How to find doctors that prescribe Testosterone Replacement Therapy and how to screen them!

what’s going on guys welcome to the test
reel levels YouTube channel today we’re
gonna go over a topic that I see asked a
lot where can I find a doctor that will
prescribe you TR T if I actually need it
and I see people post hey is there a
good doctor in Dallas or a good doctor
here but this is actually a website that
can help you find doctors that treat low
testosterone now I’m not affiliated with
this website I’m not saying these
doctors are any good there’s good
doctors as bad doctors everywhere this
is just giving you a starting point in
your location to find doctors that treat
testosterone replacement therapy they
had an experience in it that doesn’t
mean they’re good at it so just a caveat
they’re just letting you know
so the website called amino calm and I’m
going to leave a link in the description
below so you just click on it you’re not
to type it in
but basically what amino is is it’s used
by employers so their employees can find
doctors that are in network but it’s
free for everyone to use so might as
well take advantage of it so I’m going
to show you two amino com we’re gonna
walk through the steps and I’m gonna
show you what to look for once we get
some doctors that are found so we’re
gonna type in low test low testosterone
low tea will pop up so click on that
then click on not urgent then click on
end for mail enter your age enter your
location and be as specific as it will
let you get because it’s gonna help you
get more accurate results
after health insurance provider if
applicable this is gonna help the
website find doctors that take your
insurance so can save you a lot of money
now letting me know find the doctors in
your area so now you’ll see doctors in
your area that treat low testosterone
and take your insurance it’s a win-win
so the website will show you what kind
of doctor they are as you can see the
top two matches are both neurologists
followed by an internal medicine doctor
note the purple top 5% that means that
they saw more patients with low
testosterone than 95 percent of other
doctors how they know this I have no
idea this should indicate that they were
more experienced it doesn’t mean they
are good I’m just saying they may
prescribe a lot of tests off replace
them but they may not be very good at it
so as always do your research so you can
also see if you scroll down you can see
what other conditions they treat
regularly you can even read reviews and
get the contact information to their
office right from the website pretty
neat so now on to what questions you
need to ask the receptionist before you
even set up an appointment there’s no
reason to set an appointment if the
doctor is horrible prescribing TRT and
they may not even be taking new patients
so that’s the number one question to ask
so this next list I’m gonna put on the
screen I gotta give credit to mark over
at er t advice it’s a Facebook group
it’s a very good Facebook group it’s
well-run has lots of information if you
read the stickies they have tons of
information on there
so shout out to mark so here are some
questions that you need to ask the
receptionist she may not know all of
them but if you asked all these
questions you’ll get a pretty good idea
of whether this doctor is decent at
prescribing TRT now the good doctor is
not a substitution for doing your own
research and coming knowledgeable on
this subject I see a lot of men that let
their doctors tell them misinformation
because they were too lazy to get on
Google or go to the TRT advice group or
the testosterone subreddit
ask questions do research and really
immerse yourself in this so that you
know what the heck you’re talking about
so let’s move on to the questions how
many men does he or she treat for
hypogonadism now this is pretty good
question so if they’ll only do a handful
then they may not be the best doctor for
you we already covered to do
your insurance Amino absolutely tells
you if they take your insurance or not
so you don’t need to worry about that
one does the doctor offer HCG therapy in
addition to testosterone for testicular
atrophy and fertility many doctors do
not know how to use HCG this is a pretty
good question this is kind of a
qualifying question so if a doctor
regularly prescribes TRT they should be
familiar with HCG if they’re not then
they probably don’t know as much as you
would like does he or she use Arimidex
or another aromatized inhibitor to lower
high estrogen will they provide orders
for blood donation of Amada me in case
you get high hematocrit do they provide
other therapies that can complement
testosterone placement like erectile
dysfunction medicine blood pressure etc
here’s a big one
does he or she allow patients to self
inject at home so if this doctor does
not allow you to do that that means
you’re gonna be going to the doctor’s
office once a week if they do it like
this it’s probably every two weeks which
isn’t a very good protocol so this one’s
kind of a red flag does the doctor work
with any compounding pharmacies to
access cheaper and customized hormone
products some doctors worry that
compound pharmacies have poor quality
control now this is kind of an
interesting one because HCG usually
comes from compounding pharmacies so if
they don’t and the receptionist tells
you absolutely not they probably don’t
person could out of HCG and it could be
an issue if you do want that or need it
how many times you have to see him or
her that’s basically asking how often do
they want you to come in for check-ups
it could be every three months could be
every six months six months is usually
the standard and do they share bloodwork
results with you most doctors do I mean
I know LabCorp you can get online and
you can look at your own lab results and
you know you can post them on to TRT
advice or the testosterone subreddit if
they’ve got some questions about it or
something looks a little out of whack
most doctors well so that’s not a big
one so the last thing I want to talk
about today is once you find a doctor
you’ve asked them these questions and
they pass through
and you’re gonna set up an appointment
now if you have not done this already
you need to start doing research
research testosterone protocols research
HCG research Arimidex research all the
different levels in blood tests like
shbg estrogen hematocrit LH LSH all the
stuff that comes with trt i’m going to
tell you why if you walk into a doctor’s
office let’s say you’re borderline TRT
you have done zero research doctor says
well you’re right at the border of
normal and you say okay because you
don’t know any better you’re probably
not getting TRT even if you really
really need it but if you could go into
the doctor’s office and he says we’re
right at the borderline and I don’t
think tea artis is good solution you can
save my LH and my FSH are low which
shows that my body is really not
producing enough testosterone so maybe
we could even try clomid or we can try
testosterone place in therapy but you
see you see the difference there of just
knowing just what LH and FSH and that
those are indicators of your bodies
naturally producing testosterone just
knowing that it’s gonna let the doctor
know you do research you’re not just
some guy just walking in you know he’s
gonna have to he’s gonna have to step up
his game a little bit to keep up with
you you know a lot of these doctors they
deal with so many different things they
can’t keep up on every little thing of
what they do so if you walk in there and
you tell them something that they don’t
know or just letting them know that you
know what you’re talking about it it can
change your doctor-patient relationship
dramatically so guys now you know amino
calm you can find a doctor we got
questions that you need to ask the
receptionist before you they’re making
appointment so you don’t waste time if
they’re not taking new patients or if
they don’t take your insurance or if
they just don’t really prescribe TRT
that much and then after that you need
to do your research if you’re gonna be
on PRT you have to do research I have
tons of videos that I’m going to leave
some here but click on my my channel and
I have tons of videos I have a trt
playlist so that’s about it guys leave
some videos here don’t leave
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please leave me a like if you want to
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levels tested

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