Are You Really Not Dialed in on TRT? You May Be Dialed in on TRT and Not Even Know it!

Lot’s of men start TRT with the grandiose idea that Testosterone is a magical fountain of youth that solves all of life’s problems. They expect that being on TRT will make them feel like superman each and everyday. While Testosterone and Testosterone Replacement Therapy definitely helps many men feel better in so many different areas, it has it’s limits. TRT while an amazing treatment does not fix poor lifestyle choices, stress in life and everything else that the entire population has to deal with in this quest called life. This is a delicate video because I know that lots of guys do have a real struggle getting dialed in on TRT. This video is not about these men. This video is about guys who never feel that they are dialed in because they don’t feel like a super human in every aspect every single day.

what’s going on guys this is a sensitive
video this is a difficult video to make
and i know a lot of you uh have a lot of
issues getting dialed in
i know a lot of you guys uh you know the
situation that you have is a lot more
complicated than others
and i don’t want to come off as i’m
minimizing you know the issues you may
be having getting dialed in
but i think once we get through this
video you get a better idea of what i’m
trying to say
and it doesn’t really apply to really
getting dialed in
if that makes sense
i hope this comes off as more of a
motivational video
and not insensitive if at any point
you feel like downvoting me or
this video is definitely it does not
apply to you in any way so don’t worry
just enjoy the video it does not apply
to you let me know how you like this
video format this video format does take
a little extra time and a lot more
but let me know if you like the new
format if so i’ll continue to put in the
effort for you guys
and also let me know in the comments if
you agree with me on this or if you
think i’m way off base
so it helps out the algorithm as well
now you may be watching this and saying
to yourself
listen i’m having a real 100 percent
issue getting dialed in
and that could be 100 true i’m not
discounting that at all
but i think for some people they may
look in the mirror
and realizing that they’re they’re
chasing this illusion that trt and that
makes you feel like superman 100 of the
time i think this notion that
trt is like living life on cheat codes
you know
libidos through the roof all the time
zero anxiety
100 energy all the time morning wood

  1. i think a lot of this came from
    the trt supplements uh from trt
    clinics and just the way that’s
    perceived in society
    you’ve got frank thomas cucking girls
    in the gym you’ve got testosterone
    boosters like
    primal surge andro test super test
    and then you’ve got trt clinics uh
    showing you know
    50 year old you know alpha chad jacked
    and shredded
    you know cruising on the beach smiling
    looking like he just raw dog megan fox
    and it gives guys this idea that if
    you’re taking
    test boosters trt or steroids you feel
    all the time anything that is not
    perfect in your life
    has to do with testosterone in some way
    they paint this picture that you feel
    100 percent
    all the time on testosterone or if you
    have high testosterone levels
    and it’s giving guys a really
    unrealistic view of trt
    and when they start trt you know they
    are definitely going to feel
    better but they’re looking at it like
    wow i just i don’t feel 100 percent
    you know i don’t wake up every morning
    and just want to hop out of bed
    and go to the gym or just go kick ass at
    work sometimes i still feel tired
    sometimes i still have anxiety you know
    sometimes i don’t wake up with morning
    and they get into their head that once
    you’re on trt
    everything is freaking perfect and then
    they get in their heads and if something
    isn’t perfect they’re like oh it’s got
    to be my protocol i’m not dialed in my
    estrogen’s too high my testosterone is
    too low
    what’s going on with my proactive do i
    need to take dhea how’s my progesterone
    and you know they get into this this
    mentality and this where
    everything has to be perfect when you’re
    on trt i rarely
    film outside my house and now i remember
    why i’ve got an 80 year old woman
    looking at me wonder who’s this
    that’s filming himself
    in front of a dried-up retention pond
    with some sandhill cranes
    as i said before a lot of the stems from
    the internet i mean i see people get in
    their own heads about
    trt supplements food all kinds of stuff
    seat posts like i normally take 400
    milligram vitamin c pills but
    they were out so i got 500 milligram
    vitamin c pills and i took one vitamin c
    pill and i had anxiety all day i know
    for 100 fat
    it’s because of vitamin c has anyone
    else experienced this
    okay so all i need to do is cut off 20
    percent to bring it down to 400
    perfect now every four days i’ll have an
    extra pill
    i changed my dose from 150 milligrams to
    160 and now my libido is completely
    do i need to take an ai should i drop my
    dose what should i do should i inject
    more frequently i mean just getting in
    their own head
    i just switched from weekly injections
    to twice a week injections and now i got
    two pimples on my back and my skin’s a
    little oily
    and i think i had brain fog yesterday
    what should i do has anyone experienced
    once again i’m not trying to minimize
    the side effects and getting dialed in
    that’s not what i’m trying to do with
    this video
    what i’m trying to point out to you is
    you know you’re just getting your
    hormones back to where they’re supposed
    to be
    you’re not going to be a superhuman
    you’re not going to feel 100
    all the time and i can tell you this
    if unless you are on the brink of like a
    huge hormone imbalance
    10 milligrams a week isn’t going to make
    you feel any different
    maybe the slightest little bit but it’s
    not going to make you feel from going
    feeling okay
    to feeling like complete garbage to
    where you feel the need to post it
    once again i’m not trying to minimize
    side effects it’s just
    i think a lot of people get in their
    freaking head about this and they just
    make it
    everything’s about trt now you know i
    wake up i’m tired
    it’s trt had anxiety trt
    didn’t get morning wood trt i don’t know
    i hope this
    video is helpful to some people and
    someone can look in the mirror and be
    like you know what
    i was focusing too much on trt i hope
    this video is helpful
    for someone out there who is just
    getting too into the whole trt thing
    they just got it in their head and
    every little thing that happens in their
    life it’s trt
    anxiety is trt if you don’t get morning
    wood it’s trt
    you know it’s you just kind of have to
    not everything’s gonna be perfect on trt
    it’s not you’re not gonna be frank
    no there’s no there’s no problem officer
    i’m just uh making a shitty youtube
    why is it shitty all my videos are
    pretty shitty this one i’m actually
    trying to make a little better
    i have i have about 6 000 followers
    there’s no reason to laugh it’s a dick
    getting your test levels from low to
    normal does not
    block you from all of life stressors it
    does not give you infinite energy
    and it does not shield you from anxiety
    you know just that happens in life
    the internet is definitely a
    sword on one end it gives you the
    ability to access endless information
    and do
    lots of research on this topic
    on the flip side it gives you the
    ability to get into your own head
    and kind of echo chamber with other
    and you know post every little thing
    that happens to you
    negatively you know and it’s
    i think the more information is better
    and it outweighs the bad but a lot of
    people just get really into their heads
    and just focus solely
    well i’m on trt now so everything that
    happens in my life
    has to do in some way with trt back in
    the day
    you know a guy on trt this is before the
    has a rough day feels like he’s got
    brain fog he’s tired just had a bad day
    you know he couldn’t sit there and jump
    on reddit and say
    hey guys you know i adjusted my protocol
    you know 10 milligrams last week and
    today i had
    brain fog anxiety and i’m really tired
    you know he just had to
    you know suck it up had a rough day you
    know put that behind him
    and then wake up tomorrow and kick ass
    and take names
    damn honey i had a rough day at the
    office today i
    was just tired all day i am just i’m
    dragging ass
    quit being such a whiny little
    frank go take out the garbage
    he didn’t have the internet or the
    ability to post to be able to convince
    himself that it’s his protocol’s fault
    and that’s the reason he had a bad day
    and i think this is where a lot of guys
    run into trouble
    you know they had a rough day feel like
    they’re tired
    long day at the office and you know they
    just don’t want to accept that they just
    had a rough day because they’re on trt
    when you’re on trt you don’t have rough
    days you feel 100
    24 7. frank just had to suck it up he
    had to say
    i had a day but it’s not because of
    my trt
    it’s because i had a day it’s
    because i’m human and we’re not designed
    to be machines
    and just have good days 24 7. so he
    decided to suck it up
    wake up tomorrow and make tomorrow my
    let me know if you like this new
    of like switching up the places throwing
    in some skits here and there
    um i actually i was watching trt
    community’s latest video
    and his production value is fantastic
    and that’s something i need to jump up
    let me know if you enjoyed it let me
    know what your thoughts are on this do
    you think
    a lot of guys are getting in their heads
    and just focusing on trt
    and anything that goes wrong is their
    protocol or do you think that guys are
    just really having that much of an
    issue uh getting dialed in on trt
    i’m a really bad example of this or i’m
    not really the person that
    i don’t really have a leg to stand in in
    this argument because i feel fine
    200 milligrams i feel fine at 500
    milligrams i feel good on
    500 milligrams no ai i feel good on 200
    milligrams with ai
    hcg 500 1000 1500
    it doesn’t really affect me so i
    i don’t want to come off as like oh well
    everyone’s like me they’re not and i
    totally get that
    i’m just i see a lot of guys posting a
    lot of little
    minute school things that happen to them
    for one day and they want to blame their
    whole entire protocol and switch it up
    get into this whole yeah anyway guys
    thanks for being here love the support
    love you guys you’re awesome
    and as always get your levels tested

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