Who do I have low testosterone

Why You Have Low Testosterone and What to Avoid! You Can Only Do So Much :(

Unfortunately low testosterone is pretty much a reality for most men these days. But what is causing so many guys to develop to testosterone these days? Unfortunately the environment and lifestyle we have created as humans is literally the worst case scenario for men’s testosterone levels. Is TRT almost necessary as a man these days? It is impossible to avoid everything in our environment that cause low testosterone levels. But at least you can try to avoid as much as you can.

what’s going on guys texture levels here
thanks for being here thanks for the
you guys are awesome so today is the
first part of a
two-part video on why so many men have
low testosterone levels these days
i mean it’s like an epidemic it’s really
it’s i mean it’s worldwide and it’s no
good for anyone
but we’re gonna do a quick medical
disclaimer and be right back
in this video i’m going to cover a lot
of the
environmental reasons as to why men’s
testosterone levels are just
plummeting worldwide and part two is
going to be
kind of the more societal
yeah the societal reasons why and uh
that one’s probably pretty fun so if
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but let’s get started
i think one of the number one reasons of
why men’s testosterone levels are just
in the these days endocrine
if that’s a word you’ve never heard
before here’s a scary fact
they’re everywhere they’re in everything
basically what these are are chemical
created by man that basically
act like uh either estrogen or
testosterone or they
disrupt uh your endocrine system so in
some of these chemicals they can stay in
your body for like
10 15 20 years so they just they just
screw up your hormones
and not in a good way it’s not like
endocrine disruptors are like
yeah let’s give you more tests that’d be
awesome but that’s not how the world
so where are endocrine disruptors they
are as i said everywhere
they are in the water with all the
chemicals that are in the water that we
you guys know there’s birth control in
the water because girls take birth
control and it ends up in our water
supply and
whatever’s in birth control is not like
it’s not
able to be taken out by water treatment
plants so
the entire world including men are
pretty much on birth control
that’s isn’t that fun anything that’s
plastic has the ability to be an
education disruptor
and you’re like oh well i’ll just stay
away from plastic yeah
good luck anything like a
fast food anything that’s paper is
coated in a certain type of plastic so
the grease doesn’t seep through
that has endocrine disruptors in it your
shampoo anything that you put on your
body that has scent
uh they add certain chemicals to make
the smell better
so shampoo soap i mean makeup i don’t
think you guys wearing a lot of makeup i
don’t know hey i’m not judging whatever
they’re just they’re everywhere you know
when you microwave something in plastic
endocrine disruptors it’s the list goes
on and on you can’t avoid them
and i think that’s one of the biggest
reasons why the whole world is
the hormones are jacked up and men it’s
just horrible our testosterone levels
in the tank uh the lab ranges get lower
and lower and lower
actually the lowest i’ve seen is 175.
imagine pulling like a 185 or a 190
and your doctor tells you you’re good
because you’re in range and you’re like
30 years old
crazy another big one processed food
it’s everywhere it’s hard to avoid i
everything’s processed cheese even
ground meat
you know i mean anything in a soda or a
bottle a it’s in plastic which isn’t
good but
all those all those chemical colorings
and all that stuff
sucralose aspartame all that stuff i
mean all that stuff just
adds up and it’s not good for us but
i mean i’d like to say oh you know i’m
the trt guy on youtube and i stay away
from all that
it’s impossible there’s just i mean you
try to minimize it as much as possible
but i’ve got meal prep stuff in my
freaking fridge right now that’s in
plastic and
what am i going to do you glass
it’s crazy but try to avoid processed
food as much as you can
when you look at a label and there’s a
bunch of stuff that you can’t pronounce
or read and don’t know what it is
try to stay away from it as much as you
can this one is
huge this one is huge and a lot of guys
do not
realize this or know about this vitamin
is not actually a vitamin it is a pro
hormone and it’s used in the body to
help create
other hormones now where do you get
vitamin d
you get it from the sun it hits your
skin and your skin
makes vitamin d well back in the day
we used to be outside a lot i’m talking
like back in the day you know like
we lived outside and we hunted and we
had to do everything outside
we’re sitting in our house with air
conditioning so
a huge amount of the population men and
are deficient in vitamin d now i’m not
telling you to go get in the tanning bed
or go
lay out and burn and get skin cancer but
they are vitamin d supplements they’re
very cheap
i would recommend go to your doctor and
talk to them
i would recommend personally just my
opinion from some random guy on youtube
that you stumbled upon
i would recommend every man take a
vitamin supplement
on top of a multivitamin here’s a little
pro tip
look for vitamin d3 that also has
vitamin k2
in it they both work synergistically and
the k2
it helps with calcification that can
occur with too much d anyway
they work hand in hand supplements it’s
not that much more expensive
it’s fairly cheap you can find them
online vitamin d3
and k2 another extremely important one
is getting enough sleep your body
repairs itself
when you sleep it releases growth
hormone when you sleep
um i mean your body’s highest hormone
levels or testosterone levels
especially are in the morning that’s why
you know if you try to get a lab run for
testosterone for insurance
it has to be done before 10 30. they
want to see that your peak levels of
are under 300 twice actually
so it’s super important that you get
eight hours of sleep
and i know it’s not easy it’s not like
oh well
you’re consciously trying not to get
eight hours of sleep
life happens sometimes it’s hard to get
to sleep sometimes it’s hard to stay
uh it’s just the way it is but if you
can make an adjustment
in your life to get an extra hour of
extra two hours of sleep drink less
caffeine do whatever you got to do take
melatonin pill like 30 minutes before
you go to bed
getting eight hours of sleep is so
important for every aspect
of your of your aspect of your body and
excuse me i just burped get enough sleep
guys it
i’m not saying you’re gonna go from 250
to 750 just by getting some sun
and sleeping enough but i guarantee you
it’s not going to hurt
another big one lack of exercise
as a society as men we are weak
yeah i said it we’re weak not all of us
but a vast majority of men all over the
the most exercise that most guys get are
walking from their house to their car
their car to the office and then back
home and that’s really
that’s only some they get and it’s the
only exercise they get
exercise is extremely important our
bodies are designed to be active
you know back when there weren’t grocery
stores and air conditioning
uh you know if we we had to walk and do
stuff in order to survive
to hunt food to grow crops to build a
whatever it is our bodies are designed
to be active
and back then i’m pretty sure our
testosterone levels were
pretty damn good because we didn’t have
all this other bs processed food
endocrine receptors
we were in the sun we were getting
exercise it only makes sense
that if you are getting exercise i mean
you’re optimizing the most testosterone
that your body can produce
now that may not be enough but
i just gotta think like when i think of
a lot of stuff i think like
you know we evolved for however many
years and
our bodies you know we did certain
things and our bodies worked well
granted we didn’t have science we didn’t
live as long as we do now
but i don’t think there were a lot of
guys running around
chasing sander tigers and building huts
you know hanging out with cave women who
had testosterone levels in the 300s
i could be wrong i just i don’t feel
like that’s the way it is i feel like
our bodies
were designed and evolved for the
activities that we did
and in the past 200 years we’ve changed
what we actually do
i mean right now i’m not sitting in the
sun i’m sitting in the air conditioning
granted it’s 90 freaking degrees outside
and it’s insanely hot
but if i was it was 200 years ago and i
well i’m not 200 if it was like a
thousand years ago
and i i’d be outside like hunting for a
buffalo or something like that or trying
to catch a fish or who knows but i
wouldn’t be sitting inside staring at a
stupid camera
sitting in my house in air conditioning
so go to the gym guys
do cardio anything is better than
anything is better than nothing this
next one’s tough
it’s super important but it’s hard to
control it’s stress when you’re stressed
you know your hormones change your body
releases a lot of cortisol
cortisol is not good for you and over
stress is actually can like cause not
injury per se but
it causes your body to break down it’s
not ideal it’s not good for your
testosterone levels it’s not good for
as a man but i think that in today’s
we have a lot of stress as well as a lot
made-up stress i guess internet social
yeah all that good stuff granted if
you’re trying to hunt buffalo and
saber-toothed tigers trying to attack
you in the night yeah you got a lot of
stress too but you know what i’m saying
you know we lead stressful lives with
always answering emails social media you
know what i’m saying
you’ve got a lot of stress i can already
tell you right there
yup you have a lot of stress so do i
that’s just the way it is
there’s i mean i can’t tell you oh just
be less stressed bro it doesn’t work
like that that’s just the way life is
i think that’s one of the reasons that
as a society
we have such lower testosterone levels
than we used to
i think it’s main thing is i think
social media and that we work way too
and that’s just the way it is i hope
this video is helpful
uh part two is going to be more societal
probably be a little more animated in
that video
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gonna wrap it up guys
let me know what you think in the
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this is there something i missed
uh let me know but anyway guys
as always you’re awesome and get your
levels tested