy
if they’re gonna come back online or not
yeah that’s true
and just for youtube david nor myself
recommend doing any of this stuff
and we are both completely natural so
we’re we’re joining the natural crew
um but that’s really interesting um let
me know in the comments what do you guys
do you guys think if you were a younger
kid or even now do you think it’s safer
sarms or testosterone
running a cycle of testosterone let me
know in the comments and uh
i’m going to put a link to david’s
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but uh thanks very much david i really
appreciate your time
uh i like your insight on this so david
feels that testosterone is safer
i would have a hard time arguing that i
mean it’s a natural hormone it’s in
everyone’s body in the world so
but uh thanks for watching guys as
always you’re awesome
and go check out david’s youtube channel
that’s pretty good man i enjoy that yeah
i told you it’s a different perspective
and i have like i have blood work like
not just one or two person’s blood work
i’m talking like
up to 10 people’s blood work of like
running sarms and how suppressive it has
been and has been much more suppressive
than testosterone
and it’s kind of mind-boggling but and
their dosages were moderate i mean the
one guy was 15
milligrams of austrian which is going to
be your most mild austrian
or most mild sarm and uh it still
completely stomped them out
so i’ve only taken i took i took lgd for
a little
bit way back in the day and it gave me
nausea every time i took it so i didn’t
really take it for very long
so i did um i only did some one time i
was on testosterone replacing therapy