how much steroids do bodybuilders take

How Much Steroids Do Bodybuilders Actually Take? Featuring David Demesquita!

I speak to Bodybuilder and Coach David Demesquita to finally answer the question of how much steroids do bodybuilders actually take!

what’s going on guys chester levels here
today i am sitting here with bodybuilder
david mosquito
and uh we are going to talk about how
stuff that uh bodybuilders actually take
there’s so many anecdotal you know this
guy takes this this guy takes this this
is how much
so i wanted to ask him and because he’s
in this world
how much gear do bodybuilders actually
take so welcome david how’s it going
i’m doing gary vaynerchuk i’ll do it’s
so thank you for uh for taking the time
to talk to me
and i’m interested to hear what you have
to say yeah so i’m gonna say something
that contradicts what a lot of people
um publicly is that everyone takes the
same stuff
and the thing at the end of the day is
most of the drugs and competition
competition prep at least
are very very similar to each other
across the board of what you’re going to
a little bit varies um but i’m talking
like at a pro level
i’m not just talking at an amateur level
and i’m going to tell you the different
levels to it as well
so everyone’s for some reason they
always say that we take the same stuff
the same doses and that’s not entirely
true some situations it is
but when we’re jumping into it and we’re
actually looking at like an amateur
i mean most these amateurs are having
between like 600 milligrams
total across the board of testosterone
in their system up to one gram
now when we take it up a level and we’re
looking at a national level stage you’re
looking at like 1.2 to maybe 1.5 grams
of gear
total across the board so you’re talking
like testosterone as your base
and then you’re going across the board
and um if you want to jump into the
then we’re talking about like tests
trend mast
um then some orals get added in and oral
are a little bit different for obviously
different coaching styles and stuff like
um but it prevents basically blood
saturation when your shgv is getting too
sex uh binding hormone so that’s kind of
where the orals come into play towards
the end
some people run orals through the entire
prep which i think is crazy
i don’t think it’s needed i think people
are doing too high too long and they’re
getting saturated out
i think of uh adding anabolics into an
equation as
nitric oxide at the end of the race like
fast and furious like you press the
button and you get through the race and
look a certain way you make sure your
muscles don’t tear down all that stuff
um even though the engines blow out
every single time in the movies but
kind of the same concept um saying
1.2 grams a week that’s to put that in
that’s 1200 milligrams you know per week
so trt 100 milligrams to 200 milligrams
these guys are doing
you know 12 to 6 times more than that
that’s crazy that’s only at a national
level if you want to take it up a notch
then some of these guys are and it’s by
weight there’s a there’s a ratio that
some people use and on top of my head i
can’t tell you what it is because it’s a
it’s like x amount of kilograms times
the gear and then you get your
testosterone ratios
but we’re going to take it up a level
and then at an upper level you’re
talking about 1.8 grams of gear
um usually at the next tier stopper but
then what i’m
unfortunately seeing a lot of times is
these guys that are growing so rapidly
and you can see in their physiques where
they’re getting very very inflamed
it’s not just due to food they’re
getting like an artificial inflammation
like if someone flexes the bicep right
you see that eye like peaks and hills
and valleys
that actually goes away and it just gets
inflamed across the board it looks very
very uh
flush is almost the way to do it and
that’s usually the to the abusive growth
is what’s happening right now and take
staying on
high amounts of testosterone year round
like i’m talking like three grams of
as a base sometimes and then
um so it gets very very
very extreme and unfortunately what ends
up happening is
with these guys is you just feel so
crappy you destroy your guts
you like when i see your gut i mean your
liver your stomach all this stuff and
you can’t nutrient partition anyways
so the whole point to increasing your uh
testosterone levels anyways in your body
is to increase protein synthesis
but if you can’t break down the protein
and nutrient partitioning properly
then it’s really defeating the purpose
of increasing to those doses
but it gives you that bigger look
because it just inflames the cells it
starts recruiting more satellite cells
making those cells bigger that’s why
they look so inflamed and you can see it
in their face and their muscle bodies
and stuff
that’s crazy i mean growth hormone you
know is pretty wild just in itself
uh when you start abusing it i mean it
does so many different things in the
uh then people are throwing insulin into
it um and like you were saying you know
these guys i mean they eat so much and
on top of you know the orals and stuff i
people don’t realize how important that
stuff your
your stomach biome and all those
bacteria in there how important they are
i keep seeing the different studies
popping up saying that all these
different bacterias do so many different
things in your body
and uh yeah it’s pretty wild that you
know it gets messed up it messes up so
much things in your body
yeah so like the video i was talking
about the other day that i just posted
it was essentially how
um i got covered and messed up my gut
severely it triggered my ibs that has
been in remission for five years
and when that happened i basically had
to take a step down from everything take
a step back takes two steps forward i
have to recalibrate my entire gut health
right now um and a lot of people have
really bad guts that stay on gear and
they don’t come off in gear
and the issue is it causes cortisol
issues and when you’re having cortisol
issues and you’re having a basic
autoimmune response you can’t fix that
like you have to come off there is a
breaking point
and like again to that nutrient
partitioning point if you can’t if your
gut’s not able to use those proteins
then at the end of the day you’re
defeating the purpose of trying to
increase your food intake and increase
your testosterone levels it things just
don’t add up
so that’s crazy man that’s so what what
do you think what’s the largest
dose of let’s just say test to start off
what’s the largest dose of test per week
you’ve seen
what i have seen or what i have heard
either one either one all right
so on paper there was a titration method
that i saw
and it would be bumping up every two
weeks 750 milligrams across the board of
a week and the starting dose was right
around two grams
so you’re talking after two months you
would have been right around the three
to four gram marker and it would have
kept titrating upwards and
on top of that there was also orals
being added in and titrated up
not titrated down ever just kept
titrating up and the drug was anadrol
so you already know where that’s going
to go real quickly and
um so that was the craziest one that
i’ve seen written down on paper
on top of that if you want to get into a
little bit deeper
the growth hormone was being applied at
nighttime he was made
in igf-1 and then he was also waking up
in the middle of the night to hit igf-1
more and growth hormone
and then waking up again to do more
growth hormone and igf-1
um in the middle of the night and he was
having to eat in the middle of the night
wow that’s wild man that is
and just put it in perspective one 10 ml
bottle of
pharma grade pharmaceutical grade 200
milligrams that’s two grams in that
so interesting i’m doing two grams a
week we’re in a full pharmaceutical
per week how did these guys pin that
much i mean
that’s why they start going into triceps
biceps traps lats
calves you know they just run out of
spots yeah i’ve heard some interesting
um usually it requires another person to
get into enough
holes in your body i guess because i
mean the issue is is
like you need to wait for the oil to
break down the muscle
you also are going to develop scar
tissue in the muscle if you keep pinning
it over and over again the biggest issue
that people don’t
talk about is actually the scar tissue
build up over time that’s why
i recommend always to everyone on the
smallest gauge that you can which is
going to be probably like a 25 gauge
um some people i think do like almost
insulin needles now which is like 28
gauges i think they have the screw on
um just to reduce the scar tissue build
up but from what i’ve heard
is like they basically alternate science
the crazy one who was actually the one
that gave the protocol
was pinning it was almost like five or
six times in a day
um not micro dosing just pinning five or
six times in a day
and he was having to have his girlfriend
pin him like on his lats and stuff like
just to make sure that it got into the
that’s crazy man that’s and they’re not
they’re i mean they’re doing like 1ml
2ml 3ml at a time
per muscle you know we’re over here
doing you know 0.5 ml
0.3 i mean they’re doing they’re getting
the big three ml syringes you know like
the big ones that’s that’s crazy man
um i’ll ask you i mean i mean obviously
i know testosterone and orals
uh you know most bodybuilders using deca
and trend
or either or yeah so
i you know the weird thing is is like an
old school method was deccan trend
which is like a concoction that would
probably make you hate your life like i
would never do it personally
um and like i understand it’s partially
the methodology behind it but at the end
of the day like if you don’t respond
well to deca
because of the issues with the
aromatization that it’s not a
romanticization it doesn’t rheumatize
it does increase your estrogen levels
and you can’t counteract it with
ais which people try to counteract with
the ais and you can’t do that
um with deca in particular so yeah some
people do literally testosterone
deca and trend and in the off season too
and i think running trend in the off
season is crazy because the side effects
with trend aren’t really worth it in my
i think deca is actually a phenomenal
drug if used and dosed properly
there’s a reason why it’s fda approved
because there are really good uses for
um not that every drug that’s not fda
approved isn’t good there’s plenty of
drugs out there that are good that are
non-fda approved
but um yeah deca is a very common one um
people call it a bulking drug
just because a lot of people do have
estrogen issues with that
um for instance though for me if i’m
running deca
i get really really hard vascular i
definitely don’t have erectile
dysfunction issues on it i get the polar
so i respond very well to it in what
people have to understand
is people pathway drugs differently so
everyone’s going to be different
now the ones that come into prep are
always going to be your test trend
mast um i have seen usually starting off
cycles which is relatively common
they’ll hit npp just because out of your
system faster
um it’ll start off with like a test and
if you have mpp just for
people watching so you’ve got deca deck
is a really long ester and you’ve got
mpp it’s shorter acting
kind of similar to like propinate
scipionate supernates fast or
sipionate slow propionates fast yeah
yeah so it’s uh
an angelone um i’m going to put that one
phenylproteinate thank you yeah so it is
propionate so it’s test protein it is
that it’s equivalent
for testosterone and then testosterone
would be equivalent for deca for
half-life principle
um so yeah they usually start off with
like a test and an npp and then they
transition into like a test and trend
and then they start layering and other
drugs with it um once trend comes into
the equation usually they have masterone
in the equation
um which honestly and this sounds so bad
to say
one of the drugs i wish was fda approved
would be like masterone and human
bowling i think there’s great uses for
them if you counteract basically
stomping out your lipid profile which is
what in the doctor realm they’re doing
they’re prescribing way too many ais to
counteract the drugs
reduce the drugs down so that you don’t
have to stomp out the cholesterol issues
interesting that’s interesting well
that’s perfect well i think we’re going
to end this video here
and we’re going to film another one so
be on the lookout um
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they’ve actually been a lot better
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