Preventing and Treating Balding on TRT/ Testosterone Replacement Therapy | Prevent Hair Loss in TRT

In this video I cover many ways you can help prevent hair loss or balding when starting or on TRT / Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Male Pattern Baldness or Alopecia is very common in men around the world and taking testosterone on TRT can speed up the balding process.

what’s going on guys tester levels
thanks for watching
thanks for being a part of my channel
today we’re going to talk about
trying to reduce balding while on trt
uh baldi is an unfortunate thing that
has plagued men for
centuries probably even longer than that
and it’s not fun
so i’m gonna put out some stuff that i
found online
uh that may help you out may help keep
some of your hair
but uh if you wanna do some real deep
diving into
uh how to prevent baldness more plates
more dates his youtube channel
he has a lot of videos on it so i’ll
definitely check him out as well
but let’s get started it’s all about
a 2018 study showed that
eating raw vegetables and herbs very
similar to what the mediterranean diet
was pretty effective at helping reduce
uh male pattern baldness
so if you can throw in some raw
vegetables and some extra solid herbs
maybe some fresh herbs into your diet
may keep some of your hair a couple
vitamins that if you’re deficient in
can help speed up balding are a
b c and d zinc
selenium and iron this is why i always
every person every male every woman to
take a daily multivitamin
so at minimum you at least get a good
majority of your vitamins from the day
from your multivitamin
and hopefully you can fill out the rest
with your daily diet but a lot of us
here in america
and other parts of the world have diets
that really don’t have a lot of vitamins
all that fast food all the processed
food all the sugary drinks all that
don’t have a lot of vitamins so you may
be deficient in one of these vitamins
you could definitely throw in a
multivitamin and fun fact vitamin d
is really good at helping bring back
your testosterone levels we get that
from the sun
and we sit inside too much so we don’t
get enough vitamin d
another 2018 study noted that vitamin d
is associated with non-scarring
alopecia treating deficiencies may help
with regrowth
speak with your doctor about taking 800
to 1000 ius daily
i personally take 5000 ius daily just as
vitamin d is really good vitamin c is
really good so definitely talk to your
doctor about getting a vitamin d
supplement discuss the amount of ius per
but vitamin d is really good for you and
we need it it does a lot of other good
stuff so
that’s a good place to start as well
biotin vitamin h or vitamin b7 is
involved in fatty acid synthesis in the
this process is essential to the hair
life cycle and you may experience hair
loss if you have a deficiency
speak to your doctor about taking three
to five milligrams daily
so just another vitamin that if we’re
deficient in can cause more hair loss so
vitamins are super important to our body
so definitely
definitely look into that multivitamin
and possibly some other supplements here
saw palmetto derived from the fruit of
the american dwarf pine trees this herb
may help
men maintain levels of testosterone one
2004 journal article revealed that some
of participants taking saw palmetto
experience improved hair growth
the dosage in that study was 200
milligrams daily
saw palmetto does a lot of other good
stuff for us and it may help uh
slow down or help regrow some hair in
this particular study 60 percent showed
you know at least some improvement so
another good supplement another little
gift from nature that we can utilize to
to grow our hair back another one
ginseng contains some phytochemicals
that can also help with hair growth
ginseng is also another really good herb
so may want to throw that into your diet
lauric acid found in coconut oil helps
bind protein in hair
protecting it from breakage at the root
and strand massaging coconut oil into
the scalp may promote better blood flow
and help with regrowth another gift from
nature coconut oil
don’t know if i’d be rubbing coconut oil
on my head but hey if i was really
worried about losing my hair
what do you have to lose you know rub it
in leave it in there for 20 30 minutes
and then hop in the shower
may help there’s also another treatment
called red light treatment
and they’re like low powered lasers
you’ve probably seen some of these
some people say they work pretty well
other people say that
they don’t work that well this would be
probably one of the last resorts that i
would try if nothing else was working
and we’ll talk about some other
treatments that are actually
prescription medicines
you could try before the red light laser
but i definitely look into it
if you’re really interested in you know
trying to save your hair um
they’re a little expensive two to six
hundred bucks but uh
hey if it worked for me i’d pay 600
bucks to keep my hair
another interesting treatment is called
and they actually use this for a lot of
different things mainly for healing
what they do is they draw your own blood
they throw it in a centrifuge
they separate the platelets and then
they inject the platelets either into
a joint uh elbow and some doctors
actually will inject a little bit
all throughout your scalp and the idea
is that
it the platelets go there and your body
is like okay we need to do stuff we need
to heal stuff we need to regrow some
fortunately the treatments cost between
500 and a thousand dollars each time
in one 2017 study eleven participants
saw thirty percent more hair
growth in thinning areas after four
sessions like i said
they cost five hundred to a thousand
dollars each and they’re not going to be
covered by insurance
that’s also a really small study group
hey guys will do a lot of stuff to keep
their hair
so this is another option for you to try
these last two
one of them is prescription the other
one is not the first one is finasteride
also known as propecia
and it’s a dht kind of blocker it kind
it gets into your dht receptors in your
scalp and in your hair
and it blocks the dht from hitting those
receptors and
triggering more hair loss but you need
to talk to your doctor about finasteride
there are a good amount of side effects
but a lot of people do take this and
have good success with it
so it’s definitely something to think
about if you’re just really worried
about keeping your hair which i know a
lot of you
are the next one is mindoxidil which is
rogaine which you can get at the walmart
you can get a grocery store you can get
you know most places
and for the most part it does seem to
work for a certain amount of people
like some people just don’t respond to
it at all some people respond to it and
it does
take a while to regrow that hair but
it’s worth giving it a try
if you’re losing your hair you probably
already know about rogaine either you’ve
tried it or you haven’t
but it’s another option i just wanted to
make this video to put out some stuff
that i haven’t really seen
other places talk about when you know
trying to regrow hair and slow the
balding process
i listed a lot of vitamins that if
you’re deficient in can help speed it up
and that’s pretty easy fix multivitamin
maybe some salt palmetto or a ginseng
give that a shot see how that works for
you it’s also the prp treatments
those are expensive but you know i’d
like you to know that they’re out there
a lot of people do have success with it
but that was a pretty small sample size
and then the mediterranean diet just
eating more raw vegetables and throwing
in some fresh herbs i mean
it’s not going to cost you anything
extra just change up your diet a little
bit and it
could help so thanks for watching guys
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and if you want to do some more deep
diving into how to
help keep your hair and help slow down
balding or even regrow hair
go check out more plates more dates his
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on hair stuff so just click on his
channel click on the search bar
search hair he’s got a bunch of videos
on it good guy knows a lot of stuff
and you should subscribe to him too but
anyway guys
thanks for watching as always get your
levels tested

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