Is the FDA Trying to Ban an Antioxidant? N-Acetyl Cysteine FDA Ban! NAC Removed by Amazon

N-Acetyl Cysteine or NAC is a precursor to Glutathione which is one of the most powerful antioxidants in the human body. N-Acetyl Cysteine has been available since 1963 and is currently used to protect the liver in certain overdose cases. N-Acetyl Cysteine has been shown to help protect respiratory function, protect the liver and a host of other protective functions in the body. The FDA recently sent letter to some supplement brands putting N-Acetyl Cysteine NAC in question. Amazon immediate pulled all N-Acetyl Cysteine NAC Listings! Is the FDA trying to ban NAC?

so what do you guys want to do today you
guys want to put out like a letter
telling people that like
uh proper nutrition and a healthy diet
can help them be healthier overall
no no okay what about uh
let’s put out a newsletter about how
exercise and how losing weight
can help you be healthier overall and
feel better and protect you from
things that are floating around in the
world today no
no what about like some kind of letter
saying how like
vitamins and minerals like zinc and a
can help protect you and make you feel
better and be a healthier human overall
no what about
if we take a supplement that’s been
around since 1963
and is used it’s one of the most
powerful antioxidants in the world
and it’s used to help prevent liver
liver disease and liver damage
what if we get that band off amazon
hell yeah hell yeah let’s do it baby
what’s going on guys tester levels here
how’s it going
gosh i love the fda i love my tax
going to pointless that helps
absolutely no one
i’ve been actually meaning to make a
video on nac for a while
i’ve just been busy with other stuff if
you’re not familiar nac is n-acetyl
and what it is is basically in the
simplest forms it’s a precursor
for one of the most powerful
antioxidants in the world
glutathione antioxidants do all kinds of
great stuff in our body
you know you can find antioxidants in
blueberries like berry
all this that’s healthy for you
basically has antioxidants for the most
so nac it was first used
as a respiratory medicine it’s still
it’s good for your respiratory system
some people say that it’s really good
for your respiratory system and
that’s the reason that the fda is kind
of getting all weird with it
anyway take off the aluminum foil hat
sometimes you have to to stay sane these
but anyway been around since 1963 it is
used so if you take a bunch of
and you have an overdose of it you go to
the hospital
they’re going to crank you full a bunch
of nac to help prevent
liver damage that’s one of the reasons
that i take nac every day
i’ve been known to imbibe in
the devil’s juice that was juice devil’s
anyway it does a lot of good it’s
it helps
your body protect itself with
that’s really all it does it’s really
good at it though but it also is really
good at protecting your liver
so why would the fda
make a big hubbub about nac it’s been
around since 1963.
that’s let me do the math here 770 then
we get 50 so
57 so we’re 2020. 58 years
i really hope that’s right supplements
been around for 58 years
and the fda just decided i don’t know
they didn’t have enough to do
the past year so they decided to mess
with some supplement companies
they spent our hard-earned tax dollars
which well they don’t really
it’s not really hard for them to earn
they just kind of take it from us
but there were apparently seven
supplement companies that were selling
products that were told that
help with hangovers and nac is one of
them because a it’s a really
powerful antioxidant or precursor for an
antioxidant and helps protect your liver
so you could say well someone’s hung
over an antioxidant and something that
helps your liver is probably pretty good
so the fda decided to take their time
and spend your money and write
seven letters to these companies saying
you know
you need to chill out with saying that
it cures or helps hangovers
um and then we need to review nac a
little bit more
and you’re like okay not a big deal the
fda sent some letters to seven
supplement companies
who gives a well apparently
uh amazon my favorite online
chinese retailer if you’re not familiar
with amazon
they basically allow chinese sellers
to sell to the american public and so
all the
money that you spend on amazon goes
directly to china
whereas before china would have to you
know have someone in the united states
would brand a product and then put it on
but amazon’s like it you know just
ship the stuff straight from china
warehouse we’ll sell it
and we’ll just cut out america
anyway amazon being brilliant as they
knee-jerk reaction they pulled all the
nac off the shelves
can’t find it i was actually looking to
refill my bottle and i was like
there’s nothing here like they literally
just with a stroke of a brush
no nac antioxidant it’s been around
since 1960 three
but you can still get it at walmart i
just ordered two bottles because
i think the fda is going to make it a
prescription medicine um
i don’t know specifically why they would
do that
anyway you put two and two together well
i’m gonna wrap up this video this was
just kind of a
opinion piece i think nxt is getting
it’s been proven to help with
respiratory issues
anyway you do the math there you can
still get it at walmart
it’s a fantastic supplement i’m gonna do
another video on all the
benefits of it because there are so many
and uh i would recommend getting it like
i said i do think
it will eventually uh it’s basically
maybe like a supplement that you have to
get from a doctor
but it’s probably not gonna be fda
approved and you’ll have to get through
compounding pharmacy
it’ll probably cost three times anyway
if you’re a red-blooded american and you
a cold glass of uh spirited beverage
it’s great for protecting your liver
anyway guys
hope you found that video fun uh fda
wasting our money on uh
protecting no one
and uh yeah making good supplements hard
to get
because they want us to be healthier
yeah anyway if you’re new to the channel
click on the subscribe button if you
like this video click on the like button
helps me out
helps me feel good inside but as always
guys you’re awesome
and get your levels tested

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