Estrogen Studies in Men Part 2 – Good, Bad, Both???

what’s going on guys test your levels
here coming at you with part two of
estrogen studies and men so all of this
information that I pulled from different
studies these are snippets basically
kind of a conclusion so they’re not
studies I didn’t cherry-pick you know
one little sentence out of the thing a
cherry-pick kind of the general
consensus of the study keep in mind that
these studies are wide varying and there
are lots of different subjects so don’t
take anything you know as the gospel
these are just interesting tidbits that
I found and a lot of different studies
about estrogen and men so let’s get
started before the bones you manage beef
some what is known about a thorough
genic and thrombotic risks of low
testosterone and estradiol it is
conceivable that men suffering from
peripheral artery disease could discard
many of their drugs if they restore
their testosterone to youthful ranges
and reduce excess estradiol that was
just kind of saying that you know older
guys men who are overweight who have low
testosterone and Ellender aromatize in a
lot if the estrogen if they kind of
switch that ratio around a little bit
then they probably better off
cardiovascularly and you know from
thrombosis and all that good stuff and a
study published two years ago
researchers discovered that when
estradiol is added to testosterone
treatment of rats prostate cancer
incidence is markedly increased in even
a short course of estrogen treatment
results in a high incident of prostate
cancer the scientists hypothesize that
metabolites of estrogens can be
converted to reactive intermediates that
can add up to DNA and cause generation
of reactive oxygen species thus
estradiol is a weak DNA damaging
carcinogen that causes DNA damage to
prostate cell genes this kind of damage
to DNA regulatory genes is what inhibits
prostate cancer so that’s just a study
on rats and they found that if they gave
them estradiol or raise their estradiol
level the rats had higher incidence of
prostate cancer keep in mind those are
just rats many published studies however
show no association between high blood
estradiol levels and diagnosed prostate
cancers one reason that are not
were diagnosed prostate cancers in men
with high estrogen maybe that the high
estradiol level that initiated DNA
damage then serves to keep prostate
cancer temporarily under control once it
develops that was interesting to me they
said that higher estradiol could have
possibly caused you know the prostate
cancer in Ravello but once it did the
estradiol helped keep it you know
maintained and at a lower level so
that’s pretty interesting you know
that’s where we’re starting to learn is
that these hormones can do so many
different things you know some are good
some are bad but you can’t just make
blanket statements about oh you know
keep your estradiol in this level or
keep it high keep it low this is gray
this isn’t black and white guys when
reviewing the studies about the multiple
pathological effects of excess estrogen
and aging men it may be tempting to take
high doses of an aromatase inhibitor a
drug like a rated X to slash estrogen
levels as low as possible don’t do this
as men need estrogen to maintain bone
density cognitive function and even
maintain the inner lining of the
arterial wall we have recommended that
ideal ranges for estradiol for most
aging men are between twenty and thirty
pg/ml of blood below 18 increases
osteoporosis risk while greater levels
than thirty to increase heart attack and
stroke incident so that’s kind of
interesting as well you know low
estrogen has side effects highest year
and have side effects so we have
long-term studies on running high
estrogen or low estrogen we don’t have
really long studies so these are more
preliminary remember trt is this is
about how much we know about hormones in
the body and we need to get it to right
about here probably I don’t know how
long that’s gonna take
but hopefully sooner than later in a
study published two years ago doctors
analyzed blood levels in three groups of
men for estradiol only testosterone only
and estradiol and testosterone together
in men with low estradiol hip fractures
are more than three times higher
compared with men who had estradiol
levels of 18 to 34 men with estradiol
levels greater than 34 had a slightly
higher risk of hip fracture compared to
those within the 18 to 34 range
interestingly this study also showed in
of man whose blood was measured for
estradiol and testosterone those who
were low in both of these hormones
suffered a startling 6.5 times greater
incident of hip fractures the authors of
this study concluded men with low
estradiol levels are an increased for
future hip fracture men with low
estrogen and testosterone seem to be the
greatest risk of hip fracture so
basically men with low estrogen at hip
fractures men with high estrogen had hip
fractures and men with both low
testosterone and estrogen were at the
greatest risk for having it fractures so
that kind of goes back to my finger kind
of keep things in balance don’t go crazy
on one end of the spectrum for any of
your hormones that’s why there’s ranges
although they’re sometimes flawed by the
blood test companies but I already did
that video so you’ll have to subscribe
and go back and watch that one this
study showed greater incidence of heart
attacks and men with higher testosterone
and lower heart attack risk and older
men with higher estradiol in younger men
s jaw had no impact on heart attack
incident in the study the authors of the
study admitted a limitation to the study
was only measuring baseline levels of
the hormones the study nonetheless was
used at an anti-aging conference to
proclaim estradiol protects against
heart attack so one of the reasons I’m
making this video is just showing you
you know how someone can cherry-pick
different articles and different studies
and come to a conclusion of one thing
and you know apparently some people took
this study and basically you know turned
it into well estrogen protects the heart
and just let it wrong it’s good for you
don’t worry about it and I think that
while estrogen is good for us I think
there’s limits to everything and I think
tea or tea is a case-by-case thing for
each man there are scientific studies
that demonstrate estrogens potential
beneficial effects to a man’s vascular
system these protective mechanisms
however have be weighed against
pathological damage the very same
estrogen can induce despite the
documented dangers of excess estrogen
levels that are too low also purrs at
risk not only to bone but to the
vascular system as well if a man were to
intentionally lower his estradiol too
much he could very well suffer vascular
disease because estrogen is vital to
proper endothelial function this is why
it is so important
aging man you have annual blood test if
estrogen is too low or too high
corrective action should be taken the
team tested estradiol and some long
disease levels in banks samples from 83
men aged 50 years of holder to diffuse
cutaneous system sclerosis a type of
scleroderma they also tested samples
from 37 healthy men of a similar age
they then used a variety of statistical
approaches blah-blah-blah-blah-blah to
determine whether estradiol were linked
to any of clinical traits of scleroderma
male patients with diffuse and
significantly higher levels of estradiol
above average of 30 then both healthy
men average 12 and postmenopausal women
with the disease 20 for those with
higher STR levels 43 44 had
significantly more heart involvement
than those with lower levels finally for
patients with whatever 70 increasing
levels of s trial in the serum was
associated with a significantly greater
risk of death I don’t know what that
disease is but I’ll probably put it on
the screen here but basically long story
short is that they’re saying that men
with higher levels of estrogen that got
this disease had it more severely and
had more of a chance to die from it so
something interesting when estrogen
levels then aim an increase the actions
of testosterone are reduced even worse
while estrogens and women protect them
from heart disease and osteoporosis the
effects are the opposite for men too
much estrogen will actually increase the
risk of heart attacks and Men so you see
earlier there was a study that said it
helped men’s hearts and it was good for
their vascular system and now this one
said is that too much of it increases
your risk for heart attack so you can
pick one of these two articles and you
can go on the offensive saying look at
this study this doctor said this this is
what it is we have medical research
showing my you know whatever I’m not
pointy listening in particular I’m just
saying that you know as with anything
else flat earth coronavirus all that
stuff you can cherry pick a couple
different articles and you can you know
paint a little nice picture of how it is
when there’s three or four other
articles there saying the exact opposite
that just goes along in the media so I’m
just presenting all of this take from it
what you will but I did find it
said when estrogen is high it reduces
the effectiveness of testosterone I
don’t know if that’s true this is just
some study but found interesting they
did a study men sixty years old with
depressive symptomatology had compared
to men without depressive symptomatology
higher estradiol level forty verse 36 in
the sixty year old man no significant
differences in sex hormone levels and
men with depressed depressive symptom
ology compared to man without this
impressive symptomology were observed no
significant decreases in levels of total
freak or by available testosterone were
found in men with depression and I’m
assuming compared to men without
depressive symptoms depressive symptom
ology in younger men was significantly
associated with higher estradiol levels
however we did not find an association
with increased BMI mmm no association
between depressive symptomatology and
BMI or sex hormones was found in the
older men in our study so it’s
interesting about this particular study
is that they found in their findings
that the younger man with higher
estrogen levels had higher depressive
symptoms regardless of BMI but it didn’t
matter as much when the men were older
that higher estrogen such is really
interesting last one for this video in
this study from Brazil a significant
correlation between depressive scores
and estradiol has been found
obese men with depression that higher
estradiol levels than those without
moreover they did not find any
correlation of depressive scores with
BMI are other factors associated with
obesity for example total testosterone
insulin levels this is one of the first
studies to show an association between
higher estradiol levels and depression
in younger men nevertheless we did not
confirm that this is directly associated
with increased BMI and men a condition
also associated with altered sex
hormones so that’s going to wrap it up
for part two just wanted to show you
guys that there’s so many different
things that I mean this is just google
searches and just going through studies
you know one study says that estradiol
is higher Mehmet or depressed the other
one says it’s not the other one says
it’s good for your vascular system in
heart the other one says it gives you
increased risk for heart attack take
from it what you will I just wanted to
point out some interesting snippets from
studies about
men and that there’s a lot of things
that you know just don’t correlate one
says long one says the other so welcome
to the TRT world where you can read two
different studies and get the exact
opposite result so thanks for watching
guys if you’re new here click on that
subscribe button
lots more videos on the way if you’re
already a subscriber you’re awesome and
has always get your levels tested

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