Does TRT Cause Weight Gain? Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy Cause Weight Gain?

Does TRT Cause Weight Gain? Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy Cause Weight Gain? TRT Water Weight. Testosterone Replacement Therapy Water Weight.

welcome to trt short answers today’s
question is does trt cause weight gain
trt in the beginning maybe the first two
or three months
does cost weight gain it’s almost all
it’s nothing to worry about perfectly
normal happens to almost everyone
but other than that trt does not make
you gain weight
that is unless you are working out and
adding muscle
yes trt will give you slightly more
muscle without doing
anything but if you really want to
maximize trt you need to work out lift
do cardio so just trt by itself is not
going to pack on a bunch of weight
after those initial two or three months
but you can pack on substantial amount
of weight
by working out and hitting the weights
trt testosterone
is the best muscle building supplement
that has ever been created
if you’re on trt there’s a good chance
that you can gain a lot of muscle if you
work out
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