California Bans HCG! No More Compounded Human Chorionic Gonadotropin in California!

California has decided to ban compounded HCG from any pharmacy outside of California. They have also deemed Human Chorionic Gonadotropin to now be a controlled substance. So if you are on TRT with a telemedicine clinic you are pretty much out of luck!

what’s going on guys tester levels here
thanks for being here thanks for the
love you guys today we’re going to have
a fun little conversation about the
state of california
and their abundance of freedom and
personal choice
and yeah now california is a beautiful
place i’ve been there i mean tons of
stuff to do in nature
lots of taxes i mean it’s fantastic it’s
a beautiful state honestly
but uh we’re gonna we’re going to do a
medical disclaimer because i think this
really needs one
over the last year as most of you know
there’s been a huge pan
almost got me there youtube almost got
there’s been a situation going on in
and uh it has nothing to do with well
you know the other thing there are
thousands of guys in california that are
using hcg
and many of them are just dying in the
roads and there’s needles everywhere
oh no that’s heroin and fentanyl oh okay
and they’re not guys on trt okay
and they’re homeless people that are
in the street oh this hcg band doesn’t
even seem to make sense
what the hell is this california as you
know is
is very big on personal freedoms um
you know their their governor has done a
great job with the other situation
i mean you know that whole other
situation i mean their numbers just keep
going up and up and up so
you know stay inside don’t go out in
public you know
um think just real quick think about
this whole situation right now and your
other situation the next time you go and
just saying we’re here in florida a
little bit different
we got our boy ron desantis the guy is
i’m telling you i think ron desantis’s
testosterone levels
i would say are peaking at about 1600.
that guy is an
animal anyway if you see him on a ballot
somewhere vote for him guys as
so california has basically made it so
can only be prescribed hcg for fertility
and that’s i don’t think they really
give two shits about male fertility you
know hcg was originally created for
female fertility
and uh here’s the fun part so a
your doctor is going to have a really
hard time prescribing it to you because
it’s off-label use which means using a
for a different reason than what it was
fda approved for
here’s the fun part no pharmacy outside
of california
can ship or supply any resident of
california with hcg
so if you’re with a trt clinic and
you’re getting your hcg from like
you can’t get it anymore sorry you know
your government your wonderful
government over in california uh which
is taxing all of you into poverty
has basically said well this is for uh
this is for your safety you know it’s
off label use this is for your safety
and those
scary compounding pharmacies that follow
fda regulations and get
inspected by the fda they’re
scary this is for your safety guys this
is for your safety
um but they will only allow
a brand name pharmaceutical hcg like
pregno to be prescribed for women for
i mean i don’t really know what else to
say i mean they basically
just said hey you’re on trt go
we don’t care this is for your safety i
now it’s going to be tricky i mean if
you’re in a trt clinic
as most of them are telemedicine unless
they’re in the state of california and i
don’t even know if in the state of
california they’re going to be able to
prescribe it to you whether it’s pregno
straight from walgreens and by the way
hcg is not easy to find at pharmacies
it’s not something that’s regularly
prescribed so good luck
finding that um i mean you’re just kind
of screwed
now don’t let any trt clinic tell you
clomid is the same thing or that
gonadorellin is gonna do the same thing
i’ve tried going out or ellen don’t like
it doesn’t do anything for me
um i actually took it for a month to try
my boy shrank went back to hcg always
plumped up
um as far as feeling i didn’t feel any
different on either one but
that’s the only reason i take hcg so
clomid your hpta is shut off
so clement is not going to do anything
for you uh don’t let some
super smart doctor that learned about
klumet in the 80s tell you different
what the hell else do i need to cover in
this video i don’t even know so i guess
to finish out this video
you know like i said california’s
basically treating well they actually
did make
hcga controlled substance you know in
the same realm of other controlled
substances like
alcohol tobacco marijuana
oh those those aren’t controlled
substances in california
i’m sorry to all people that are
watching in california
they have to deal with this
it’s it’s stupid
it’s bureaucratic it makes absolutely no
hcg has really no negative side effects
doesn’t get you high
it doesn’t kill you like fentanyl and
heroin and
alcohol with cigarettes and marijuana
doesn’t really kill you but
you know what i’m saying but i mean
that’s just the situation you’re in
uh we i welcome you into florida and
texas but
please do not vote for the same type of
people that
messed up clown world california’s
super weird place i mean i’m sorry if
your job’s there and
you have no other options like your
job’s there you can’t move you can’t
work remote
i mean i don’t know what to tell you but
sorry well anyway guys
i’m gonna wrap up this video i hate to
be the bearer of bad news
it sucks but i mean if you lived in
california for the past 18 months i mean
does this really surprise you
anyway guys as always you’re awesome
and get your levels tested