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Royal Medical Center Coupon Code

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So Royal Medical Center, which is a TRT clinic reached out to me and said we want you to introduce your subscribers to our clinic. I said okay well what’s in it for them and they said we’ll give them a very special deal and it’s $45 off for the first six months. I went and I asked them a whole bunch of questions and got all the information on how their program works and all that good stuff because I haven’t personally been a client of Royal Medical Center. So I looked at the reviews, did a whole bunch of stuff and we’re just going to run through kind of how they run their clinic. It’s a little different than some other clinics. So right off the bat they have 299 reviews and 4.8 stars. That’s pretty good because a lot of times people that leave reviews are the people that are disgruntled, but are usually the loudest. I was pretty impressed with the amount of reviews and the high level of their reviews. How does Royal Medical Centers program work? Their program is like an all-inclusive program for the normal price of one hundred ninety five dollars a month. Royal Medical Center gives you all your medicines, all your labs, all your consultations. Youc an talk to the doctors whenever you want to, I mean obviously you can’t call them at home. But you can set up an appointment and you can do video calls with them or phone calls. I think it’s a good way to do it because if you want to change something or you’re feeling a certain way or having a certain side effect you can get in touch with a doctor pretty quickly and they can either change your dosage tell you what to do. Maybe tell you to take a supplement. I know lots of situations where that could come in very handy. Another thing I like about Royal Medical Center is that they do not prescribe gels or creams. They only prescribe injections because they feel that that’s the most effective thing and so do I.

So here’s kind of how they run their clinic. All lab testing, all follow-up exams, all patient consultations, all physical examinations are covered by Royal Medical Centers monthly fee. Their complete therapeutic program which consists of three main medicines. That’s going to be testosterone, HCG and Arimidex. You may not have to take Arimidex if you don’t want to,but I definitely recommend keeping it on hand just in case you get some high estrogen side-effects. All of their hormones are FDA approved, the labs are done at a convenient place near you. You just go to the lab, give them your blood and you’re good to go So after you get started on their protocol which they custom tailor to you based on your blood test, not just doing cookie cutter stuff they will retest you in 30 to 90 days depending on your situation. That’s included as well like I said this is an all-inclusive kind of clinic where you pay them a certain monthly fee everything’s taken care of. They don’t have any hidden fees,there’s no fine print youknow they give you those three medicinesin the dosages that you need them yourlabs are gone your consultation all thatstuff is covered that’s one of thereasons I like them there’s a lot ofother clinics where you’re forced toorder their medicine and as medicinerates can be pretty expensive they maynot charge a monthly fee but they’regonna charge you for labs they’re gonnacharge you for all the medicine anddepending on the dosages and what youneedit could be more expensive than anall-inclusive where you just pay oneflat fee that comes out every monthpredictably and you get your medicineand how you get your medicine is reallyconvenient and I really like the waythey do this they auto ship every twomonths to you you don’t have to callthem you don’t have to go on a portalyou don’t have to go on a website andput an order and then pay and then theyship they just ship it to you every twomonths a two month supply boom boomboom boom so you don’t have to rememberabout it it’s out of sight out of mindyou’ll probably come home one day andyou’ll be like oh it’s this package onmy on my doorstep oh it’s my test HCGand hey I perfect I totally forgot aboutthat awesome we only require patients tobe seen on annual basis but as I saidearlier you can give them a call make anappointment and you can talk to a doctorso if you start your protocol and you’restarting to feel a certain side effector something like that or you’re notfeeling you know the benefits of it youcan give them a call and say hey this iswhat I’m going through how can weproceed and they’ll say okay well we cando this this or this and then you’regood to go so that’s about it guysRoyal Medical Center is a TRT clinic andthey do things a little differently thanother TRT clinics now that may work foryou that may not I personally do likethe idea of the flat fee so there’s nosurprises it’s not like oh hey you’vegot to go get your labs done that’s 280bucks and you’re like I didn’t budgetfor that but if you’re paying everymonth the same flat rate you can budgetthat in and I think that’s nice there’sno surprises and they also ship yourmedicine to you every two months on adot perfect it’s awesome I like thatso I wrap it up guys I’m justintroducing you to Royal Medical Centerso you can take a look at them and seeif their program fits into yourlifestyle and your budget I’ve neverbeen a patient there and 100%transparency but if you do to yourresearch and they’re a good fit for youand you like what you see when you callthem and when you sign up its tests orlevels so if I was one that introducedyou to Royal Medical Center and I gotyou forty five dollars off for the firstsix months which is two hundred andseventy dollars then in the referralcode put test your levels I’ll put it onthe screen and I’ll get a little bithelp support the channel and you’ll geta little bit two hundred seventy bucksoff not bad money doesn’t grow on treesso guys thanks for watching if you’resubscribedyou’re awesome if not click on that redsubscription button and if you liked thevideo click on the like ups with theYouTube algorithm thanks guys as alwaysget your levels tested

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