Test and Deca for TRT, Month 2 Benefits | Adding Nandrolone Decanoate / Deca to TRT Protocol

Nandrolone Decanoate, also known as Deca or Deca Durobolin is a powerful compound that had many medical benefits. Nandrolone Decanoate has been used for years in the bodybuilding community, but has also found uses in testosterone replacement therapy. Deca is mainly used in TRT and men’s health to help lubricate the joints and offer pain

Men’s Guide to TRT – Testosterone Replacement Guide for Men – TRT Guide – TRT Book – Testosterone Replacement Book

Men’s Guide to TRT Book The Men’s Guide to TRT is a complete guide for anyone thinking about starting TRT or who suspects they have low testosterone. It also contains tons of advanced TRT techniques and information about Medicines, Supplements, Peptides and more to help advanced users Optimize their TRT treatment. Testosterone Replacement Therapy can be a very complicated treatment as we are

Testopel – Testosterone Pellet Therapy – Why do these exist?

Testopel Testosterone Replacement Therapy Pellets are a form of TRT treatment that many doctors push on patients. But do Testosterone pellets work well? Is worth going through 3 to 4 procedures each year? Is Testopel worth how expensive it is? what’s going on guys test your levelsyou’re probably thinking to yourselflook at that background look

How to come off TRT, How to stop TRT, How to restore natural testosterone production after TRT

How to come off TRT, How to stop TRT, How to restore natural testosterone production after TRT, How to restore natural testosterone production after Testosterone Replacement Therapy. hi how’s it going if you’re watchingthis videoyou probably typed in how to get off trtand stumbled upon this videoso before we start i’m not a doctor uhthis

New TRT Study on Unhealthy Men – Diabetes, Overweight, PSA, Hematocrit, Health

In this new TRT study, doctors wanted to evaluate if TRT was safe for overweight men who had diabetes and had low testosterone. The studied the subject for 2 years and monitored their PSA levels, Hematocrit levels and overall health. The result are very interesting! what’s going on guys tester levels herei found a pretty

Greg Doucette Vs Remington James Anabolic Cookbook Showdown! Which Anabolic Cookbook is the best????

Both Greg Doucette and Remington James have Anabolic Cookbooks available for purchase. But which one is better? In this video I cover Remington James and Greg Doucette’s diet styles, who each of them will benefit, which one I would personally buy and some tings to note about each of their anabolic cookbooks. what’s going on

Why are Prescription Medicines So Expensive in the United States? Why is Medicine Cost So Much?

In this video I cover why prescription medicines usually cost four times as much for Americans compared to the rest of the world. Just what makes prescriptions so expensive in the United States. It has gotten to the point where many Americans cannot afford their prescriptions. The US medical and pharmaceutical system is severely broken

Pregnenolone – The Mother Hormone – Low Pregnenolone May Cause a Hormone Imbalance

what’s going on guys test your levelshere thanks for being with methanks for supporting the channel todaywe’re going to talk about a superimportant hormone that irarely ever see even mention in forumsand groupsit’s pregnant alone and it’s like themother of hormonesit’s at the top of the list and it’sreally importantuh you can get it over