How to Prepare HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) with Bacteriostatic Water! Tips and Tricks

going on guys test your levels here just
gonna do a quick video I’m cooking some
beef in the insta pot on how to put
together your HCG now most likely you’re
going to get a bottle that has white
powder that is life a nice HCG basically
it’s freeze-dried to preserve a shelf
life until it comes to you and it’s your
job to take bacteriostatic water make
sure it’s bacteriostatic and you’re
supposed to put 10 ml or 5 ml into this
bottle and I’m just going to show you
real quickly how to do it because it
tripped me up the first time I did it
but basically the basic concept is that
this is a sealed system so when you
start putting 3 ml in here or you put 10
amount you’re gonna get a lot of
pressure and so we have to compensate
for that pressure by taking out there so
let’s get started here so we’re gonna
take off all these caps and don’t worry
about this this is my HCG it’s an
illiquid form don’t worry about it we’ll
cover in another video we’re going to
sanitize everything because that’s very
important sanitize this guy and I like
to be pretty thorough on doing this it’s
always good to be sterile no reason to
risk infection for like a Penny’s worth
of alcohol prep pad so this first step
doesn’t really apply to you but I have
to do this anyway so so they provided me
with a 20 gauge needle that we’re going
to use so what we’re going to do once
again this is not gonna be for you
because the drill the bottle is gonna
have powder in there we’re gonna draw
all this out
make sure we get every little bit ECGs
not cheap
you know all right so I’m going to put
warning on here
now I’m going to pull some air out of
this now you want to do this need to do
this the first time
what’s up beans but I’m going to pull
3ml out and now I’m going to put 3 ml
into this bacteriostatic water to create
a little vacuole pressure actually see
how the third thing pops right back up
because the pressure so we’re going to
turn this upside down and we’re going to
pull out three ml so we’ve got three ml
now we’re going to transfer this try to
go to the same hole so that we don’t
create a bunch of punctures now we’re
going to pull out three ml from there
create a little vacuum and we’re going
to pump three ml back in turn it upside
down and we’re going to pull three them
out we’ve got a little bit of air there
so we’re going to do that again I got
three ml and three ml it’s going to go
back in here
and we’re going to pull three ml of air
back up now you might have to be ten so
your last one you may have to put in 4
ml so in that case just pull out forward
so we’re gonna put in 3 and we’re going
to pull 3 the basic concept is that you
want to have a little pressure in this
bottle and both these bottles you can
pull and push stuff into these bottles
very easily so here we go we got three
amount mines one ml of liquid and 9 ml
of the bacteriostatic water so there you
go just remember pull 3 ml out push it
into this draw 3 ml push it into that
pull 3 ml air and it’s pretty simple but
if you don’t if you forget about the
whole sealed system and you start just
keep trying to push stuff in there it’s
gonna get real tight the top may pop off
you’re gonna have a bad time so just
remember whatever you put in pull back
out with air then you put the hair back
in there pull out the water push it in
the water pull out air back and forth
back and forth and there you go now
you’ve got now I’ve got 10 ml of HCG and
if you don’t know HCG asked me yet kept
in the refrigerator do not set it do not
put it in the freezer do not set it in
your counter or your cupboard whatever
it’s got to go in the refrigerator helps
extends its shelf life which is in my
opinion 30 to 45 days some people say 60
but hey who knows but for me around a 60
it starts to not be as effective so is
what it is but thanks for watching guys
hope you found this helpful as always
get your levels tested

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