Greg Doucette – Watching Less Than Last Time!!! Why He Doesn’t Care About You Watching His Videos!

Greg Doucette’s channel has blown up to over 1 million subscribers. But many people like myself are barely watching any of his videos anymore. The Youtube algorithm doesn’t even recommend his videos to me anymore. In this video I explain why Greg does not care if his core demographic of viewers watch his videos anymore, and why it is a brilliant strategy!

i’m not mad i’m not even disappointed
but i cannot bring myself to watch
videos on female tick-tock stars
and instagram drama over diets
but i totally understand why greg does
it and it’s actually pretty brilliant
what’s going on guys texture levels here
today we’re going to be talking about
greg ducett’s channel and his channel
has changed
over the past year and it has blown up
over the past year
he’s gone from about 100 000 subscribers
to a million
and a couple people i’ve seen post on
about you know they’re not watching
greg’s videos anymore
and you know he does videos that they
don’t really watch it’s not their
so i thought i would cover it and
explain why greg does this
and why it’s really really smart so one
of my buddies on instagram he’s got a
pretty good page not gonna mention him
he did a poll asking if people still
watched greg’s channel
and he said i’ve been watching greg
since he had like 5 000 subs and all his
videos were on
you know peds bodybuilding dieting
working out and he just can’t watch it
because you know he’s doing a lot of
videos on tick tockers and instagram and
you know a lot different type of content
and i was like wow that’s exactly how i
you know i i started watching greg a
while ago
and i realized i haven’t watched a greg
ducette video in a long time
and then today these two videos popped
up in my feed
and it was one it was some thick girl’s
and i’m cool with that more cushion for
well you know and the other one was some
butt stuffing video
and i probably would have watched that
if it wasn’t on the youtube platform
you may think that i’m going to go on
some rant about how greg’s channel has
jumped the shark and
it doesn’t appeal to his core
demographic anymore and
you know he’s just making garbage videos
blah blah blah
but i’m not what he’s doing is extremely
and he does it on purpose and i’ll tell
you what it is a little later on and
you’re going to be like
wow that makes a lot of sense i started
watching greg about the time
that he started coaching brandon harding
i liked brandon harding because he was
open about gear he was open about
and when i saw that this guy greg
ducette who i had never heard of
was coaching him for free i was pretty
intrigued this is how i was introduced
to greg you said
and it wasn’t by accident more about
that later on another note i do think
that brandon harding handled that whole
situation pretty poorly
and came off as pretty immature at the
but i do understand he’s a young kid i
don’t know how old he was at the time
early 20s mid-20s on a bunch of gear
i i can understand if i was that young
and i was on a bunch of gear
i may not have made the best decisions
as well
coach greg is really smart and when you
pair that with
140 milligrams of hrt you have a pretty
potent team
now did greg agree to coach brandon for
because he thought that he had a lot of
potential to get his pro card
i don’t know maybe but at the end of the
brandon harding had about 400 000
subscribers at the time
so by investing just basically his time
and coaching
which is money because he can’t be
coaching two people at the same
time but he’s getting exposure on
brandon’s channel
that’s the way i found out about greg
that’s why i subscribed was i was like
you know brandon harding’s pretty jacked
pretty big into bodybuilding
this guy’s coaching him for free let me
click on his channel see a couple of his
and boom now i’m subscriber i’m sure i
wasn’t the only one
now whether greg thought about this
strategy consciously or not
i don’t know maybe he can let us know in
his rebuttal video
not even a rebuttal because i’m not
ripping on greg but either way
it worked and it does work and he’s
continued to do the strategy
in a little bit different way here are
some screenshots of greg’s channel and
the videos he was putting out
around the time that he was coaching
brandon harding and the whole
issue arose you can see it’s you know
peds dieting working out bodybuilding
stuff that guys in this genre would
scroll forward and you’ll see the videos
are a lot different there are still some
bodybuilding stuff
included but it’s a lot different style
of video in different genres
who the heck is tess holliday joffrey
verity shofield’s copyright strike
steffy cohen cardio lies demi lovato
crying over ice cream
to be clear i’m not mad at greg i’m not
i’m not saying his channel is bad in any
way shape or form
it’s just a different style of video not
really a different style but
on different topics and it’s just not in
my demographic anymore
but it’s obviously in the demographic of
about 900 000 people
means come here come on come here
come on mops get comfy you’re good
you’re good greg calls making videos on
other people
chasing cloud or more spews more views
but greg didn’t have to chase clout for
very long because he gained subscribers
very fast
all he had to do is chase exposure all
he needs to do is make a video on
and then that video gets circulated on
that person’s social media pages
and then therefore is exposed to
those persons followers good or bad it
doesn’t matter
you’re still getting free exposure on
large social media pages
make a video on a tick tock girl tag her
on instagram and tick tock on the video
or even better her followers will
probably tag her in the video
and then she’s going to mention the
video on her social media
it could be oh my god coach greg made
this nasty video about me
or it could be oh my god coach greg made
a video about me
either way it’s solid exposure to a
large amount of possible subscribers
these are the same social media accounts
they get like five thousand
fifty thousand dollars for a post
promoting a certain product
the product or brand is paying for
exposure on these channels
due to the amount of eyes that are
seeing their post
but greg’s actually getting it for free
i mean outside of his time and paying
his editor
he’s getting free exposure on people’s
social media accounts that have
huge followings now you’re starting to
see why this is so brilliant and why his
channel has exploded so fast in such a
little bit of time
you remember when greg made a video on
cali muscle
do you think greg really has a problem
or dislikes cali muscle
i don’t know but probably not but cali
made three videos on greg and put it on
his instagram his youtube he has over
two million people on youtube
so greg got all this free exposure on
cali muscle’s page because he made a
video on him
like i said i doubt greg has an issue
with cali muscle but you can see how the
strategy plays into this
i am pretty sure though that callie
muscle doesn’t like greg
now don’t get me wrong like i said this
is a brilliant strategy
but it would not have worked if greg was
not entertaining
and knew his now you’re probably
saying to yourself
oh why couldn’t greg just do the same
thing and employ the strategy but just
on bodybuilders and fitness people the
kind of people that i would watch
why would he there’s a limited amount of
bodybuilders there’s a limited amount of
people that watch
and are interested in bodybuilding so
why not use the strategy
and spread it out to instagram
influencers tick-tock influencers
different people different genres
different audience more subscribers
now the only downside to the strategy is
the original core group of people
that watched your channel when you were
starting you know you’re doing videos
that are a little bit different outside
of their genre
so there’s a good chance they probably
aren’t going to watch a lot of your
at least not enough for me for youtube
to recommend
really any of greg’s videos onto my feed
now he still does pop up here and there
and he still does some bodybuilding
but there’s a lot of other different
types of stuff sprinkled in that do not
appeal to me
and apparently the youtube algorithm
does not feel that they need to show me
greg’s videos all the time
i had a few people message me on
instagram and they basically said like
you know it sucks when you start
watching a channel
and you really like that channel and
then they switch topics or switch genres
and you know you don’t really like the
videos anymore it’s not your types of
and you can you can be disappointed you
can be upset
but at the end of the day youtube and
social media is a business
you can kind of use the music industry
as an example of this
you know say a brand new band comes out
they put out their first album
and you just love the music you’re a fan
you buy a shirt it’s all good
you love them and then their second
album comes out
and it’s a little bit different than
their first album it may be harder it
may be
softer than before and you might not
like that style of music you like the
original the first album and you just
wish they could put out a second album
that was the same as the first but
it’s kind of the same idea but if that
second album
the one that you don’t like appeals to a
whole bunch of people a lot more people
than the first one
well band’s going to make more money the
label is going to make more money
and they’re going to have a larger fan
base now do you think that their label
is going to come to them and say
guys you guys are killing it money-wise
but we really need you to go back to
your first album and put out a third
album that’s more like the first
so that you can appeal to your core
demographic of people that supported you
in the business in the first place
no no they’re not they’re gonna see you
guys are killing it
you’re making a ton of money and look
you have all kinds of new followers and
new subscribers and new people buying
your albums and your shirts
so let’s keep going with this because
you’re making more money and you have
more fans
now bringing this back to youtube do you
really care
i’m not saying that anyone on youtube
doesn’t care about their original
thousand subscribers
but at the end of the day do you care if
your first 100
000 subscribers only watch 10 of the
videos that you put out
when your new 900 000 subscribers are
watching 50
of the videos that you put out think of
it in raw numbers
youtube gives you a lot of analytics
that you can see so when you post a
video you can say oh
video on this topic got 500 000 views
video on this topic got 100 000. when
you’re looking at doing a new video
which video are you going to probably do
a video similar to
500 000 and speaking about money who do
you think’s more likely to buy a
someone who’s been weightlifting for 12
years and on gear
or 35 year old accountant who’s kind of
let their physique slip a little bit and
it’s looking to lose a little bit of
don’t hate on greg for changing up his
channel if you were
given the scenario that greg has you
would do the exact same thing
if someone said hey you can make videos
on peds and bodybuilding
and you’ll have 200 000 subs or
you can do videos on tick tock and
instagram influencers
and have a million subscribers and sell
a ton of cookbooks
what would you do don’t you lie to me
trust me
greg isn’t going to be sitting on the
pool deck of his second vacation home in
regretting that he didn’t make more
videos on tren now you can be mad you
can be disappointed at greg
you can be upset that he doesn’t make
videos tailored to you
but at the end of the day greg made a
smart business decision
now if greg can just give me the
opportunity to say oh my god
greg made a video about me smiley face
fire emoji
smiley face that’s about it guys hope
you found this entertaining and
informational uh informational is that
even a word
anyway greg’s killing it greg’s making a
ton of money
and his channel is growing so love it or
hate it
that’s the way it is but thanks for
watching guys if you’re new click on the
subscribe button
if you like the video click on the like
button and as always
i love you guys and get your levels

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