how to get rid of gyno on trt

How to get Rid of Gynecomastia! Gynecomastia Overview – Say No to Gyno!

Gynecomastia is a very common condition that can happen to men at almost any stage of life. Gynecomastia also known as Gyno is a growth of Breast tissue under the Nipples. It can be caused by many things and will become permanent if left untreated. But if you catch Gyno early there is a pretty good chance you will be able to reverse it.

what’s going on boys how’s their day
going thanks for being here thanks for
the support
love you guys today we’re going to talk
about a very unfun topic
and i don’t know if you can see this but
i have this condition and i’ve actually
had this condition for a very long time
so i’m going to tell you how do you know
if you’re getting it
what causes it how to get rid of it
and i’ll even show you some pictures of
so you guys already know this video is
about gynecomastia and gynecomastia
sucks [ _ ] tits i think we’re past 30 seconds [ _ ] tits growth behind your nipple
so what actually causes gynecomastia
in usually it is either high estrogen
or an imbalance between testosterone and
do we know exactly what those ratios are
we do not
but it happens it sucks and uh
i’m going to try to tell you some
medicines that you can take to get rid
of it
if it’s newer if you’re like me and
you’ve had it for a long time
there’s only one way to get rid of it
and it costs about six seven grand
so let me start off by reading you guys
some actual interesting facts i learned
about gyno while i was researching this
and uh we’ll just move along more than
half of newborn males
are actually born with a little growth
in their nipples
and it usually goes away within two to
three weeks i found that interesting
that half of men are actually born with
and it just naturally goes away why does
this happen no
freaking clue but it does so some of you
guys may know some of you guys
don’t but when men start going through
puberty like 14
16 a lot of guys develop gynecomastia
just because their hormones are going
crazy you know their hormones are going
up down
and that just it just can happen as you
grow you’re growing breast tissue
behind your nipple for the majority of
people it goes away within like six
months to two years
but for some people like myself it never
goes away i’ll see what
i can show you i’ll take a picture and
put it on screen but my right nipple’s a
lot worse than my left one
i don’t know if you can see it but i
definitely have it i’ve had it for a
long time
it’s not going anywhere but honestly
i’ve never been lean enough for anyone
to really notice it
my brother did uh he still calls me this
to this day sometimes
calls me cody baloney when we were
younger never understood i just thought
i don’t know i have said weird ass
shaped nipples but
apparently i freaking gynecomastia and
what’s interesting is
trt did nothing to change it i never got
tingly nipples i never got pain swelling
anything like that
my estrogen’s up at 72. it didn’t go
down didn’t get bigger
it’s just it’s just kind of there it’s
just is what it is it’s
part of who i am and when you get older
if you survive the gauntlet of
having gynecomastia as a newborn baby
avoiding it through puberty
and avoiding it if you’re on trt well
once you hit 50 to 80
one in four men develop gynecomastia so
you can get gynecomastia from the day
you’re born to the day you [ _ ] die isn’t that fun the only way you can completely avoid getting gynecomastia you actually get the surgery and you get the gland actually taken out and if the doctor isn’t good and doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing and he cuts out the the mass but he doesn’t actually get the gland guess what your gyno is growing right back isn’t that a [ _ ] so outside of like
trt and i know this is mainly a trt
channel and that’s what most guys are
watching this video for you know how to
start trt
and you know what happens if they start
to develop gyno
but there’s a lot of other causes that
can cause gynecomastia some of them are
random as hell
like some medicines that you wouldn’t
even think of anything to do
with gynecomastia and hormones somehow
cause it
so here are some of the causes obesity
lack of proper nutrition
tumors in the testicles and adrenal
glands liver disease
hyperthyroidism hypoandrogenism
hypogonadism and kidney failure so those
are just some things that you know could
be going on in your body that could
cause gynecomastia
could cause it just when you started trt
and it’s just coincidence
could happen completely randomly no one
kind of a [ _ ] so here’s some interesting medicines and other things that you can put in your body that can actually cause gynecomastia obviously anabolic steroids is on there estrogens finasteride lots of guys are taking finasteride dht blocker try to keep the beautiful lion’s mane that can cause guy now this one’s kind of crazy diazepam which is on the street known as valium i thought that was pretty crazy like i don’t know i mean do you have to be like abuse valium like take it multiple times a day could you take like one or two and it could just start causing it i don’t know but i stay away from that stuff anyway hcg obviously can raise your estrogen levels because it mimics luteinizing hormone um so i’m assuming a couple guys have gotten it they’ve taken you know hcg monotherapy for fertility and when you’re on hcg for fertility they juice you up pretty hard i mean i’ve seen doses of like 4 500 ius a week they’re obviously not taking that forever they’re just doing that to just swell the boys up get them producing little swimmers so we can conceive and then move on but you know you’re pumping that much hcg in your body and your estrogen just goes poop and your nipples are like hey what’s up we’re tingling we uh we might even drip a little bit and uh boom you’ve got breasts so pretty much any street drugs i don’t know if they put this on they’re like scared people you know like dare or uh you know reefer madness but they said marijuana obviously hard h um alcohol alcohol can can cause it too so here are the signs to look for if you’re starting trt or you just stumbled across this video because you think you’re getting gyno here’s some of the signs to look for tingling tingling is probably the first one that you’ll see you feel your nipple just be more sensitive they’ll tingle a little bit that’s a good indicator that you’re gonna start getting gyno soon not guaranteed pain and swelling so i don’t know if you ever had pain in your nipples if you ever like run a lot on your shirt and your shirts rubbing against your nipples and it freaking hurts the next day when you’re wearing your shirt i don’t know it’s not exactly like that but you know pain and swelling in the nipples anything in the nipples that’s not normal is a good indicator that you may be developing gynecomastia and this one i mean if you’ve gotten to this point and you don’t know that you have gynecomastia or you’re getting it and you’ve done zero research i mean i hate to tell you but you know google some [ _ ] my man
if you’re getting discharged out of one
or both nipples
you’re getting gyno and if you’ve
ignored it this long
it’s where your nipples are lactating
what are you doing with your life bro
for real i mean i can imagine like well
i guess they’re lactating now i guess
i’ll look into this and see how i can
help prevent this
so we’re going to go over some
treatments and i want to preface this
by if you like you’re like myself i said
this earlier i’ve had gyno since i was a
i mean i don’t know if you can see it i
don’t know i mean i have [ _ ] pointy ass nipples that’s just always the way i’ve been and i just had it if you’ve had it for a long time there is nothing you can do you can try one medicine to see if it will shrink it a little bit but outside of that you know it’s kind of like a scar it’s there i actually have a big fat scar from when i was a kid but it’s not something that you’re going to be able to shrink it’s possible but i’d still give it a try but uh it’s it’s one of those things you if it’s gotten to this point like it has for me i mean it’s not it’s not getting any worse but it’s been there for what 23 years something like that so it’s not going anywhere i’d have to get surgery i forgot to mention surgery can cost anywhere between like four and seven thousand dollars it’s not something that your insurance is gonna be like oh yeah that’s that’s a serious medical condition you’ve got little lumps under your nipples so we’re gonna cover that cost your insurance ain’t covering it sorry this is an out of pocket cost so if you are really worried about this i mean honestly i don’t know just just get a little heavier like me so where people don’t notice as much and build up your chest but if you’re really you know hyper focused on this and insecure about it it’s like five six grand so you gotta start saving up and from what i’ve seen they can do it without putting you to sleep i mean they kind of make a small incision i don’t know exactly but from what i’ve seen they can do it without putting you under i don’t know if that’s true everywhere but that’s what i saw but either way that wouldn’t be fun to be awake for so i don’t know if that’s a i don’t know if that’s a pro or a con i think it’ll cost less but i don’t know that’d be weird seeing them pull stuff out as you’re sitting there and you’re like what the [ _ ]
but anyway i’ll get into the medicines
that it well i definitely want to
preface this as well
so i’m not advocating this in any way
shape or form but listen
guys take juice that’s just the way it
is and if you’re just starting out
um have some or some of these medicines
on hand because if you start getting it
and you have to order it
and if you’re doing cycles i know you’re
not getting it from your pharmacy
so and you probably don’t want to go to
your doctor and be like hey
you know i’m taking this much test
and now my nipples are messed up can i
get some novodax or can i get some
so what i’m saying is i i know you’re
getting your stuff
and i know it takes a while to get to
where you are
so if you start developing gyno and you
have to
order it from somewhere and it takes
three four weeks
you know what i’m saying so i recommend
if you’re doing
anything like that have stuff on hand
that’s what i also tell guys about trt
have a remedex on hand you may never
need it i hope you don’t need it
i don’t need it but if you do need it
and you don’t have it
it’s a lot more of a pain in the ass and
you have to deal with symptoms or
however you’re feeling
for that much longer so we’ve got four
medicines four novadex
clomid arimidex and raloxophene
um you know these are well two of them
pretty much you know estrogen ai type
medicines like arimidex and
novadex novodex has been classically
used for gyno
by bodybuilders but it’s more of
you know okay i hit this test level and
now i’m starting to get symptoms so i’m
going to take
novadex to lower my estrogen a little
bit to help prevent it
novadex clomid they’re not designed to
get rid of it
arimidex ai same boat
you know it’s used to lower the estrogen
to try to prevent the gyno from
it’s not there to get rid of it so it’s
not these are just
these are just masks these are masks
that you know without these your body
would continue to get it
but by taking them you’re just lowering
your estrogen until you know it
hopefully doesn’t continue
now there’s one medicine that i already
mentioned so it’s not like it’s a secret
roloxephene roloxphene is a really good
medicine for gyno for newer gyno
i’ve seen a lot of stuff online where
guys started to develop gyno they
started getting that little
you know marble size or pea size a
little lump under their nipple
and they started taking raloxyfeen and
it basically
wiped it out it reversed it but
as i stated it has to be newer i can’t
take raloxine and expect it to go away
all the way
it may shrink it a tiny little bit and
then it may bounce back it might not
who knows so i checked with google and
the pharmaceutical name for aloxiphene
is a vista
it’s a serum it’s not very widely
prescribed it’s kind of one of those
medicines that i don’t know if it didn’t
really that well what it was supposed to
do for what it was you know
approved by the fda for but it’s not
something that a lot of people know
but really freaking good for dino so
it’s super hard to find
i’m going to put a link in my
description um
i’ll leave it at that there’s some
instructions on
something going to put that in the
description that’s all i’m gonna say
because it’s youtube and uh yeah
but if you’re dealing with gyno do some
let’s leave it at that but that’s about
it guys
um gyno sucks but it’s a real thing and
it can happen
and you don’t know if it’s going to
happen until it does
so like i said i do like having
aromatics on hand
not personally for me i already have
[ _ ] tits is what it is don’t really care wife doesn’t seem to mind so that’s cool but uh yeah it’s just one of those things so starting trt or more than trt definitely recommend having something on hand whether it be noladex whether it be arimidex whether it be reloccifine definitely recommend that because like i said it’s a [ _ ]
once it starts if you have to wait one
week two weeks three weeks four weeks
while your nipples are just getting
harder and puffier
not a good time well that’s about it
guys i hope you found that interesting
um if you’ve ever tried reloccifine or
any of those medicines to help
stop gyno let me know how that went uh
what you were taking what dosages
um or if they didn’t work for you or
anything other gyno related drop it in
the comments and hopefully we can help
some guys
uh i mean when i was when i got gyno i
didn’t even know what the [ _ ] i know was i had no idea i didn’t have any pain swelling any of that stuff i just remember one time i grabbed my nipple and i was like do i have breast cancer i mean i was freaking 16 i was an idiot i had no idea what that [ _ ] was
but anyway guys love you guys you’re
drop a comment let me know as always
you’re awesome and get your levels
and watch out for [ __ ] tits