Can DIM / Diindolylmethane lower your estrogen levels on TRT / Testosterone Replacement Therapy

welcome to the test your levels Channel
today we’re going to be talking about
den de lisle methane or di M and fun
fact for the rest of the video we’re
going with dim I’m not even trying to
say that multiple times
DIMM is formed in the body when you eat
cruciferous vegetables like cabbage
spinach Brussels sprouts so in order to
get 20 milligrams of dim you would need
to eat two pounds broccoli so that’s
where it supplements come in so before I
even mention supplements dim is pretty
controversial it is not an aroma taste
inhibitor it does not block estrogen
lots of men think that it does
absolutely nothing I’ve also seen people
swear that it lowers their estrogen
levels by 10 points but there is not a
lot of research on this because it’s TRT
it’s not sexy they don’t do a lot of
studies on stuff like this so take that
with a grain of salt I’m not telling you
it’s going to lower your estrogen I’m
not telling you that it doesn’t work I’m
telling you to do your research and I’m
going to present you some facts about it
and let you make your own decision so
most of the studies on Dan are done on
women and what they found is that dim is
kind of like it speeds up your body’s
metabolism for helping to kind of get
rid of estrogen and it also has been
shown to lower a bad form of estrogen
and raise a good form of estrogen if you
mind this is in women is there not
studies done on men so take everything
in this video and all this studies with
a grain of salt I don’t want a bunch of
people thinking oh well I can just
replace my Arimidex or my aromasin with
damn I don’t want you to think that this
is just another tool that some people
use because they feel it lowers their
estrogen and I can’t argue with their
numbers but I just want to be very clear
about this I don’t want you to make a
bad decision based on just seeing this
video and thinking that this is a
natural way that you can lower your
estrogen so dim in theory helps your
body kind of get estrogen out of your
body through the kidneys like I said
earlier it’s kind of like speeds up the
metabolism of your body to be able to
get rid of estrogen how well this it
does this I don’t know I’ve never
personally taken it once again take it
with a grain of salt so another thing I
found one researcher
taking them led to liver cancer in trout
so once again take that other bit of
salt I’m not saying the dams gonna give
you cancer one researcher found this and
in fish so I’m not saying don’t take it
I’m not saying to take it just saying
that’s something I found when I was
doing research for the video so one
thing before I get into dosages so then
can affect the speed at which your liver
metabolizes medicines so any medicines
are metabolized by the liver if you’re
taking VI in as well you need to keep an
eye on how you feel and any symptoms
that change that could be from other
medicines that you’re taking being
metabolized faster so there’s no set
protocol on dosing dem there it’s just
basically bro science the rages that I
saw were 100 milligrams to 300
milligrams a day now I saw a lot of
reviews on products that had 300
milligrams per serving and a lot of
people said they would get nausea and
they would feel bad on this I would
probably stay away from any supplements
if you do choose to try them that are
300 milligrams per serving unless that’s
2 capsules but from what I’ve seen
online and a lot of reviews people say
to start off low on them maybe a hundred
milligrams or 150 milligrams and see how
you feel and then what I would probably
do is after taking that for a little
while but it’s not I felt ok on it I
would get a blood test and see if it
actually lowered my estrogen at all like
everything else in life and with every
medicine and supplement for some people
certain things work and for some people
certain things don’t so I would before I
jumped up on the dose of damn I would do
100 or 150 milligrams for a couple weeks
I’ll get a blood test see if and
actually lower my estrogen at all if it
did I’d probably stop using it if it did
but not enough maybe jump up the dose a
little bit once again I’m not
recommending them I’m not telling you
not to try it just presenting some
information on a medicine
some people use that they say those
estrogen levels so that’s pretty much
all I have on dim sum people say it
works some people think it’s garbage
some people think it’s just bro science
it doesn’t do anything some people say
it lowered restrooms and ten points
there’s no scientific studies on this
there’s no protocol for taking it some
people feel like garbage and get
headaches and knowledge when they take
it so just gonna leave you with that
guys as with everything do your own
you know don’t watch this video and say
oh well I heard they are bad at it this
is a natural supplement no natural
supplements can be very powerful so
don’t think that just because you don’t
want to take a remedy actually new lower
your estrogen that dam is your go-to
wait you said it supposedly works for
some people some people think it’s trash
so just wanted to leave you with that
guys so I’m not gonna leave a link in
the description to any DIMM products or
anything like that I want you to do your
own research I’m not promoting it I’m
not saying it’s bad I’m just putting up
information that some people say that it
helps naturally lower their estrogen
levels but with everything else think
some things work for some people some
things don’t work for other people so do
your own research before you even
consider trying this to lower your
estrogen it may work for you it may not
do your research and has always get your
levels tested I’m gonna put some videos
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thanks guys thanks for watching

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