DHT / Dihydrotestosterone Side Effects, Hair Loss and How To Naturally Lower DHT!

today we’re going to cover a hormonecalled DHT and if you’re familiar withit you probably don’t like itso DHT or dihydrotestosterone is anandrogen hormone and it’s a little bitmore powerful than testosterone in acertain way we’ll get to that so up to10 percent of your body’s testosteroneis converted to DHT so when I said DHTwas

How Does DHEA Effect Testosterone Levels, DHEA Supplements, DHEA Benefits

going on guys welcome to the test yourlevels channel if you watched my lastvideo you can obviously see that I’mstill wearing this medium shirt andtoday we’re going to cover DHEA which isa natural hormone in your body you caneven buy it on Amazon but I wouldn’trecommend it just yetso DHT is something that normally popsup

Guide to Cabergoline / Caber / Dostinex for Treating High Prolactin Levels in Men

it’s called kaeruko lean or dawson actsbut most of the time it’s good calledcaberso k Burgoyne is a medicine that is usedto help lower the prolactin levels inmen and women and it’s sometimes used totreat fertility issues in women and menso keeper works by stopping the bodyfrom producing prolactin in thepituitary gland and it also

High Prolactin Issues / side effects in Men / Low Testosterone / Testosterone Replacement Therapy

what’s going on guys welcome to the testreal well this channel today we’re goingto talk about something called prolactinand a lot of men have issues with highprolactin which gives them lowertestosterone and also has a bunch ofother side effects so let’s jump inso prolactin is created in the pituitarygland of the brain men with highprolactin

What I Feel is the Best Starting Protocol for Testosterone Replacement Therapy / TRT

alright guys welcome back to the tattooelves Channel they were to cover a topicthat gets asked a lot what’s a goodstarting protocol or what’s the bestprotocol I see it asked all the time onFacebook and reddit leave links to mytwo favorite groups on both of thoseplatforms in the description right belowso people were starting out

How Does Your Body Produce Testosterone? And What Causes It Not To Produce Testosterone

what’s going on guys welcome to theTesla’s YouTube channel today we’regoing to go through the process in whichyour body produces testosterone it’s alot of science jargon so I’m just goingto read it off the piece of paper if I’mgonna put up some random pictures frommy life for you guys to enjoy while youlearn how the

How to Screen a Potential Men’s Clinic or TRT Doctor!

alright guys welcome to the test yourlevels Channel today we’re gonna go oversome questions that you need to askeither your doctor or a men’s clinicthat you’re going to to get an idea ofhow that business or doctor operates nowchoosing the right clinic can mean thedifference of having a good protocolwe’re having a really bad protocol

Can DIM / Diindolylmethane lower your estrogen levels on TRT / Testosterone Replacement Therapy

welcome to the test your levels Channeltoday we’re going to be talking aboutden de lisle methane or di M and funfact for the rest of the video we’regoing with dim I’m not even trying tosay that multiple timesDIMM is formed in the body when you eatcruciferous vegetables like cabbagespinach Brussels sprouts so in order toget

Aromisan / Exemestane Testosterone Replacement Therapy Guide TRT

alright guys welcome to the channeltoday we’re going to go overaromasin also known as eczema stain butfun fact for this video we’re gonna gowith aromasin because i don’t feel likesaying eczema stain 20 times let’s getstartedso Rubis ends a little bit differentthan some other AIS so it inhibitsaromatized enzymes in the body just likethe rest