Do Bodybuilders ever come off Testosterone? Or Do They Blast and Cruise? Featuring David Demesquita

I speak to Bodybuilder and Coach David Demesquita to see if bodybuilders ever come off cycle and do post cycle therapy or if they blast and cruise year round?

what’s going on guys tester levels here
today we have a special guest
david dimasueda uh he’s a bodybuilder
he’s a coach
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god knows guy knows a lot of stuff but
we’re going to answer the question do
bodybuilders actually ever come
off you’ll hear lots of bodybuilders
talk about post cycle
um but do they actually ever come off or
are they basically just doing a blast
and cruise
and then also they tell you know if you
go on forums you’ll see
you know they talk to kind of younger
kids or newer people
you know you do your cycle then you
piece and pee and then you do your cycle
and you pcp
but i don’t know do bodybuilders
actually do this so david let me know
what your thoughts are on this
yeah so i’ll take this one away and kind
of run with it for a little while
so as far as what we were always
originally taught was you blast
and you pct and then you take some time
off however much time you’re on three
you take three months off and then you
blast again when you need pct
and unfortunately the pzt method that
most people said was
it was either clomid or and hcg was
hardly brought up unless you actually
knew someone that was pretty versed in
the subject
um and pretty verse back then is
completely different than verse now
and that’s what we were taught well
one issue with it is is when you blast
you’re blasting so you completely cut
off your testicles well
not literally but figuratively hopefully
yeah that’s on you if you do that um but
you blast you so you shut down your
testicles completely
then you go to pct and your pct you
really should have clomid in there to
reboot your test gold
nolvadex to control the estrogen while
it’s coming back down to level
and on top of it you should also be
running hcg for a short period of time
but you don’t want to completely stomp
out your luteinizing hormone but just to
tell the testicles hey let’s turn back
online now when you’re younger
you can kind of get away with this your
testicles tend to be more resilient and
want to come back
but what we’re actually seeing is test
tests levels going down further further
in the newer generation so it’s actually
i believe creating
more of a further issue where guys are
going actually hypogonadism even
um and i’ve seen it in blood work on
kids that are 18 years old and they have
a 300 test score it was i mean i could
probably come off gear and have a
higher than a 300 test score like i
could literally come off testosterone
pct for a month and i’d probably be much
higher than that um
so really the approach like for those
kids would be like clone it try to
review your test goals if it helps
if not then you’re probably going to be
on trt um so
when you’re younger your body tends to
be more resilient so you can get away
with it
yeah but then as you get older you
realize like
one time you might run a cycle and then
you come to come off and when you come
all of a sudden you’re like i have zero
sex drive
like no sex drive you try to take some
natural test boosters
maybe it helps a little bit and it’s
just like your erections don’t feel as
like it’s just things aren’t working you
have no libido no sex drive no urgency
to basically try to be an alpha or
anything like that it’s just gone
basically hypogonadism at that point i
mean self-induced
self-induced hypogonadal so
my personal opinion is where it goes and
what bodybuilding has
transitioned to is you go into a
blasting cruise phase
so you blast and then you go into a
now cruising for everyone is different
we just had that most recent video on
dosing and
cruising some people cruise really high
on testosterone in the bodybuilding
i am different i don’t i go down to
testosterone replacing levels i want to
make sure that my lipid profile stays
the lipid profile tends to be harder to
control as you age
so that’s another thing that comes into
the factor um but
200 to 300 milligrams of soft drink is
what bodybuilders usually look at just
for a different for a cruise
as high as 400 for some of them i have
as far as three grants as cruising
as cruising that’s a hell of a cruise
i’m not going to drop the name on that
one but he is no longer with us
um and he from
what i have heard someone tried to talk
him down to get him to an actual cruise
level and
he wouldn’t do it and he would cruise at
three grams of testosterone and that
would be his baseline and he’d go up
from there
um so that was a more extreme that
side effect symptoms imagine taking
three grams and dealing with side
effects of that that’s crazy
wow you know is it pretty much i mean
his body building pretty much blast and
cruise i mean i just can’t see
you know i can’t see guys that are this
big this massive
i mean just coming off tr you know
so the younger kids they’re still
blasting in a pc team
and they’re pc king like with just like
clomid or just normandex
like one or the other and they’re not
using they’re they i guess they didn’t
get good advice but it is what it is
um there’s a lot of bad advice on the
internet so and then
the older guys not the older guys the
mid-20s to late 20s the guys that are
actually in the pro realm
they’re doing blasting and cruising
which actually turns out to be healthier
not only does it turn out to be
healthier for you because you’re not
completely going hypogonadism which is
worse than being on testosterone
replacing therapy
it actually can improve look at profile
levels and stuff um
but what ends up happening is because
testosterone is mild it’s not inhibiting
so it helps you to retain muscle
you get to retain that muscle while
you’re improving your health markers at
the same time
so that is really what the sport has
transitioned into and um
i didn’t start doing that until after
2017 is when i started testosterone
replacing therapy
yeah um now i was only ran two to three
cycles before that um but it was always
blasting it off blasting it off and the
last time i blasted and came off
i was hypogonadism and it was not good
like i was not comfortable and then
um my coach at that time recommended to
why don’t we why don’t you just hop on
trt and as soon as i went on to your
i started making progress you can make
plenty of progress on just testosterone
replacing therapy levels
which is something that people don’t
give credit for because even at 200
milligrams of testosterone
if you’re running off the basis that the
general rule of thumb is every 100
milligrams of testosterone you have
500 nanograms per deciliter so you’re
talking about being
a thousand nanograms per deciliter so
you’re already super physiological
most people out at 200 milligrams though
from what i’ve seen they’re usually
around like
1200 to 1300 marker um which is three
probably what your normal level is
depending on what age you are
yeah i hit uh like 200 milligrams i’m
usually between a thousand and 1100
right around there and the other thing
is that you know when you’re on
trt you’re getting that constant flow of
testosterone you’re not getting the you
up in the morning and it’s going to slow
down through the night you go out to the
you know you eat a bunch of bad food you
have the lower testosterone whereas
trt you’re just you’re smooth all day
and uh but i i i think that
like for younger kids out there i know a
decent amount of younger kids watch my
channel not a huge amount but
if you’re gonna run steroids you pretty
much either
either your dream is to be a bodybuilder
like you want to pursue that as a
or you have to accept the fact that
you’re going to be on trt
and even with especially this is going
to lead into our next video
so if you’re not subscribed to david
subscribe to him
um but if you’re gonna if you’re gonna
do steroids
you kind of it’s kind of a lifelong type
of thing one way or the other
you know you you’re gonna end up on trt
i’m sorry
pct works until it doesn’t
do you does that make sense no i i
completely agree with that um
if if you’re going to try to enhance
your physique and take your physique to
the next level
you’re going to be it’s a lifelong
commitment um if you’re running
a cycle or two cycles in your entire
lifetime kind of thing
you’re probably going to recover and
your software levels will return to
hopefully your normal levels are good um
but even like if you do that i would
recommend like a
really really good natural testosterone
booster it’s worth your money if you’re
come off and stay off um just for your
own testicle health
so um and then eventually you’re
probably gonna have your testosterone
crash off earlier on life just because
of those two blasts i’ve seen it
so it’s true that’s true well guys
thanks for watching uh thank you david
for spending some time with us and
letting us know some inside bodybuilding
um like i said go follow him uh link in
the description
as always you’re awesome and get your
levels tested