how to dose testosterone

How to Accurately Measure Your TRT Testosterone Dosage! Easy Formula!

Lot’s of guys who are starting out on TRT get confused on how to accurately measure out their exact dosage of Testosterone. In this video I will show you an extremely easy formula that you can use to accurately dose any concentration of Testosterone.

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but today we’re going to talk about how
to dose testosterone
and when i say this you too if you’re
listening which you probably are
i’m not talking about how much to take
or how much you should take each week
telling you basically how to measure and
know exactly how much testosterone you
are using
per each injection but before we start a
quick medical disclaimer and be right
this is going to be a short video um but
it’s it’s pretty simple it’s just
pretty much a math formula and the idea
is just to figure out how much
is in one ml of the liquid and then
you’re gonna break it down into tenths
so real quick
normal bottle 200 milligrams per ml
that means that each ml that you draw
into that syringe
is going to contain 200 milligrams
so if you break that into tenths so
every 0.1 ml
say on an insulin syringe which is
usually 10
each 0.1 ml that you draw in is 20
so a half of a 0.1 or 0.05
mls would be 10 milligrams so you’re
doing something like 70
you’re going to do three and a half so
3.5 times 20 equals 70.
makes sense so once you know how much is
1ml and it will usually say it right on
the bottle i mean come on
it’s medicine once you know how much is
an ml
you just break that into tenths and if
you need to you can break it down in
half from there
to get something like a 70 or a 90 or a
you know 50.
pretty simple but it does get a little
confusing so let’s say
you got some weird bottle from a
pharmacy from a smaller pharmacy let’s
somewhere and it’s 250 milligrams per
ml exact same formula you’re just gonna
end up with a different number at the
so in that scenario of 250 milligrams
per one
ml of liquid each one i know that you
pull in
is going to have 250 milligrams so if
you break that down into tenths
every 0.1 ml of liquid has
25 milligrams so 0.2 ml has 50.3 has
75.4 has 100.
not trying to make the video too long i
hope that makes sense
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