Supercharge Your TRT!!! 10 Tips and Add On Supplements!

Being on TRT is fantastic, but there are lifestyle changes and other supplements and medicines that can take your TRT to a whole new level! what’s going on guys tester levels herethanks for being heretoday we’re going to talk about someways that you can supercharge your trtget the most out of it get the mostbenefit

Trafficked – Steroids – Season 1 Episode 4 – Tony Huge – Enhanced Athlete – National Geographic

Trafficked Steroids – Season 1 Episode 4 – National Geographic – Tony Huge. This is my review and opinion the Episode of Trafficked that covered steroids and featured Dr Tony Huge. You can find the Show Trafficked on National Geographic. what’s going on guys that’s your levelsthanks for being heretoday i wanted to run through

Anabolic Profiles – Trenbolone – Parabolan – Tren Side Effects, Cost, Half Life, Dosage and History

what’s going on guys tester levels hereif you’ve been following me on instagramyou’ll know that i’ve been sick for thepast week so i haven’t been able torecord anythinguh but i’ve got a pretty interestingvideo on a really interesting compoundand uh scares the heck out of me butdo a quick medical disclaimer and jumpright in it’s

Anabolic Profiles – Equipoise / Boldenone | Side Effects, Cost, Half Life, Dosage and History

Equipoise / Boldenone is a very interesting anabolic compound that started off for humans and has slowly transitioned into the veterinary market. It gets it name from its use in horse medicine. Equipoise / Boldenone also has some unique side effects that other anabolic compounds do not cause. what’s going on guys tester levels herethanks

TRT Transformation – Nathan’s Story | Down 15lbs!!! | Huge Muscle Gain!!! | Rad Dad Fitness

Nathan had an amazing TRT / Testosterone Replacement Therapy Transformation. He has gained 15lbs of muscle while lowering his body fat to 12%. He has really used TRT to transform his body and improve his life! Subscribe to his channel below!!! what’s going on guys tester levels herethanks for being heretoday we’ve got a really

TRT Transformation | Nicks Story | Gained 23 pounds of Muscle!

This is Nicks TRT Transformation. Nick was perfectly healthy and led an active Lifestyle but found out his testosterone level was 450 and decided to start TRT to optimize his life! what’s going on guys tester levels herecoming at you with another trttransformation and this one’s going tobe a little different than some of theother

Anabolic Profiles – Dianabol – D-Ball – Methandienone | History, Half Life, Cost, Dosage

Dianabol / Methandienone is one of the oldest and most popular Anabolic agents in the world. It is a very interesting Anabolic agent that was used for many reasons in the medical community. But ultimately was phased out for newer compounds. This video will cover Dianabol’s history, cost, dosage, half life and some other interesting

Anabolic Profiles – Primobolan Methenolone Enanthate | Primo History, Side Effects, Cost, Half Life

what’s going on guys texture levels herethanks for being heretoday we’re going to talk about a verycool compound uh and it was madefamous by actually two famouscelebritiesso let’s do a quick medical disclaimerand jump right in it’s all abouthumanity[Music]the compound we’ll be talking abouttoday is methenolone and anthonyalso known as primobolan or premo thiswas madepopular

Do You Need to Aspirate for TRT / Testosterone Replacement Therapy Injections? IM and SubQ Covered!

Whether or not you need to aspirate an intramuscular or subcutaneous injection has been debated for many years. Recently the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control released some guidelines on whether or not you need to aspirate during injections. This is always an interesting debate and this video will cover what the

Best Carrier Oils for TRT! Reduce PIP and SubQ Bumps! Cotton Seed Oil Sesame Seed Oil Grape Seed Oil

The carrier oil that your testosterone is suspended in can be the difference between smooth sailing and post injection pain and Subcutaneous bumps or nodules. In my opinion the thinner the carrier oil is, the better. In this video I show you how thick Cotton Seed Oil, Sesame Seed Oil and Cotton Seed oil are