Over One Year of TRT Blood Test Results Review / General Testosterone Replacement Therapy Guidance

what’s going on guys welcome to the
I actually logged on to LabCorp and went
to look at all my different blood tests
one of them being a $1,300 blood tests
which is crazy I’ll put that link right
there but so I went through all of them
and unfortunately I don’t have every
metric for each individual test one was
by my first horrible doctor the next one
was by a men’s clinic and then the last
two were from my former doctor so they
didn’t all do the same tests so I don’t
everything to compare but found it
pretty interesting so let’s jump in
so my first test here in April of last
year my test level was at 288 my doctor
told me because I was not below the
threshold of 264 which is the limit for
lab court and then I also didn’t have
muscle loss problems getting erections
that he would not even consider giving
me the gel so yeah otherwise up until
that I thought it was a pretty good
doctor but he’s old he’s retiring soon
he’s checking out those are black riding
test doesn’t feel like dealing with
people’s hormones he just wants to
prescribe antibiotics and stuff like
that he wants to touch your boobs Nikki
cough so he didn’t ask me for estrogen
even test me for any of that stuff
that’s not in his repertoire he’s just
he pumps pills he puts the thing on your
back makes you cough whatever it is what
it is but that day when he told me that
haven’t gone back since never would I
hope he has a great retirement so two
months later I got this blood test from
a men’s clinic not gonna mention which
one have good experience but not
affiliated with any of them and they did
a pretty thorough one so for this test
item self-medicating with 200 milligrams
of testosterone sippy 1/8 I was doing
100 milligram shots twice a week I
wasn’t eating anything else not a single
thing so this is just pure 200
milligrams of testosterone sippy Nate so
my testosterone was 1060 for my free
test was forty three point five you can
see my DHEA was high this is because I
took the supplement DHEA I before really

  • this in doing research I was watching
    a documentary I believe it was called
    growing young and it’s with that doctor
    who’s older but he’s jacked and he said
    that he took testosterone he took DHEA
    so I found out I could buy it on Amazon
    and I was like hey this guy’s doing it
    let me try it
    so PhD I was crazy high I don’t take
    that anymore and that’s the reason for
    that and on this test my shbg was 25 so
    also on this test my LH which is
    luteinizing hormone was 0.1 and what
    that basically shows my body is not
    making testosterone on its own and the
    other thing to show is that estrogen was
    seventy to seventy two point seven to be
    exact so my estrogen on numbers is crazy
    high and a lot of people like to say
    around 40’s I did not have any symptoms
    and the outside just oily skin a little
    of acne but I do not have any symptoms
    of high estrogen I never really have but
    if you are sensitive to estrogen that is
    a number that you and your doctor
    definitely need to monitor because high
    oestrogen or low estrogen can mimic
    almost all of the side effects of low
    testosterone so you don’t want to go
    crazy high you don’t look crazy low
    that’s one of those things you have to
    get dialed in that’s tough to do but you
    need to work with a good doctor who
    knows what he’s doing so that you can do
    that so on this next test my doctor did
    not order Astra Jenner unfortunately I
    would have really liked to see it I was
    put on a protocol that was 200
    milligrams of testosterone sippy 1/8
    1000 I use of HCG and a half a milligram
    of rim of that so here my testosterone
    is eleven seventeen and my free
    testosterone is thirty nine point two
    and the only other thing notable is that
    the vitamin D was that half the mark you
    know half the range roughly while taking
    500 IU’s a day as a supplement so
    something I thought I mentioned my
    testosterone was 1086 my free test was
    thirty-nine point two and my shbg was
    twenty-one point two so it dropped a
    little bit everything dropped a little
    bit but nothing nothing monumental just
    blood testing vary from day to day so
    could just been a weird
    who knows so now on to Bloods so
    hemoglobin and hematocrit you’re on
    testosterone your body makes more red
    blood cells get your blood thicker it’s
    not really something to worry about two
    months unless it’s crazy high but as you
    get older if you have high hematocrit
    you’re more put into stroke so thematic
    rate is something that you want to watch
    some of the symptoms of hematocrit are
    headache flush chest and face
    tingling of your fingers your toes your
    hands and feet will go to sleep easier
    you’re sitting on the toilet or you’re
    laying in bed with your arm over your
    head something like that more prone to
    get tingly fingers and toes so keep an
    eye on that if you feel the symptoms I
    have a video on how I might accredit how
    you can lower it so in April 2000 18
    this was just normal this was no
    testosterone or nothing
    my hemoglobin was 16.2 and my hematocrit
    was forty seven point six so that’s just
    the baseline no testosterone enough then
    just normal dude walks in there gets a
    blood test so two months later and I had
    only been on testosterone for about a
    month maybe maybe five weeks my
    hemoglobin went up to seventeen point
    one and my hematocrit went up to 51 so
    almost four points on five weeks on test
    so you can see you’re an addict your
    level can jump up pretty dramatically so
    something to keep an eye on keep an eye
    out for the symptoms you see the
    symptoms talk to your doctor so just
    three months later my hemoglobin went up
    to seventeen point four and my
    hematocrit went up to 52 point two so my
    other videos I thought was 54 on
    researching the highest white matter
    it’s ever been tested it’s fifty two
    point two so this is what I started to
    feel a little bit of the symptoms but
    they went away so and I didn’t get
    tested at that time when I had the
    symptoms so I’m not sure if it went down
    or I don’t know my Mac it’s kind of
    weird I sometimes I get symptoms and
    then they just go away without doing
    anything different anyone else have that
    so leave me a comment let me know
    interesting to hear that so my most
    recent blood test was 17.9 I’m with
    hemoglobin and my America is 51.9 so
    overall the amount of time I’ve been on
    trt my hematocrit has gone up about four
    points now I just did recently donate
    blood so the general rule of thumb or
    consensus is that if you give a pint of
    blood you will drop your hematocrit
    levels by three points
    now this isn’t permanent you know you’re
    an addict that will start to creep up
    again but if you’re having symptoms and
    you’re able to give blood in fear you
    can drop your hematocrit by three points
    so it’s something to think about
    I’m actually getting blood work soon
    I’ve been taking to Rincon I been eating
    some grapefruits and I donated blood so
    I’m really interested to see what my
    American levels are I will do a video on
    that on my new labs once I get them back
    so like the video click subscribe if you
    want to stay on this journey with me
    we’re just gonna keep pumping out
    contact so the next row lipids so your
    cholesterol all your fats in your body
    in your blood basically testosterone is
    not known to be good for your lipids
    over time it raises the bad cholesterol
    and it lowers the good cholesterol so
    I’m gonna go through these numbers I’m
    gonna leave us on the screen I got a lot
    of reading to do a lot of numbers so if
    I don’t just gonna mess them up so in
    April 2000 18 my triglycerides and
    triglycerides are a type of fat that are
    found in your blood when you eat your
    body converts any calories it doesn’t
    need to use right away into
    triglycerides stored in your fat cells
    and then it’s released when you need
    so my triglycerides were 165 my total
    cholesterol was 165 as well
    my HDL is 41 which isn’t even that good
    in the first place and my LDL is 85
    which is not super great either but I
    wasn’t eating super healthy I wasn’t
    exercising so you know it’s to be
    expected when you eat bad and they don’t
    exercise and you’re overweight your
    cholesterol is not gonna look that good
    in general but let’s see how
    testosterone change that for the worse
    actually so on 618 my triglycerides are
    141 so they drop 24 points
    my total cholesterol dropped to 145 so
    drop of 20 my HDL dropped to let’s
    that’s test right there and my L do is
    at 78 so that’s drop seven points so
    overall in these two months I didn’t eat
    a lot healthier and I was exercising way
    more four or five days a week I’m not
    sure if that’s the cause of the drop in
    the overall cholesterol but I found it
    interesting now at 9:18 my triglycerides
    saved the same my total was 151 it went
    up six points my HDL went down to 35 and
    dropped four points which is not great
    and my LDL went up ten so my most recent
    one my triglycerides we’re at 148 they
    went up seven my total cholesterol was
    down one at 150 my HDL went up to 37
    which is good and my healthy L went to
    83 down five overall my cholesterol
    seems to be getting better it seems like
    testosterone I’m kind of hurt it in the
    beginning a little bit and now it’s
    starting to get better
    it could be diet and I’m exercising more
    you know I it’s hard it’s hard to
    speculate on why certain levels are what
    they are but I am definitely eating
    better exercising more so hoping to get
    my HDL up a little bit more and my new
    blood test and I got here soon will let
    me know if that’s the case I also I eat
    a coke everything with vegetable oil I
    do take a fish oil supplement I do eat a
    handful of mixed nuts pretty much every
    day and try to get my body good fats to
    try to raise that HDL level because
    that’s that’s a level that you want in
    good range and when you’re on trt it’s
    harsh so you got to do stuff to make it
    easier for your body so giving it those
    good fats the avocados the olive oils
    mixed nuts stuff like that fish oil
    overall I just kind of wanted to
    document you know what just straight
    testosterone did for my body which baby
    great results test wise my estrogen was
    out of control
    even though I didn’t feel any symptoms
    but you may experience horrible symptoms
    for that and then
    showing the two blood tests my current
    protocol which is 200 milligrams of
    Cynthia Nate a half a milligram of HCG
    and a thousand odd use of HCG so I just
    want to document the process if you’re
    considering TRT or your doctor wants you
    to go on TRT you know this is this is
    just my blood work but I just want to
    show you what your blood work can be if
    you’re on testosterone and some things
    to watch for some things to keep track
    of and things to monitor when you’re
    taking testosterone remember guys if
    you’re new to this you are changing your
    body’s hormones it’s not something to
    play around with so listen to your
    doctor but also do research on your own
    don’t get all of your information as the
    word of god from reddit or facebook or
    for me but do your own research there’s
    a lot of research out there on Google
    Google com search stuff you’ll find
    information gather all that information
    piece it together come up with your own
    conclusion and speak to your doctor
    about it let them know I’ve done this
    research this is kind of what I think is
    going on what are your thoughts can we
    work together and try to figure this out
    you know things like that so if you’re
    playing on taking this journey do
    research research it is your friend not
    gonna harp on it too much another thing
    is don’t make drastic changes your body
    does not like drastic changes to your
    hormones so don’t go from 100 milligrams
    to 200 they’ll go from taking Arimidex
    to just not taking it or doubling up on
    your REM attacks or doubling up on this
    I’m saying your guyses don’t make
    drastic changes another thing is if
    you’re trying to dial in your dose don’t
    change two variables at the same time
    when you change few variables at the
    same time if you do notice some type of
    change you don’t know which one it is or
    the combination of the two so if you’re
    trying to dial in your dose definitely
    recommend changing one thing at a time
    don’t change it too drastically do it
    gradually and see what happens
    so that’s gonna do it guys I want to
    talk your gear off I just want some
    advice for some new guys out there if
    you’re considering this I just want to
    share my blood work found it interesting
    hope you did too if you liked the video
    want to see some more I’d love if you
    click on that subscribe button give the
    video a like it helps me out it’s more
    eyes on my videos gets more knowledge
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    button right here so always get you
    levels tested you saw my results I’m
    gonna get more results it’s always good
    to know your numbers so thanks for
    watching guys have a great day get your
    levels tested

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