Test and Deca for TRT, Week 1 Benefits | Adding Nandrolone Decanoate / Deca to TRT Protocol

Nandrolone Decanoate, also known as Deca or Deca Durobolin is a powerful compound that had many medical benefits. Nandrolone Decanoate has been used for years in the bodybuilding community, but has also found uses in testosterone replacement therapy. Deca is mainly used in TRT and men’s health to help lubricate the joints and offer pain

Defy Medical TRT CLinic Coupon Code, Discount Code, Review

Defy Medical TRT Clinic Discount Code / Coupon Code – $100 Off!!! Defy Medical is one of the most respected TRT Clinics in the United States. Defy Medical offers fully customized TRT Protocols based on their experience in treating over 15,000 TRT patients. Defy Medical offers Testosterone Replacement Therapy, Human Growth Hormone, Peptide Therapy and

The Most Thorough Testosterone Replacement Therapy Guide for Men Starting TRT! TRT Guide for Men!

The Most Thorough Testosterone Replacement Therapy Guide for Men Starting TRT! TRT Guide for Men! TRT is a very complicated treatment that takes lots of knowledge to maximize it’s benefits. Testosterone Replacement Therapy requires knowledge of many things. This TRT guide covers everything you need to know in one comprehensive video. This Testosterone Replacement guide

Blood Donation Tips on TRT! Start to Finish! Lower Hematocrit on Testosterone Replacement Therapy!

When you are on TRT / Testosterone Replacement Therapy your Hematocrit and Red Blood cells increase. This can lead to thicker Blood. When this happens you may notice symptoms like headaches, redness, lethargy and tingling in your fingers or toes. Many guys alleviate higher hematocrit by donating Blood every 3 to 5 months. This video

Cardarine / GW501516 Review, Benefits, Side Effects, Studies! Exercise in a bottle?

Cardarine / GW-501516 is a research chemical developed by glaxo smith kline in the early 1990’s as medicine in a bottle. Cardarine / GW501516 was designed to help with cardiovascular issues, Diabetes, Cholesterol and fat loss. Cardarine / GW501516 was abandoned in 2007 after some negative studies done with rats. Cardarine / GW501516 is a

Wes Watson | Natty or Not | From Prison to Driving a Mercedes G Wagon!

Wes Watson is a popular Youtuber and Social Media Celebrity! Wes Watson is best known for his in your face motivational speaking and inspirational messages. Wes Watson has an amazing physique built by dedication and intensity. But did Wes Watson achieve his physique naturally or is he enhanced? Wes Watson, Natty or Not? what’s going

Testosterone Cypionate Vs Sustanon 250 for Testosterone Replacement Therapy TRT and Cycles

In this video I discuss my personal opinion on whether Testosterone Cypionate or Sustanon 250 is better for Testosterone Replacement Therapy. what’s going on guys tester levels herethanks for watchingtoday we’re going to discuss scipionateversus sustanon we’re going to discussitfor trt and for some other reasons thatpeople use itso let’s get started it’s all abouthumanity[Music]if

I Shouldn’t Have Started TRT!!! Should I start TRT?

In this video I share my entire Testosterone Replacement Therapy story and why it may have not been a good idea for me to start TRT. what’s going on guys texture levels herecan i have a different type of videotoday where i’m pretty much going tocome clean to you guys aboutwhy i was on trt

The Best SubQ Spot You’ve Never Tried for TRT! Whole Process From Start to Finish! Subcutaneous Testosterone Injection

In this video I show you the best Subcutaneous Injection site for administering Testosterone, Gonadorelin and HCG for Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Most people think you can only use your stomach fat as most doctors and treatments say to do it this way. But if you are betting PIP, Lumps, Bumps or Nodules with doing Subcutaneous