How to Screen a Potential Men’s Clinic or TRT Doctor!

alright guys welcome to the test your
levels Channel today we’re gonna go over
some questions that you need to ask
either your doctor or a men’s clinic
that you’re going to to get an idea of
how that business or doctor operates now
choosing the right clinic can mean the
difference of having a good protocol
we’re having a really bad protocol and
having a bad time so let’s jump in
so the first one it’s not really a
little bit for clinics it’s more for
doctors but how many men did they treat
for hypogonadism this is going to give
you an idea of mainly doctors as to how
familiar they are with trt and how
experienced they are so those that mean
they’re good so doesn’t mean they’re
gonna do a great protocol but it’s a
really good indicator of if they
prescribe TRT regularly so does this
clinic or doctor take your insurance
most likely the clinic is not they’re
gonna be cash only that’s kind of the
way their business is set up but finding
out if your doctor takes your insurance
is huge because you’re gonna be paying
out of pocket for all this because the
costs are crazy because the medical
system is crazy as well next question is
does this doctor or clinic prescribe HCG
if you’re worried about fertility or
testicle atrophy HCG can be a very
important part of your protocol and if a
doctor or clinic is not familiar with it
or doesn’t like it or doesn’t use it you
may have a bad time the next one does is
doctor or clinic use Arimidex or some
other type of aromatase inhibitor now
there’s a big debate about AI and it’s
good for you if it’s absolutely horrible
for you but if your estrogen levels get
too high you can feel worse than you did
with low testosterone so just knowing
whether they are familiar with it and
they will prescribe that if you need it
is very important another one is will
they write you a prescription for
phlebotomy which is basically donating
blood if your hematocrit gets too high
and a lot of places you can still donate
at normal blood banks if you’re on trt
but in some places and some countries
you’re not allowed to so asking this
question is important if you’re nomadic
or it gets too hot and you can’t donate
blood then there are some other ways
that you can help lower your hematocrit
but you may have a bad time so do they
provide other therapies that can
complement TRT like erectile dysfunction
medicine or blood pressure it’s
basically saying do they do a wide array
of things or do they just do TRT and
that’s pretty much it because if you’re
a clinic that doesn’t do that then you
might have to be going to your doctor
and a men’s clinic
that can cost time and money so will
your doctor or clinic work with a
compounding pharmacy compounding
pharmacies can make special formulations
of medicines they can get specific
dosages which can be very important
specifically with HCG and Arimidex some
people just want to take a little bit of
Arimidex and most of the time when you
get it from a regular pharmacy they’re
in 1 milligram pills I get those and I
have to cut them into quarters and
they’re not big pill if they’re like
like this big so it’s really a pain it’s
not super accurate weight cheaper but so
it’s just good to know if they will use
a compounding pharmacy in case you need
something from any compounding pharmacy
does this doctor or clinic allow the
patient to self inject if that’s the
method of testosterone that they’re
prescribing now here’s why that’s super
important because if you’re on a
protocol and some men have to do
testosterone 3 times a week
some people inject five days a week some
people inject everyday kind of specific
cases for needing to do that but even
the optimal protocol is one week or
twice a week so if you’re going to a
men’s clinic or a doctor twice a week
it’s going to get real old real fast I
would say if you asked this question and
they say no you can only go to the
clinic or the doctor’s office to get an
injection I would skip that place
altogether because that’s super
inconvenient injecting testosterone is
super easy I’ll show you a subcutaneous
way and the next one I’ll put up there
is how to inject intramuscularly but
it’s really not hard if you do your
research I know it can be a little scary
but you’ll get into it you’ll get over
it you’ll be good to go
so they say no red flag next one is how
many times you actually have to see them
some clinics look their businesses so
when you come in for an office is it you
pay money so sometimes they’ll be a
little overzealous if you coming in
every two months for every three months
the average is probably six months but
if it’s every three
months take that into consideration
because that’s your time and that’s your
money so you don’t want to spend extra
money to put in the clinic’s pocket just
because they want to see you more often
does the doctor or clinic share your
blood results with you I’m pretty sure
most clinics and most doctors offices do
share them I know if you do feel like
LabCorp requests you can actually
request them or you can get them online
you know if they say no that’s kind of
I would probably a little wary if they
say they don’t want to give you your
results because you can do your own
research as well and it’s it’s your
blood you pay for your blood tests so if
you’re not gonna give you that that’s a
really it’s kind of a weird sign I
probably stay away asking about all the
costs and they should be upfront with
them so is there a start-up fee how much
does it cost for the normal Bloods how
often you have to get the blood tests
what are the costs of the medicines you
know once going back to do they go
through a compounding pharmacy do they
allow you to get normal scripts filled
at a grocery store or a Walmart one of
the clinics that I was with they would
allow you to fill the scripts at a
normal phone receipt but they would
charge you $25 to call it in where you
can order it directly from them through
their compounding pharmacy so and after
you do all this everything seems good
everything’s on the up-and-up they do
all the stuff that you need them to do
they’re not too expensive they let you
inject at home they do everything that
they need to do the next thing that you
need to do is do research so if you walk
into a clinic or a doctor’s office blind
and they tell you something and it’s
wrong but you don’t know that it’s wrong
you’re going to take their word for it
so that’s why I created this YouTube
channel I have videos on almost
everything related to TRT and I’ll leave
you know my playlist up there or you can
just click on my videos look at any
subject you want do your research
some other really good places to get
research done is the TRT advice Facebook
page and that’s where I got this list
from they have a really good sticking
with tons of
and lots of very knowledgeable members
that are happy to help you the other one
is the testosterone subreddit on another big group great group
lots of information lots of
knowledgeable people there so don’t walk
into the doctor’s office blind it’s your
responsibility as a patient to learn
about TRT and to know to a certain level
what you are talking about lots of
doctors do not know about trt lots of
clinics don’t even know the most about
trt and it’s your job as a patient or as
a customer to know what the heck you’re
talking about so that you don’t get led
down the wrong path not that they were
trying to do that intentionally but lack
of knowledge on their part can lead
through a bad time on your part so do
your research as always get your levels
tested I’m gonna put some videos up here
I’m gonna put a subscription button
right here and I’m gonna leave links in
the description to both those groups
really knowledgeable do your research
alright thanks for watching guys

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