TRT Transformation Dans Story! Testosterone Replacement Therapy Before and After! TRT before & After

In this video we go through Dan’s TRT Transformation story. Dan had many issues due to low testosterone, but Testosterone Replacement Therapy helped him change his life forever. Dan’s TRT Transformation Before and After is amazing!!!

what’s going on guys tester levels today
i’ve got a trt
transformation for you and i love making
these videos these are my favorite
videos to make
and not just because they get the most
views on my channel
but i actually like these videos because
it really shows that
something simple like fixing a hormone
can completely change your life it’s
amazing and
i really hope more people go out and get
tested and see if this is their issue
but this is the story of a normal guy
hard-working guy has a good job was
cruising through life
had some kids and he started feeling bad
so let’s do a quick medical disclaimer
and we’ll jump right in
it’s all about humanity
told me goes to the gym pretty regularly
was in very good
shape i didn’t have any issues until his
late 30s
he had a couple of small kids and he
said it started to decline a little bit
but not enough to go get tested and
wasn’t really too concerned about it
kind of felt like it was just
you know kind of part of the aging
process around his early 40s
he went and got tested and he tested out
and his doctor made him wait a month and
he tested again at 250.
now luckily his doctor was somewhat
proficient in trt
some of them if they pull a 300 and
they’ll be like well you’re in range so
we’re not going to do anything i came
back and tested it at 250
which is basically low on almost every
ranges except for quest which is like
which is 250
which is crazy to me but his doctor
prescribed him gels
and that was just what his doctor gave
him right off the bat he said he didn’t
like the gels he said it was a waste of
it was annoying expensive didn’t like it
so he talked to his doctor about
being able to do injections at home and
luckily his doctor was cool and informed
he prescribed him 200 milligrams of
scipione and he does that
twice a week so 100 milligrams 100
does it sub-q just like me pretty much
my exact protocol
so outside of low energy uh one of
the biggest symptoms of low testosterone
low libido he said almost no libido
he was telling me that he was doing an
intense cardio workout on one of the
and he was streaming some show and in
this show
this girl started taking her top off and
he said he
felt repulsed for like five seconds and
he was like
what was this like his low testosterone
made him
not find a woman taking her shirt off
attractive for like five seconds
and it was like a wake-up call for him
like wow what is going on with my libido
i’m seeing a beautiful girl here on
netflix or whatever
she’s taking her shirt off and i don’t
even feel like looking at it and that’s
not normal he said that’s not me
another symptom that had like i said
i went to the gym very regularly he was
in good shape but as he hit his late 30s
early 40s
he was doing the same workouts same diet
but he was gaining weight and he
couldn’t gain any muscle
and that’s a pretty big symptom you have
low testosterone you’re not able to
build as much muscle
don’t have as much muscle you’re not
burning as many calories in the day
not burning as many calories you get
more fat on you you get more fat on you
your estrogen goes up
and then it’s a vicious cycle because
you have higher estrogen lower
testosterone more body fat
so you can’t burn the fat that’s on you
you can’t build the muscle to get your
metabolism going again and burn more
it’s a horrible cycle and he found
himself in this cycle
so probably the biggest symptom that he
got from having low testosterone outside
of libido
was anxiety you know he said that he
always had
a little bit of anxiety but it helped
him with a job because he you know
worried about stuff and he was always
you know checking on stuff and thinking
about stuff and what he needed to do
and that was good but he got to the
point where he had severe anxiety
like he was telling me he didn’t want to
go to parties he quit
coaching his son’s baseball team because
he didn’t like being around people
he was just an anxious wreck he just had
high anxiety
and he had never had that before and i’m
kind of in a similar boat
i have you know normal anxiety
um i wouldn’t say it’s elevated i
wouldn’t say i’m the most calm person
but i think i’m right there in the
middle of the anxiety level and when i
have lower testosterone
i looking back now i did have more
anxiety i’m a lot more calm now i don’t
about stuff and when i think about stuff
i’m like can i change that
no there’s no way i can change that so
why think about it
also in his job his anxiety got so bad
that he couldn’t make decisions because
he worried so much about making the
wrong decision that he froze
and in life not making a decision is
making a decision
it’s just not the best one most of the
time so his anxiety was just
out of control he didn’t want to go to
parties he didn’t want to go to
lunch with his co-workers and he quit
his son’s baseball team he quit coaching
it because he had such bad anxiety
so he was in a bad spot before he found
this doctor and started to
taking testosterone to you know raise
and put a hormone level that’s super
important for men
in the right spot so how did you feel
after starting trt
well he told me that his libido bounced
back in days
just a few days he said his libido was
back not 100
but he noticed it like right off the bat
and if you’re starting trt
don’t think that’s the normal that’s
usually it takes four
to possibly eight weeks to get the full
libido back don’t think that
after your first uh treatment whatever
you want to call it
that you’re gonna be like boom you know
i’m ready to go
give it time he said within a couple of
weeks he was on the cardio machine
and he was like looking down at the
resistance because it felt like it was
nothing to him
i guess it’s improved his cardiovascular
system for whatever reason
probably because it’s a super important
hormone for men he was on the cardio
machine he’s like
am i really a seven it feels like a
because he just didn’t have the energy
before and his body was just run down
and it’s just amazing to me it’s such a
simple hormone just such a simple thing
a little bit of hormone mixed in a
bottle of oil
can completely change your life but it
makes sense
when women’s estrogen or progesterone is
all out of whack
they don’t feel right when men’s
testosterone is super low
we don’t feel right and with weights he
said with you know every
week he was going up you know five ten
pounds five ten pounds
this wasn’t a guy that didn’t work out
he continued to work out throughout this
whole timeline that i’m telling you
it’s just that as soon as he got his
hormone levels his testosterone levels
back where they needed to be
he started building muscle and he
started being able to actually gain
you know gain weight on his lifts
and uh yeah i mean yeah i mean no shit
when you take testosterone your muscles
are gonna grow
but this is a guy that wasn’t getting
newbie gains he didn’t you know quit for
two years and then
jump back in the gym gave himself a
little sub q shot and just started you
know getting huge
he had been working out this whole time
but he was working out the same
and his muscles in his body want to
decline now when he got his hormone
levels back
they’re going back up like they should
have been the whole time
and myself if i had known this before
i mean i used to work out in the gym
worked out with two buddies
eric and kyle all about the same size
i worked out for these guys for like two
years we worked out hard and these guys
they got way bigger way stronger than me
and i could never figure out what it was
i’m doing the same workout as these guys
i’m doing the same workout i just can’t
do as much weight
and i’m not gaining any i’m not gaining
any strength and these guys
they were turns out i just had low
testosterone pretty wild
told me best of all i got my anxiety
under control
i’m now able to hang out with people
started coaching his son’s baseball team
and he’s able to make decisions at work
he was telling me you know
everyone’s got their thing everyone gets
down it just happens
but he said you know in his opinion
when you have low testosterone whatever
it is that you have
anxiety nervousness depression it gets
that’s his opinion but i tend to agree
with him you know if
if you’re going to be depressed and then
on top of it you’ve got low testosterone
and your body is just not operating the
way it needs to be
well it would make sense that if you get
your hormones back to where they need to
there’s a good chance you’d be less
depressed less less anxious
less tired and have more libido it just
makes sense you know if your car is
designed to run on 93 octane and you
give it 87
what’s gonna happen still gonna run just
not gonna run as good
engine is gonna get fouled up quicker
and you’re gonna have more emissions
i also said he thinks that doctors
should run hormone panels on pretty much
anyone over 35 40. and i agree with them
why are you going to check my
cholesterol levels why are you going to
check my you know how thick my blood is
all my different vitamins all that good
stuff why are you going to check all
but not check hormones which controls so
many things in the body
100 agree with that you know going back
to the car reference like
we did your oil change your tires look
but that’s all we checked you know we
didn’t check the computer we didn’t
check all the sensors
the oil is good and your tires are good
you’re within range so i had john email
me a little more details about his
so he does a hundred milligrams of
cypinate once a week and that’s it
no ai no calcium to glucorate uh but
he’s getting his level tested
if his estrogen is a bit high he does
best in the 20 to 40 range
he might try calcium to glucorate after
seeing my video
he tried dim and i3c before and did
nothing for him
i thinks it works okay for women to help
smooth out estrogen fluctuations but
didn’t do much for him
uh he mentioned that he tried a lot of
things 100 milligram a week keeps his
test about 650
750 initially he feels better at 850 to
but it doesn’t last long because his
estrogen creeps up and he feels worse
than at 650 to 750.
tried a higher dose 140 plus an ai but
he’s a serious overresponder to ai’s
even at a low dose knocked down his
estrogen to undetectable that’s a
that’s why he experimented with
boldinone and proviron he wasn’t doing a
bodybuilding dose just a low dose of
tests plus a low dose of something
similar it doesn’t aromatize
but he found it didn’t work any better
than simply just taking one easy shot of
100 milligrams of scipionate
he also tried splitting it up 50
milligrams twice a week and every other
but didn’t see any benefits over once a
week he didn’t have some advice and i do
agree with this
he said don’t try to chase that high you
get for the first month or two when you
start trt
when you start trt you know like going
back to the car thing
if you got your car and it was running
on 87 and you felt how it ran on 87 pump
and then you know your tank’s empty and
you pull pump some 93
in there and you start driving your car
and you’re like wow this is driving
this is this engine feels much more
perky i got a lot more horsepower i got
a lot more torque i’m feeling great
but we’re not cars and so when you do
those first two months most people will
get you know a little bit
more of a rush a little bit more
euphoria a little more effect
but then it does taper off because your
body equalizes everything
and you may not feel that euphoria that
you got
uh the first two months but the advice
don’t try to chase that because you keep
jumping up your dose jumping up your
now your estrogen can get a little high
now you’re taking an ai
now you know you’re dealing with trying
to dial in again and all that
you know like said trt is not going to
make you a superhero
it’s going to make you feel good it’s
going to make you feel like you should
but it’s not going to make you a
superhero and just feel 100
i wake up tired sometimes i drag ass
it’s human that’s human that’s just the
way we are just because i put a little
test in my
my butt fat or in my belly fat or
wherever else
i don’t wake out of bed and i’m like
yeah hell yeah this is going to be an
awesome day i feel 110
today i’m going to take over the world
now some days you don’t feel good
some days i have anxiety some days i
drag ass
but that’s life so i’m going to show you
guys some pictures
after guy’s in fantastic shape he just
he didn’t even let himself go that’s the
thing that’s why i love these
transformations he didn’t let himself go
he didn’t write me and say well i
stopped working out for three years and
i was eating mcdonald’s every day and i
gained 75 pounds
and then i got trt and now i look
fantastic no this guy was working out
the whole time and eating good the whole
it’s just that his body his body with a
low testosterone just
wasn’t building muscle and it was giving
his body the ability to gain more fat
and so he gained weight and then he got
on trt
continue doing the same thing and he’s
in fantastic shape again
amazing so that’s it guys uh
i know you’re watching this i really
appreciate you sharing your story
and i hope this is an inspiration for
everyone else
trt can be an amazing thing but you have
make sure that you are in good shape
you’ve done everything to try to raise
your testosterone levels
and change your lifestyle for the better
before you just hop on trt thinking it’s
going to be a magic bullet
you got to get everything in place you
know you got to get your diet in place
you got to go to the gym get enough
sleep get enough vitamins
and see where you stand and once you
make those lifestyle changes
if your testosterone is still low then
seek medical professionals so thanks for
watching guys
once again thanks and as always
you’re awesome and get your levels

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