Royal Medical Center TRT/HRT Hormone Replacement Therapy Reviews

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Royal Medical Center is one of the largest Men’s clinics in the United States. Royal Medical Center is located in Florida and has been helping men with Low Testosterone and other hormone related issues for many years.

Royal Medical Center TRT Clinic has a different approach to the way they treat their patients and also how their overall TRT program works. Many TRT clinics either charge a monthly fee and also charge the patients for the medicines that they need. In essence they are selling you medicine that they get from a compounding pharmacy. Some TRT Clinics charge you a monthly fee and only the actual testosterone is included in that price.

Where Royal Medical Center differs from many of these other TRT clinics is that they only charge you a single monthly fee and include all of the medicines that you will most likely need for your hormone treatment. The included medicines in Royal Medical Center’s protocol are Testosterone, HCG / Gonadorelin and an Aromatase Inhibitor like Arimidex. But Royal Medical Centers team of doctors will do blood work first and determine what medicines you will need in your Testosterone Replacement Therapy protocol.

One of the key advantages that Royal Medical Center has over other TRT clinics is that most of the time they will accept prior blood work that you have had done. Most other TRT clinics require that you get blood work done with them as they make money from you paying for the blood work. What this means is that you can avoid paying for extra blood tests and begin your TRT treatment faster.

One of my favorite parts about Royal Medical Centers TRT program is that they ship the medicine right to your door! No standing in line at the pharmacy to pick up your medicine. No worries about your local pharmacy being out of stock of the medicine you need. No having to drive to your local TRT clinic to get shots every two weeks or every week. Royal Medical Center ship you two months worth of your TRT medicine automatically. So there is no worry that you will forget about your medicine. They just ship it out to you on schedule. One less thing to worry about.

Another great thing about Royal Medical Center is that they have been in business for a very long time and have treated thousands of men for low testosterone. What this means is that with so much experience treating low testosterone is that they have seen everything side effect wise. The last thing you want is to have a strange side effect while on TRT, and your clinic or doctor has never seen this side effect before and is just guessing how to treat it. Experience matters in almost every aspect of life and especially when it comes to Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Luck y for you Royal Medical Center has tons of experience in treating low testosterone.

If you don’t believe me, click on the link to see how many great verified reviews they have from happy patients. As of writing this article they have over 330 reviews and a 4.7 out 5 star rating! Pretty impressive!

Use the Referral Code – Test Your Levels – $45 OFF for the first 6 months!

Royal Medical Center TRT Treatment

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