society is causing low testosterone

Why You Have Low Testosterone! It’s Societies Fault!!!

Low Testosterone is very quickly becoming the new norm. Besides the environmental factors at play, I feel that society, Social Media, Media and the general consensus of men are literally lowering our natural testosterone levels!

what’s going on guys tester levels here
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today’s video we’re going to talk about
why men’s testosterone levels are so low
these days
not just in the united states not just
older people
like guys 20 to whenever
all over the world it’s crazy it’s it’s
it’s it’s really a bad thing for this
and today we’re talking about how
society has
has helped make this a reality for us
but first we gotta do a quick medical
disclaimer and then we’ll jump right in
if you’ve been following me for a while
you may have seen that i did a video on
almost two years ago but fun fact
that video is permanently demonetized by
youtube and has over 8
500 views that’s not a lot in youtube
but that’s a good amount for my channel
i’d actually like to be paid for my work
so i’m doing another one and youtube’s
actually been a lot cooler about d
monetizing videos so
shout out to youtube i think our society
has made men very feminine
very weak and i feel like it affects our
testosterone levels
now look at some sitcoms let’s think
the simpsons family guy married with
typical formula for a show stupid idiot
smart wife smart daughter dumb son
and a baby with a football head that
speaks british or english or has an
do you see the formula there you know
and then and those are those are older
sitcoms i don’t even watch sitcoms
anymore because i think they’re all
freaking trash but i’m assuming that
they’ve made men look
more stupid more weak and more feminine
that’s just my guess
if i’m wrong let me know in the
description actually that would be the
i mean i just think overall when you see
as idiots weak dumb over
and over and over in movies and tv shows
on the news
in the media on social media over time
it makes guys feel weak feel stupid feel
more feminine
feel less manly less confident and i
i don’t have any science to prove it but
i feel like this contributes
in some way to us having lower
testosterone levels
being less manly and being more weak i
actually saw a conversation
can’t remember on what media platform it
was but someone asked like
how do these guys get so jacked in jail
or prison
how are these guys they have no access
to trt
they don’t have access to the best foods
or the best workout equipment
and someone put out a theory like you
know these guys are in
prison where [ _ ] can pop off i mean they’re always looking over their shoulders and they they this person theorized that because these guys are always in like a fight-or-flight response it’s extremely competitive and you have to act tough that their theory was that it raised their testosterone levels out of basically necessity they’re just in an environment where you have to be tough and manly and if you’ve seen some of these guys from prison holy [ _ ]
these guys are monsters and i mean
they’re doing like dips and you know
muscle ups and stuff and eating ramen
and bologna
and they’re freaking jacked out of their
mind pretty crazy
i don’t know i don’t know if there’s any
validity to that but i thought i would
share that theory and see what you guys
thoughts were let me know in the
comments you
does that make sense to you guys are in
bad situation have to act hard and
anyway let me know another big one i
is lack of competition um back when i
was growing up
they didn’t do participation trophy
awards your team lost
sorry billy you got second you got
fourth you got
fifth or whatever it is i mean i think
giving out participation awards so
everyone feels good
it doesn’t encourage competition it
doesn’t encourage the urge to be better
to better yourself to have drive and
vision to get what you want
it’s well you just show up and you
and you get a trophy i know there’s a
story of a guy that like he would not
let his kid get a partisan
participation trophy award because he
didn’t believe in it he thought it was
[ _ ] and he’s he said like this is going to teach my kid that he doesn’t have to try hard he can just show up and he gets the prize and that’s not how life works and i think if we’re instilling that type of attitude into young men i mean they just grow up soft and weak and i don’t know if you’ve looked around lately or watched the news lately but there’s a lot of guys acting soft and weak this one may sound a little weird at first and you may be like how’s this guy talking about it’s time to go watch something else on youtube parents nowadays treat aggression any form of aggression from a male child as something that needs to be taken care of now let me explain i’m not saying encourage little johnny to go to school and beat the [ _ ] out of the other kids
that’s obviously not cool what i’m
saying is that
any form of aggression whether it being
playing too rough in a sport or being
too competitive
or well participation trophy awards that
kind of
eliminates that in general because hey
you get a trophy either way
but like i’m saying it’s i mean there is
a there’s a limit you know and you
like i said you can’t have kids beating
the [ _ ] out of each other well it happens but you know any form of aggressiveness or strength trying to find the better words to say it but you get what i’m saying you know and and when you when you take that aggressiveness and you portray it or you teach your kids that’s bad i think that kind of sets the tone for a weak man later on in life let me know what you think am i way off on that one i mean i’ve been wrong once or twice before i just feel like these days i mean if little billy’s not just drawing in his coloring book and doing anything outside of just being a good little boy that he needs to be disciplined or told not to do that and i think overall it’s really weakened a big generation of men social media is a huge one social media is horrible for our entire planet as humans social media is really really bad i just feel that i mean unless you’re looking at weightlifting or manly stuff like cars and firearms and stuff that’s manly stuff um anything else in social media is bad for you um just getting into arguments online um feeling tough because you’re behind a keyboard but not able to do it in real life uh there’s just i mean there’s so much i don’t want to go on too long about it i think you guys get the idea social media [ _ ] up kids heads and men women
everyone it’s bad you’re just exposed to
so much nonsense
so much [ _ ] um people that live a lifestyle that doesn’t even make sense but you see it and for some reason it seems normal and yeah yeah we’ll move on the media the media is a whole other thing i mean the news is one thing um but i mean a lot of just guys not doing stuff that guys would typically do seems really popular these days and there’s nothing wrong with having different hobbies but when you’re showing a whole generation of kids over and over and over stuff about that that’s not manly stuff i think that if how do i even say this like if you’re doing and seeing non-manly stuff what’s typically defined us as males for thousands of years i just feel like your body adapts to that you know the same idea as not exercising you know your body adapts it doesn’t need as much testosterone because you’re not doing anything that requires testosterone so i just feel like you know showing all these kids stuff that guys never really did and there’s nothing wrong with that there’s nothing wrong with having a hobby that’s not something that a typical you know stereotypical man would do you know like baking or something like that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that if that’s a passion but i just think you know when kids see you know baking and and stuff instead of you know sports cars just i don’t know i don’t know i mean there’s no scientific backing to that at all it’s just kind of societal thing that i feel i know it’s weird world these days and i may get cancelled for saying that i just i just feel like if you’re watching little boys bake cakes instead of being outside freaking you know on a rope swing jumping into a creek hurting yourself getting bit by ants riding bikes i don’t know i used to love riding bikes or bikes all the time as a kid i used to used to injure myself all the time skateboarding tore my shoulder up anyway i don’t want to make this video too long let me know in the comments what do you think i mean i just feel like our society is so geared at making men weak fragile scared stupid uh acting like i mean how many guy how many guys you think right now that are 18 years old could change a tire how many how many do you think what percentage of them could change a tire what percentage of them could drive a manual car what percentage of them could do an oil change you know what i’m saying i mean i live here in the south and when you go to some country areas i guarantee you them boys could uh we can change the tire and can do all that but i think you get into some more urban you know hippy dippy socialite areas i don’t think they’re changing oil and changing tires anyway guys let me know what you think don’t make the video too long don’t want to get cancelled i live in a weird world these days where saying manly [ _ ] gets you cancelled and
you know your account taken down
so anyway guys thanks for being here as
you guys are awesome and get your levels
and do some manly [ __ ]