How Does Your Personality Change on Testosterone Replacement Therapy, My Personality Changes on TRT

How Does Your Personality Change on Testosterone Replacement Therapy, My Personality Changes on TRT. In this video I cover my personal personality changes on TRT / Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Many guys notice that their personality changes after a few years on TRT. What changes in their personality do they report on TRT / Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

what’s going on guys texture levels here
thanks for being here
today we’re going to talk about an
interesting topic uh some things i sat
back and thought about
some of the personality changes that
i’ve noticed uh for being on trt for
three years
and i thought you guys would find that
interesting uh but before we start
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the comments if you’ve noticed any
personality changes since
starting trt i think it’s important to
mention before we move on in the video
that these did not happen
the first week the second week first
month second month they happened
gradually over time
you know i don’t know exactly how long i
had low testosterone
but i’m assuming it’s a couple years and
i think you know having low testosterone
for that many years
kind of changed your personality in this
way and it’s not just going to bounce
right back up you know just like
everything else in the body it takes a
little while to adjust
and it takes some time before you see
changes so these weren’t things that
happened overnight
you know these are things that i slowly
gradually noticed you know
first year second year you know kind of
like that so
you know don’t expect and all of these
or any of these to happen immediately i
just want to make that pretty clear
but let’s jump in oh and at the end of
the video i’m going to let you know some
of my
wife’s thoughts on how my personality
has changed since starting trt
the first thing i noticed and it’s a
real small subtle one
was in the gym you know normally in the
when i was walking around i was always
kind of cognizant of
you know where people were walking you
know because people cut in for machines
uh you know they cut into the different
rows of machines and i was
you know not like obsessed with it to
where i focused on where every single
person was and how they were moving so
we wouldn’t bump into each other
but i was always cognizant of it and the
first thing that i noticed was
you know when i’m in the gym i’m usually
thinking about like business stuff or
video ideas
or just different stuff you know i just
think while i’m in the gym
and i noticed that i wasn’t focusing or
looking at other people
you know wondering you know where they
were moving i was just walking in
my direction and you know if someone was
happen to
you know get in my way you know we would
deal with it at that point
but i was more laser focused on the
things that i was thinking about
the machine i was going to you know what
my next sets were going to be
i wasn’t even cognizant of really the
people around
me yes i saw them but i wasn’t focused
on them really in any way
now i’ll preface that by saying i wasn’t
walking around like a dick you know
looking to shoulder check people you
know i mean if
i’m walking in the center of an island
there’s you know three girls or three
walking on this side you know i’ll move
over to the right side just like a
normal human
and i’m not saying i’m trying to
shoulder check or you know be a jerk or
try to be cocky or
an but i just you know i just
don’t focus on it
and if we happen to cross paths we’ll
deal with it at the time
but i was just more focused on myself
than other people i guess that’s the
takeaway from this
the next one i noticed is interesting
because i never noticed that i did it
until i didn’t do it and it was
explaining myself
and you know i never thought that it was
weird to explain yourself
let me explain myself if someone you
know is usually in a business setting
you know someone says hey can you meet
me at 5 pm here
and in back in the day i would say i
can’t meet you here because i have to do
this this this and this
and it’s it’s for some reason it’s a
beta thing where you
you have to provide an explanation to
that person you can’t just say
no i can’t meet you what’s a better time
now in some situations you know friends
and family you know you do
you know should give them an explanation
as to why you can’t do it i mean it’s
you know there’s different situations
where it’s warranted
but for something like business or you
know in other situations
you don’t owe anyone an explanation
they’re asking you can you make it
i can make it or i can’t make it right
so that’s just something that i noticed
that i never noticed that i did before
just always i can’t make it because i
have to do this and
i hope you understand and i hope that’s
okay i hope i have approval not to meet
no hey five o’clock can’t make it
what’s a better time for you moving
around stupid camera and lights is
really pissing me off beans
real youtubers are making me work hard
on that topic uh i have
found and my wife has found that i have
less patience for in life
this is generally a pro but it can be a
not having a not having patience for
bs or things that are not beneficial to
your life uh
in general is a pro it keeps you from
being walked on in life
it keeps people from treating you poorly
and taking advantage of you
but it can be also be a con and i’ll get
to that
later on in the video when i tell you
about my wife’s thoughts
on my personality changes on trt
in business this can be a huge pro you
know a lot of high level people possess
this trait
they’re not going to sit there and be on
a conference call for 10 minutes with a
that they know it’s it’s not going to
work out or they can’t deliver what they
so they will tell them very quickly
listen this is not going to work
i’ve got to go so you know they’re not
going to sit there and be nice
and listen to a 10-minute presentation
if they know this isn’t going to work
they have other stuff to do like find a
vendor that can make
what they need done get done this is not
a business example but
i’d say about a month or two ago nice
girl knocked down my door
not really nice because she was
soliciting when she shouldn’t have been
but hey i respect the hustle
now she was trying to get me to switch
internet providers
to a company which i’m familiar with
they have slower speeds and it’s
slightly slightly cheaper
but i use a lot of internet so i let her
get about 30 seconds in and when she
told me that the up speeds
are slower but they’re through fiber so
they’re better which i know is bs
i said sweetheart i didn’t say
sweetheart but i said you know i
appreciate you letting me know about
this but i’m very happy with my current
provider and i have no intention of
now back in the day i probably would
have listened to a lot more of her sales
and the reasoning being is you know i
don’t want to be mean to this girl
you know she’s trying really hard i know
i understand her position i’ve been in
so i’ll let her finish and you know i
don’t want to tell her
just very bluntly and directly thank you
for your presentation
but i’m not interested in reality
by trying not to make her feel bad and
saying you know giving her an abrupt
no i was actually doing her a disservice
she only has certain amount of hours in
the day to sell internet
you know i think the overall thing is
that i’m
less worried about what other people
think and less worried about their
and it turns out in a lot of situations
you’re actually doing someone a
service you’re giving them a solid by
giving them a straight up answer
very quickly you know would you want to
go to 10 people’s doors
and you know do your whole 10-minute
spiel and listen to them and they all
say no
would you rather be told straight up
within the first 30 seconds
i’m not interested you just cut your
time down by like two hours and you get
to that 10th house and they’re like
yes i’d like your internet service how
do we sign up
i’ll quickly touch on why this is a con
the nice little girl that knocked on my
door trying to sell me internet
me telling her straight up bluntly no
doesn’t affect my household it doesn’t
my bedroom there’s people that live in
your house and
you have to it’s a delicate balance like
i said earlier
or later i don’t know i’m kind of
jumping around and doing this video in
different places and i guess if i was a
good youtuber i would
have it like storyboarded out anyway
there’s a fine line between being blunt
being alpha letting people know what’s
on your mind
there’s a very delicate balance when
it’s in your household and with your
family members
i think you can see how that could be
and i’ll touch on that a little bit more
at the end of the video
with my wife’s thoughts this one might
seem a little strange to you
but things like large projects or
daunting projects
my thought process has changed on them
you know for a lot of my earlier career
i worked in teams and we had a large
project assigned to us
it wasn’t really my job you know i was
younger i was more of the worker bee i
wasn’t the manager
so it wasn’t my job to worry about all
of the small details it was more of my
to you know do work just be a worker
you know and as i progress in my career
and i was more of a manager
and you know an entrepreneurial doing
different stuff just for myself
i noticed that you know let’s say i want
to put up a website
when i would first think of this you
know setting up a website
the first thing that popped into my head
was okay i have to buy a domain then i
have to have it hosted
i’m gonna have to have this program
after this email and i’m gonna have to
code this html this and that and it
became daunting
to where i started thinking of all the
things that could
go wrong or would be really hard or take
lots of time
instead of thinking about the end result
and you know
getting the project done it just it kind
of i had
doubt in my mind not doubt per se
because i know i can get it done
but i just thought about how hard it
would be and how difficult it would be
and how hard i would have to work and it
kind of got into my head
since being on trt when i you know
either think of a large
project that i need to do or i’m working
on a large project that’s assigned to me
i don’t think about all the small things
and how long it’s going to take how hard
they are
i i can visualize the final result
and you know it’s more about you know
okay i’m going to get this done
not thinking of all the individual
things that i need to do to get it done
they’re going to be difficult they’re
going to be a pain in the ass
you know i know there’s going to be
setbacks and things that are annoying
but it’s it’s a subtle thing it’s hard
to describe but you know i just have
i don’t have anxiety on the project i
don’t you know i’m not stressing about
it i’m not thinking about all the
details you know i’m thinking about the
final result i’m thinking about
you know the top of the mountain when
you get it done and then i start looking
at what i need to do to get it done
but i don’t have as much anxiety about
it i guess that’s the best way i could
possibly say it
beans obviously got tired of my she
doesn’t have a lot of patience for bs
so she moved on but i’m going to let you
know what my wife’s thoughts are
on how my personality has changed
she thinks i’m a gem all the time i’m
just kidding
so my wife’s thoughts on this were that
i’ve become more aggressive
i know don’t let your don’t let your
wife or your partner watch this video
and she doesn’t mean aggressive like
physically or anything like that
what she means kind of harks back to one
of my first ones
that i have less patience for bs
things that normally would annoy me
and i would just kind of let them roll
off my back
like you know you get that kind of
feeling in your chest where you’re
and you kind of want to say something
but you’re like
happy wife happy life well sometimes
i don’t say happy wife happy life and i
call her out on
what she’s saying or doing and this can
good and bad there is a fine line
in a relationship if you call your wife
or partner
on everything that annoys you you’re
going to have a rough time
telling someone in business to piss off
because you don’t like their proposal or
you think they’re wrong is one thing
that is not going to affect you in your
or your bedroom you know that alpha male
mentality of
if anything annoys me i’m calling you
out on it i’m gonna take action
i’m gonna let you know what i think
there’s a fine line between
holding your tongue being locked on
and not letting certain things
just roll off your back that really
don’t bother you that much
so it’s a fine line you have to find the
but just realize that there’s a
possibility that
things were back in the day you’re like
i’m annoyed but yeah
you you might you might mention it you
might come back so
if you have that tight feeling in your
chest and you’re annoyed you’re kind of
pissed off and you want to say something
you kind of gotta take a quick step back
and say all right
this is really annoying me is this
really worth turning this into a thing
it’s a very fine line and you’ll have to
work that out on your own
the last thing i can really think of off
the top of my head
is i talk less in certain situations
not with like family members friends i
haven’t become like an introvert because
i’m on trt
but in most i guess most specifically
like business negotiations or
negotiations for you know items like on
craigslist or facebook marketplace
um if you’ll notice if you’ve ever seen
people do negotiations
usually the person that’s in charge
talks the least
and though a lot of the time you silence
make the other person feel awkward and
start running their mouth
and i’ve noticed that in a lot of
situations where if they’re
selling something or buying something
you know let’s say someone you know
lowballs me 50 bucks
you know kind of just like look at them
be like
and you just kind of look at them and
you know silence is awkward for
the majority of the population and you
know in a negotiation when you’re
silent the other person will start
talking so this person might say well
okay can i do it for you know 25 more or
something like that
so it’s not it’s not a huge thing but if
you’ve done sales and negotiating you
can understand the power of silence
i don’t feel the need to you know to to
have to sell this i don’t have to sell
this to you there’s plenty of other
people that would buy this or you know i
don’t necessarily need your service so
i’m going to be silent here i’m going to
be quiet and i’m going to let you
make me a better offer i’m going to let
you spill the beans i’m going to let you
ramble on and ramble on and
maybe you’ll say something that gives me
an advantage in the negotiation
so that’s about it guys i hope you found
this interesting once again if you’re
new click on the subscribe button
it’s free you can change your mind at
any time if you like the video click on
the like button
and uh if you’ve if you’ve noticed any
personality changes since you’ve been on
good or bad please let me know in the
comments um i know a lot of the guys
look through the comments
and we can all help each other learn and
maybe see what to expect or see what may
good or bad personality wise so that’s
it guys
you’re awesome i love you and as always
your levels tested

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