Subcutaneous Injection for Testosterone Replacement Therapy / TRT

Subcutaneous Testosterone Injection

Subcutaneous Testosterone Injections for Men on TRT

For decades anyone injecting testosterone for body building or for testosterone replacement therapy believed there was only one option, Intramuscular Injections. Intramuscular injections are usually done in the Ventral Glute (Butt muscle), Quadricep (Leg), or Deltoid (Shoulder).

Subcutaneous Injections are nothing new, they have been used in medicine for a very long time. However many people thought that fat would not be able to absorb the carrier oils that testosterone is usually suspended in (Grape seed oil, Cotton seed oil, Sesame oil and HCT Oil).

However with the growing amount of men taking TRT, it was only a matter of time before someone tried it. Someone took that leap of faith an injected testosterone into fat. Turns out that it works very well and offers many benefits to the patient. But later on I will discuss a few of the downfalls.

The main benefit to Subcutaneous injections over intramuscular injections for TRT is that you are only injecting into fat and do not have to worry about arteries, veins, tendons, etc. Your only injecting into fat so there is less to worry about.

Another great benefit is that you can use smaller needles. I personally use 27 gauge 1/2″ insulin syringes. But some men use 29-31 gauge. I personally find these are too small and drawing the testosterone takes way too long.

Studies have shown that when testosterone is injected into fat vs muscle, that the body absorbs it slightly slower. This could mean that you end up having more stable testosterone levels as the body absorbs it slower.

Subcutaneous Injection Sites for Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Another thing that is great over Subcutaneous injections for TRT is the locations you can do the injections. The most common injection sites for SubQ shots are the belly, butt cheek fat and love handles.

Top Things to Know about a Subcutaneous Injection for TRT

  • Inject very slowly – If you go too fast the fat can have a hard time absorbing the testosterone. This can lead to an annoying lump or nodule under the skin. These usually go away in 24 to 72 hours, but are annoying and scare people who do not know this can happen. Also good to note is that these can happen randomly even when you inject slowly. But injecting slowly minimizes the risk of these forming.
  • Never inject more then 0.5ml into one injection site. Fat can absorb a certain amount of testosterone, but 0.5ml seems to be the limit for most men. However if you need to inject more then 0.5ml you can always inject the rest into another spot.
  • If you feel pressure or a slight sharp pain while injecting, take a 10 second break and then resume injecting. This pressure / slight pain is your body telling it to slow down. So give it some time to absorb the testosterone and then being injecting again. You do not need to remove the needle during this rest period.
  • The needle needs to enter the skin at a 90 degree angle. If you do it at 45 degrees the injection can be too shallow and the testosterone will be too close to the surface of the skin.

Subcutaneous stomach / Belly Testosterone Injection Tips

The belly or stomach offers an easy injection site due to being able to see everything and the ability to use both hands. The right place to inject is about 1-3 inches to the side of your belly button. You can go higher or lower, but avoid injecting within about an inch of the belly button on all sides. You can this injection standing or sitting. I prefer sitting as I am less prone to moving.

Subcutaneous Butt / Butt Fat Testosterone Injection Tips

This is another easy spot to inject testosterone and probably the best spot for guys that are more lean. The method I use is to hike my pants down, sit down on a hard chair, and spread those cheeks 🙂 You don’t necessarily need to spread them, but I find it helps make the fat stick out more and gives me more fat to work with. Find the fattiest part and inject. This injection site does require you to stretch a little bit, but I find it is quite easy and much easier then having to stand up and find your upper butt muscle.

Subcutaneous Love Handle Testosterone Injection Tips

Subcutaneously injecting testosterone into your love handles is pretty self explanatory. There really isn’t a right or wrong injection site. But injecting into the fattest or thickest part of your love handles would be ideal.

Subcutaneous Testosterone Side Effects / Negatives

For myself Subcutaneous testosterone injections have no side effects or negatives. My testosterone levels have stayed exactly the same as when I was doing Intramuscular testosterone injections. But for some men they report that intramuscular injections give them higher testosterone levels. Don’t let this discourage you from trying this injection method. I have only seen a handful of people report these lowered testosterone levels.

The occasional lumps under the skin or nodules is really the biggest negative for SubQ shots. In my personal experience I got them more in the beginning and have gotten very rare over the past few years. It could be that some people are more prone to them then others, but for me it was a minor inconvenience for a few days. I think it is definitely worth it to get a bump every once in a while, over dealing with arteries, veins and tendons.

The only other real downside to SubQ testosterone injections is that you can only inject 0.5ml into one injection site. You can inject more testosterone into muscles then you can into fat. So if you are injecting 1ml of testosterone once a week then you would need to use two different injection sites. My personal view on this is that you should instead be injecting 0.5ml twice a week to give you more stable testosterone levels. I feel that once you try a SubQ shot and see how easy it is, you will have no problem doing multiple injections per week.

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