How Much Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy Cost? How Much Does TRT Cost?

How Much Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy Cost? How Much Does TRT Cost?

welcome to trt short answers today’s
question is how much does trt cost
now there’s lots of varying factors here
but let’s say you’re getting it from
your doctor with a prescription and
using good rx
a 10 ml bottle of testosterone
scipionate or anatheate
is usually around fifty dollars if
you’re using a compound like hcg
a 10 000 iu bottle of hcg costs about
110 to 120
so we’re looking at a total cost of 170
and this amount uh at the maximum of 200
milligrams per week
and 1000 ius of hcg per week will last
two and a half weeks
so that comes out to about 70 a month
that’s through your doctor
your insurance may cover more may cover
you know that’s very variable in this
situation so how much do trt clinics
trt clinics cost between 150 and 200
a month um but that can vary depending
on the medicines you take
and their payment structure so thank you
for watching trt short answers
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