Nolvadex / Tamoxifen Testosterone Replacement Therapy Guide TRT

hi guys welcome to the channel today
we’re gonna cover novella dex or
tamoxifen citrate so Noble X is a Sun
which stands for selective estrogen
receptor modulator so basically what it
does is it binds to estrogen receptors
in the breast tissue and also in the
pituitary gland know that X is similar
to clone it in how it works but it is a
little bit different
no vex works as an estrogen antagonist
in the pituitary part of the brain and
what it does is it stimulates the
luteinizing hormone and FSH FSH stands
for follicle stimulating hormone and the
idea behind novella decks and clomid as
well is to stimulate the body’s natural
production of testosterone in the testes
now clomid is much more popular with
doctors than no of X but if clomid is
not working for you then Nova Dex would
be another one that you could try to get
your body to produce more testosterone
naturally so Nova Dex has a half-life of
about 6 days the average dose of know
that X is up 20 milligrams a day but
definitely consult with your doctor I’m
not a doctor I’m just a guy on youtube
so if you’re on Nolan X speak with your
doctor about the dosage a month supply
at Nova Dex is about 20 25 dollars on
the good rx app so a big thing with Nova
Dex do not take Nova Dex if you’re on
blood thinners or any other medicine
that may have an interaction with talk
with your doctor before taking all the
techs and definitely let them know
everything that you take to make sure
there’s no drug interactions so an
interesting thing about Nova Dex is it
if you’re taking a remedy X or letrozole
it can actually lower the amounts and
lower the way that it works so if you’re
taking either of those you’re concede
less effects of Arimidex or letrozole if
you’re taking no blood x as well so
definitely keep that in hand if you’re
using either of those to lower your
estrogen and you’re using nova debt to
try to increase your testosterone just
know that if you’re taking a remedy
extra letrozole it can lower the amount
that those work so definitely keep that
in mind it’s you know you’re working
with two different variables now so it
may be harder to keep estrogen and the
testosterone in check so a couple side
facts of NOLA Dex hot flashes nausea
leg cramps muscle aches hair thinning
and headaches so another interesting
side effect I saw on Nova Dex is a loss
of sexual ability or interest so it
didn’t really see saying if it could
cause erectile dysfunction I don’t
really think it would I think it’s more
of the libido so definitely keep that in
mind if you’re thinking about taking
over Dex and one last thing about Nova
Dex is that it can have interactions
with a remedy ex benadryl aromasin or
tramadol which is a pain killer
so overall guys clomid and Nova Dex seem
to work very similarly in the body
McClement is much more popular with
doctors so I think overall clomid is a
better choice if you’re looking for
something just as a mono therapy
something to just take not with
testosterone but to see if you can
jump-start your body’s natural ability
to produce it but if clomid doesn’t work
for you or you’ve bad side effects like
vision or anything with Clement know f
of X may be something to try but always
speak with your doctor about dosages and
everything else that’s gonna be it for
the video guys I’m gonna leave some
videos up here I’m gonna leave a
subscribe button right there as always
consult with your doctor get your levels

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