Peptides to heal injuries

Doctor Stories – Tendon Tear – Peptides to the Rescue!

This is a story of someone who tore a tendon in their pectoral muscle and what treatment options were offered to him by four different doctors. Your treatment and health can literally be completely different depending on what doctor you end up seeing for treatment. This is why I so strongly reccomend that men do their own research on treatments.

what’s going on guys test your levels
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love you guys today i have a video that
has nothing to do with trt
but i found it a pretty interesting
story and i think you’re going to find
it interesting as well
and if you’re just starting out on this
journey this is really going to show you
why you need to do a lot of research on
your own health
and look into medicines peptides things
you’re not going to hear from your
so do a quick medical disclaimer and
jump right in
so i was on instagram and i have my
instagram i’ll put it on the screen
right here
uh but that’s really where i talk to
people youtube
so many videos it’s gotten out of
control with the comments but anyway
i was talking to someone and we were
just casually talking and he was
starting to tell me a story of how he
his uh tendon his pectoral tendon from
the muscle
i don’t know if it’s the exact same
injury to where you’re like your pec
muscle like comes over here
i’m not sure if it was that severe but
anyway he was telling me that
for whatever reason surgery was not an
option he didn’t go into any more detail
and i wasn’t pressing it but surgery was
not an option for his injury
so he went to the first doctor doctor
said well if we’re not doing surgery
the only thing i can do is give you pain
pills and
this guy didn’t want to take pain pills
so he’s like okay well
i’ll try another doctor
second doctor what do you think they uh
tried to give him
pain pills pain pills pain pills pain
pills solves everything
crazy how much they’re over prescribed
these days and if you’ve seen anything
on the whole opioid crisis it’s freaking
nuts uh anyway let’s get back on track
so he goes to a third doctor and this
third doctor
says well without surgery it’s gonna
take nine to fifteen months to heal
and uh the only thing i can do to help
you out is to give you
you guessed it freaking pain pills
it’s this is this is kind of the point
of the video i’ll put it in the
beginning slash middle
but doctors only prescribe stuff that is
like mainstream whether it’s bad for you
or not
you know doctor sees you have an injury
they’re going to give you a pain pill
and i mean imagine if this guy just took
pain pills instead of
you looking elsewhere i mean imagine if
he had gotten addicted to those pain
pills i mean those i mean opioids are
super addictive
they’re bad for your body they kill your
testosterone levels they cause lots of
issues they’re dangerous so
this guy and i think he’s done his
research from
you know from talking to my instagram he
seems to know his stuff
so i think he was just trying to go the
doctor out to see what they would
what they would do and if they would do
anything outside of just pain pills but
after three doctors he’s like this is
you know none of them will do anything
they won’t think outside the box at all
not looking at peptides hgh peptides
anything else so i finally found a
fourth doctor and this doctor sounds
like this is
one of the best doctors i’ve heard of
since i’ve been doing this channel
this doctor uh you know didn’t try to
push freaking pain pills and opioids
down this guy’s throat
this guy is actually good and knew what
he was talking about and kept
up on the latest stuff so he prescribed
him or treated him with
prp which is platelet-rich plasma that’s
where they take your own blood
throw in a centrifuge some specialized
expensive machine
and they grab the actual platelets the
right platelets
and they inject them back by the site
area that’s injured
and what this does is it it causes extra
uh it irritates it a little bit or it
makes it think that it’s irritated so
the body comes and heals it faster
really cool treatment look into it prp
really neat
so his doctor prescribed him that his
doctor also
because his doctor reads knew about
bpc157 and tb
500 as we most know it but it’s actually
it’s irrelevant to the video so his
doctor prescribed him both of those
healing peptides bpc157
fantastic tb 500 i think is good
i think bpc is better so his doctor
prescribed him both of those
his doctor also knew about some of the
healing properties
of human growth hormone so he prescribed
him ipomarelin
i’m a parolin i’d always that one
up and he prescribed him ipomarelin
which is a peptide which
boosts makes your brain and your
pituitary gland and all that produce
more human growth hormone
so he was doing the prp bpc the tb
and the ipam and this was his doctor
but this guy actually kept up on stuff
and knows about peptides
outside of the stuff that you see ads
for on tv and outside of the medicines
the freaking reps bring panera and take
them out to ruth chris to tell them
about how great their new
freaking medicine is that’s why i have
to stress to you guys
you have to look into you gotta keep up
on this stuff
you know these healing peptides these
human growth hormone peptides
some of the psarms like mk677 all this
you know combined is also with the prp
you have huge healing effects on your
but most doctors and orthopedists and
they’re either going to give you surgery
or tell you to suck it up and take pain
and you already went into a rant about
pain pills now horrible those are
but anyway to the end of the story so
this guy went to his doctor got all this
good stuff
and his chest was healed he was healed
in three months
remember what his other doctor said nine
to 15 months
so i mean he healed it so much faster
and with no pain pills and imagine
this guy walked in off the street no
research at all
doctor says well if it’s not surgery
here’s some pain pills
and he went home and took pain pills for
the next nine to 15
months possibly could have gotten
addicted to them horrible things could
have happened
but since he kind of knew his stuff and
knew that taking pain pills wasn’t the
he found a good doctor a really really
good doctor that kept up on his
and he healed it now he told me he’s
like i’m not going to be benching three
plates anytime soon i’ve got to do light
weight now
higher reps high volume because i don’t
want to re-injure this and tear it again
but still you know he’s back in the gym
in three months
instead of nine to fifteen and who knows
that was just a doctor’s guess that was
pushing pain pills
who knows what the hell that guy knows
but anyway
i digress guys if you follow the channel
for a while
you know i you have to be your own
advocate you know
with trt especially but with injuries
and all this other stuff you got to keep
up on the stuff
you know you’re not going to find
doctors that are going to know about ipa
moreland or
there are some that know about prp but
they’re not going to you know bpc157
tb500 you know the doctor normal doctor
your primary care is not going to know
what the hell these things are
but they’re sure as well going to know
about all the new medicines that you see
ads for on tv
so anyway guys that’s it thought you
would find that story pretty interesting
thank you to the person on instagram
that let me use the story he didn’t want
to be
come in youtube famous on my small
little tiny channel
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