Easy TRT Deltoid Injection | Live Demo | Testosterone Replacement Therapy Deltoid Injection Video

Many guys forget the the deltoid/shoulder muscle is a great place for testosterone injections for TRT. In this video I will show you the best way to find your best spot to inject testosterone into the deltoid. This video also shows me doing a real (Carrier Oil Only) testosterone injection in my deltoid / shoulder muscle. Best Deltoid Injection.

what’s going on guys tester levels here
just want to do a quick video showing
you how to do a deltoid injection
it’s pretty basic but a lot of guys are
stuck on their glutes or their quads
and when you’re doing trt for years and
years you want to be able to rotate to
different spots
you don’t want to do just one muscle
scar tissue can form
over long periods of time so let’s jump
right into it it’s
it’s pretty basic and after this i’ll
actually do a real shot
it’s not going to have testosterone it’s
going to be pharmaceutical grade oil
that represents 100 milligrams of
testosterone and 50 milligrams of deca
it’s all about humanity
so the normal medical way that they tell
you to do it is you find a bone on your
shoulder it’s called like the anchoring
process or something like that
you can google it if you want so you
find this bone here and they tell you
usually to go about two fingers down
possibly three now that works for most
i do i know i’m sorry for wearing this
t-shirt i’m morbidly obese
but i am a little bit bigger than your
common average person
so if you’re a little bit smaller or a
little bit larger you may have to adjust
the way i kind of look at it is you want
to hit you know the medium part
the middle part of your shoulder for me
it’s about four fingers down so there’s
my bone
there’s about four fingers so i’m right
there in the center
and you know you can bring your arm up
and kind of get an idea of where you are
that one’s a little high sorry i’m
looking at my camera i’m doing this on
the screen i normally do this in front
of a mirror
but you can find the right spot you’re
going to use an alcohol prep pad
and what you want to do is you want to
make sure your muscles relaxed you want
to take the syringe you want to go
straight in like a dart
quickly straight in no angles you know
if you vary
the angle a little bit it’s not going to
do much there’s not a whole lot of
blood circulation and veins and
capillaries on the outside of your
shoulders so it’s not that big of a deal
but try to get it in the middle try to
get it straight go in nice and smooth
nice and easy pull it out and then cover
it with an alcohol prep pad
i’ll be right back and i’ll show you an
actual injection of
pharmaceutical grade carrier oil all
right so
open up this alcohol prep pad and i’m
going to set the
wrapper down so that i can set this on
after i’m done
and you’re going to go to the spot and
we’re going to move it around in a
circular fashion
this is not medical advice this is just
some dude in his man room
doing a uh carry oil injection for you
so just coat the area really good make
sure it’s clean
always want to be sterile don’t half-ass
this and i’m probably just gonna cut to
when it’s dry i like to let the alcohol
dry if you don’t
uh it can it can burn going in not
horrible not gonna kill you
but it’s not ideal and if we can just
wait an extra 10-15 seconds and
not encounter that why the heck not all
right so the alcohol’s dried we’re good
to go
just remember youtube moderator this is
just carry oil that’s all that is
so don’t worry about that and i’m gonna
do it i guess to the side so you can see
if i misplace a little bit i’m looking
at a little monitor that’s connected to
my camera so i usually do it in the
mirror so forgive me
or just blast me in the comments helps
me in the algorithm either way
so let’s do this so we’re going to line
up where we’re going to go
it’ll line up where we’re going gonna go
we’re gonna go straight in
just like that and we’re gonna push
as you can see this a little better
we’re gonna push smoothly and
we’re not going to go crazy fast or
crazy slow so we’re sitting here all day
just remember it’s carrier oil it’s
definitely not
test recipient or daca
for the youtube moderator that’s going
to watch this after i post it and it
gets demonetized
so we’re going we’re going this is a 27
gauge half inch insulin syringe
i love these i can do quads i can do sub
q i can do delts
virtually painless you don’t waste
with in the cap you don’t have to use
two different tips which costs more
isn’t a big deal but over time and then
i like to let it sit here for about 10
i just feel like this gives the carrier
you know time to just chill gets settled
get comfortable
so it doesn’t you know come back out or
go into the subcutaneous
subcutaneous layer which can cause pip
so now we’re just going to pull it
straight out nice and clean
we’re obviously going to put the cap on
but we’ll do that after the video
and let’s see is there
no no blood at all but uh
just going to re-apply some alcohol just
to make sure everything’s sterile
now what i like to do is i take the prep
that i use i push it on there
and massage the muscle a lot of
controversy about massaging the muscle
not massaging the muscle
i think it helps i mean you can do it if
you want you cannot do it
whatever you want but that’s what i do
and uh yeah that’s about it guys yeah no
blood maybe a tiny little speck
now we’re good to go so to recap
find the middle of your shoulder if
you’re a real big guy you may have to
use four fingers from the
acronim process basically your bone in
your shoulder
or two or three depending on the size of
your shoulder use alcohol
find the spot straight in relaxed
slow i personally let it sit for 10
seconds you don’t have to
pull out cleanly and apply a prep pad
massage if you want that’s about it guys
i hope that’s informative
if you’re just doing glutes or quads
delts are real easy
good spot they can take a good amount of
oil so even if you’re doing weekly and
you’re doing one ml your shoulders can
take that
but that’s about it guys i hope you
found this informative i’m gonna do
a different muscle every i do i’ll be
able to do two a week so every time i do
an injection
i’m gonna do it in a different spot
we’re gonna try some different spots
we’re gonna try some traps lats
chest triceps biceps
um i guess i’m gonna have to be in a
tank top again you guys are gonna have
to see my morbidly ob
self so as always guys you’re awesome
and get your levels tested

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