society is causing low testosterone

Why You Have Low Testosterone! It’s Societies Fault!!!

Low Testosterone is very quickly becoming the new norm. Besides the environmental factors at play, I feel that society, Social Media, Media and the general consensus of men are literally lowering our natural testosterone levels! what’s going on guys tester levels herethanks for being herethanks for all the support love you guysyou’re awesometoday’s video we’re
how to get rid of gyno on trt

How to get Rid of Gynecomastia! Gynecomastia Overview – Say No to Gyno!

Gynecomastia is a very common condition that can happen to men at almost any stage of life. Gynecomastia also known as Gyno is a growth of Breast tissue under the Nipples. It can be caused by many things and will become permanent if left untreated. But if you catch Gyno early there is a pretty
Who do I have low testosterone

Why You Have Low Testosterone and What to Avoid! You Can Only Do So Much :(

Unfortunately low testosterone is pretty much a reality for most men these days. But what is causing so many guys to develop to testosterone these days? Unfortunately the environment and lifestyle we have created as humans is literally the worst case scenario for men’s testosterone levels. Is TRT almost necessary as a man these days?
Optimal Testosterone Levels for men

What Are Optimal Testosterone Levels for Men on TRT? Best Testosterone Levels For Men?

What Are Optimal Testosterone Levels for Men on TRT? This is an age old question. Does lifestyle make a difference to what testosterone levels would make a man optimized? Do men who have more active lifestyles need more testosterone? Have our bodies adapted to our more sedentary lifestyles and now need less testosterone? what’s going

California Bans HCG! No More Compounded Human Chorionic Gonadotropin in California!

California has decided to ban compounded HCG from any pharmacy outside of California. They have also deemed Human Chorionic Gonadotropin to now be a controlled substance. So if you are on TRT with a telemedicine clinic you are pretty much out of luck! what’s going on guys tester levels herethanks for being here thanks for

Is the FDA Trying to Ban an Antioxidant? N-Acetyl Cysteine FDA Ban! NAC Removed by Amazon

N-Acetyl Cysteine or NAC is a precursor to Glutathione which is one of the most powerful antioxidants in the human body. N-Acetyl Cysteine has been available since 1963 and is currently used to protect the liver in certain overdose cases. N-Acetyl Cysteine has been shown to help protect respiratory function, protect the liver and a

Are You Really Not Dialed in on TRT? You May Be Dialed in on TRT and Not Even Know it!

Lot’s of men start TRT with the grandiose idea that Testosterone is a magical fountain of youth that solves all of life’s problems. They expect that being on TRT will make them feel like superman each and everyday. While Testosterone and Testosterone Replacement Therapy definitely helps many men feel better in so many different areas,

Greg Doucette – Watching Less Than Last Time!!! Why He Doesn’t Care About You Watching His Videos!

Greg Doucette’s channel has blown up to over 1 million subscribers. But many people like myself are barely watching any of his videos anymore. The Youtube algorithm doesn’t even recommend his videos to me anymore. In this video I explain why Greg does not care if his core demographic of viewers watch his videos anymore,

Top 10 Supplements for Men | Best Supplements for Men | Best TRT Supplements

Top 10 Supplements for Men | Best Supplements for Men | Best TRT Supplements Mens Multivitamin – Vitamin D3 & K2 – Vitamin C – Fish Oil – Red Yeast Rice – Magnesium – Zinc – Boron – B12 – what’s going on guys tester levels