Are You Really Not Dialed in on TRT? You May Be Dialed in on TRT and Not Even Know it!

Lot’s of men start TRT with the grandiose idea that Testosterone is a magical fountain of youth that solves all of life’s problems. They expect that being on TRT will make them feel like superman each and everyday. While Testosterone and Testosterone Replacement Therapy definitely helps many men feel better in so many different areas,

Defy Medical TRT CLinic Coupon Code, Discount Code, Review

Defy Medical TRT Clinic Discount Code / Coupon Code – $100 Off!!! Defy Medical is one of the most respected TRT Clinics in the United States. Defy Medical offers fully customized TRT Protocols based on their experience in treating over 15,000 TRT patients. Defy Medical offers Testosterone Replacement Therapy, Human Growth Hormone, Peptide Therapy and

I Shouldn’t Have Started TRT!!! Should I start TRT?

In this video I share my entire Testosterone Replacement Therapy story and why it may have not been a good idea for me to start TRT. what’s going on guys texture levels herecan i have a different type of videotoday where i’m pretty much going tocome clean to you guys aboutwhy i was on trt

Gynecomastia Causes and Treatments on Testosterone Replacement Therapy or Not!

In this video I go over what actually causes Gynecomastia and what treatments you can speak with your doctor about to try and get rid of it. Gynecomastia is very common in men and especially guys who are on TRT or high levels of testosterone. what’s going on guys tester levels heretoday we’re going to

TRT Myths Debunked! Testosterone Replacement Therapy Myths!

In this video I explain and debunk the top TRT / Testosterone Replacement Therapy myths that people have been spreading for years! what’s going on guys tester levels herethanks for being heretoday we’re going to cover some of thetop myths in trt i see these questionsasked all the time and bunch ofdifferent groupsso i figured

I Stopped Taking all AI for a Month. This is what Happened!!! TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy)

what’s going on guys texture levels herethanks for watching so a littlebackground if you’re not familiar withthis channel or you haven’t watched allthe videos I take 200 milligrams oftestosterone sippy 1/8 every week and Ialso take calcium deep blue curry whichI feel or at least for me really helpscontrol over estrogen and it keeps mepretty

Estrogen Studies in Men Part 2 – Good, Bad, Both???

what’s going on guys test your levelshere coming at you with part two ofestrogen studies and men so all of thisinformation that I pulled from differentstudies these are snippets basicallykind of a conclusion so they’re notstudies I didn’t cherry-pick you knowone little sentence out of the thing acherry-pick kind of the generalconsensus of the study

Arimdex / Anastrozole Side Effects – Short Term and Long Term

what’s going on guys test levels herethanks for watching today we’re going totalk about Arimidex and its side effectsand we’re gonna see if remedy X isreally as bad as everyone makes it outtoday before labonz you’ve managed[Music]Arimidex has a lot of side effects justlike any other medicine whenever theytest medicines the people who are theretesting

No Arimidex Challenge Part 2! How do I feel with no AI for a Month and taking Calcium D-Glucarate?

what’s going on guys test your levelshere today we’re doing part two of theno Arimidex challenge or no AI challengeand if you miss the first one becauseyou’re new here click on that subscribebutton so the no remedy X challenge isbasically replacing Arimidex withsomething called calcium deep blue curryif all the bones you managed someone ina