Optimal Testosterone Levels for men

What Are Optimal Testosterone Levels for Men on TRT? Best Testosterone Levels For Men?

What Are Optimal Testosterone Levels for Men on TRT? This is an age old question. Does lifestyle make a difference to what testosterone levels would make a man optimized? Do men who have more active lifestyles need more testosterone? Have our bodies adapted to our more sedentary lifestyles and now need less testosterone?

what’s going on guys tester levels here
thanks for being here thanks for the
you guys are awesome and today i’m going
to give you
my opinion just some random guy on the
internet’s opinion on what the most
optimal testosterone levels are for men
and actually youtube has been pretty
cool lately about not demonetizing my
thank you youtube but as this is gonna
be a pretty
manly video we’re gonna run a quick
medal to the disclaimer we’ll be right
optimal can mean a lot of different
things a lot of
men will look at the lab ranges and if
you know in the middle or toward the
upper end of that they feel that’s
and it could be for them it may be
but let’s just touch on lab ranges real
lab ranges are not based on
evidence and studies showing you know
where men feel good or where men don’t
experience as many
symptoms that are typically associated
with low testosterone
what lab ranges do what they do is they
you know because they take so much blood
let’s just say lab corp
they take a lot of blood they do a lot
of tests so they compile all those and
supposedly they do you know throw out
some super lows and some super highs
and they get a range now they’re not
saying that
if you’re in range at you know 280 or
something like that
that you should feel good they’re just
saying that these are the ranges
average ranges that we see from the
population that we’ve tested
and the population they’ve tested
go to walmart and just walk around
walmart and see all the guys that are
walking around walmart
do most of them look optimal do most of
them look
dialed in do most of them look like they
have their [ __ ] together
probably not but that’s the population
of you know men that they use for these
tests and it’s
even though some of the ones that are
healthy with all the bad stuff that’s
in our food in plastics in the water not
getting enough sun too much stress not
getting enough sleep
all that good stuff i mean it just
pushes the bar down for everyone
so that’s why i don’t like to use ranges
i don’t think that’s where men should be
or your base being optimal on that and
i’ve seen these lab ranges go down
i actually saw some guy post on reddit
though his range is for his test i don’t
even know what lab it was
the low was 175 and i think the high was

  1. lab courts what like 264 to 9
    16 or something like that so jimmy just
    by going to a different lab
    you know buddy could go to the lab where
    it’s 175 and he pulls
    you know a 185 his doctor’s like in
    range you’re good whereas if you went to
    lab corp they’d be like okay you’re low
    but we’re probably gonna refer you to
    someone else or we’re not really going
    to treat it
    that’s another that’s a whole other
    video because he doesn’t have
    he has low living in a hut or something
    like that like
    having to chase like
    oh i can’t talk today so optimal is
    an interesting word and it can be
    different in different situations
    so let’s take a guy that you know goes
    to the gym
    three times a week and he goes to his
    office job
    sits in an office building comes home
    eats dinner watches tv and goes to sleep
    what’s an optimal testosterone for that
    lifestyle and for that amount of like
    activity uh you know throughout the week
    you know it’s probably going to be a
    little lower than a guy
    you know however many hundred years ago
    who was walking around the woods for
    like two days with a spear
    trying to kill some type of animal so
    that he could eat
    in my opinion that man needs more
    you know obviously he’s walking all day
    it doesn’t have a lot of
    calories going through his system so
    he’s going to need more testosterone
    for you know rebuilding muscle repairing
    extra energy so it’s a little different
    and that kind of brings me to
    you know normal testosterone levels as
    opposed to
    optimize testosterone levels i
    personally feel
    that you know we’ve evolved for
    however many years you know and just
    in the last 100 200 our lifestyles have
    easier but i don’t think our bodies have
    evolved in those you know 200 years
    to necessarily not need more
    i still think we need more testosterone
    i don’t know it’s interesting see how it
    gets kind of weird
    so i think in today’s society
    and i see a lot of guys feeling good in
    the 7000 to 900 range
    that could be a rough ballpark that i
    would put you know
    where guys feel good where i feel guys
    optimized i personally feel and this is
    just my opinion this is not medical
    advice in any way shape or form
    that the optimal levels for most guys
    who actually exercise and you know do
    is a thousand to twelve hundred that’s
    just my personal opinion
    i know your doctor probably disagrees
    with me
    and that’s fine i just feel that you
    know our bodies were designed
    to have more testosterone and i don’t
    in the 200 years we’ve had air
    conditioning and cars
    and grocery stores that our body has you
    evolved to say we’re not doing as much
    stuff so
    you know less testosterone is fine now i
    just don’t feel that
    let me know in the comments do you agree
    with that does that make sense i mean it
    makes sense in my brain but
    i’m just some random guy on youtube let
    me know what you think
    and another thing that’s interesting is
    you know now at first when trt became
    they had lots of studies that showed oh
    it correlates with heart disease and it
    correlates with prostate cancer
    you know if you get thicker blood you
    can stroke out and then
    now we’ve got a lot newer and better
    studies showing that
    helps with your heart you know also in
    part with estrogen estrogen helps with
    your heart as well
    they’ve also pretty much shown that trt
    or exogenous testosterone doesn’t cause
    prostate cancer but if you do develop
    prostate cancer
    it makes it worse and that’s you know
    one of the reasons they treat it by
    taking out androgens
    anyway and they’ve also got some studies
    showing that you know thicker blood
    just due to trt not necessarily
    lifestyle but trt
    is not as bad as they once thought so
    you know this is purely just just
    speculating here
    but if they’re starting to show that
    testosterone levels
    good testosterone levels which these
    days means seven to nine hundred
    you know is does a a whole bunch of
    other stuff
    and you know is not as bad as once we
    once thought if
    at all you know is is there a benefit to
    being in the thousand to
    1200 to 1314 is there a benefit to that
    i mean
    i highly doubt they’re going to do a
    study on that i mean it doesn’t seem
    they’re really pushing male masculinity
    these days but
    who knows i’ve seen some crazy studies
    so maybe someone will uh
    you know get a vial and get some guys
    and see what happens
    so when you talk about testosterone
    levels and you talk about tests
    you know the word always comes up well
    two words actually pop
    up steroids and bodybuilders
    and you know a lot of people have a
    negative connotation with testosterone
    steroids and you know when you see that
    some of these bodybuilders
    die at you know 45 50 55 from heart
    issues or from whatever else
    you know they think okay well these guys
    took a lot of testosterone
    and that’s probably what killed them and
    it may have
    i don’t know but you know you also have
    to understand that
    bodybuilders they’re not just taking
    high doses of tests
    i mean some of them are taking a gram or
    more a week but they’re also taking
    you know trend d-ball you know
    everything under the sun they’re using
    diuretics they’re using you know
    thyroid medicine to cut weight i mean
    they do a lot of other stuff
    so there’s a lot of other contributing
    factors that could happen
    but i would think you know there’s a big
    difference between a
    3 000 testosterone level and a 1 000
    testosterone level
    so i don’t think 1 000 to 1 500
    is super dangerous i really don’t and i
    know there’s some studies showing that
    i think it was up to 600 or 650
    a week and they didn’t really have any
    adverse effects
    it’s kind of like if you have a beer or
    two a week as opposed to
    you know drinking a handle of jack
    daniels a week you know i mean
    it’s both they’re both alcohol but
    they’re different degrees
    of consuming them and i’ve never seen
    i’ve never seen any type of study
    anyone having serious medical conditions
    higher dose trt i mean obviously you
    have to keep on top of
    symptoms you know donating blood is
    always a good idea
    you know keeping most of your stuff in
    certain ranges
    you know nothing crazy crazy high but
    i’ve never seen
    any correlation of you know a thousand
    or 1200 test level to
    heart attack or you know prostate or
    stroking out or anything like that
    so i just found that interesting i mean
    i personally think that
    a thousand to twelve hundred is where
    guys are
    optimal i think normal is in the
    seven to nine hundred range and i know a
    lot of guys do feel
    good there um but i think if you’re
    going to the gym
    five days a week you leave a very active
    lifestyle or
    you have a lot of stress in your job or
    you have to do
    you know you work on a construction site
    and you’re working hard you’re working
    all day i don’t think 700
    you know in that area is really optimal
    for you now
    i’m not a doctor obviously this is just
    my opinion i’m just some idiot on the
    internet who has a camera and can upload
    videos to youtube
    but that’s just my personal thought you
    know i think if you’re really active
    more man doing more manly stuff on a
    daily basis
    i personally think that higher
    testosterone levels help
    help you recover help you feel better
    hope your muscles grow when they need to
    just my two cents guys let me know your
    comments on this i’m actually really
    interested to see what you guys have to
    say about this
    because i know a lot of guys are feeling
    feeling good at seven to nine hundred
    have you ever tried a thousand to two
    hundred or twelve 1200
    anyway guys let me know in the comments
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    it’s pretty nice so anyway guys
    as always you’re awesome and get your
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