DHT / Dihydrotestosterone Side Effects, Hair Loss and How To Naturally Lower DHT!

today we’re going to cover a hormone
called DHT and if you’re familiar with
it you probably don’t like it
so DHT or dihydrotestosterone is an
androgen hormone and it’s a little bit
more powerful than testosterone in a
certain way we’ll get to that so up to
10 percent of your body’s testosterone
is converted to DHT so when I said DHT
was more powerful than testosterone DHT
binds to the same receptors as
testosterone but it’s a stronger bond
and remains there longer
DHT also has a very nasty side to it it
attaches to the receptors and your hair
follicles so if you’re losing your hair
you’ve lost your hair it’s because of
genetics and DHT so high uses of
testosterone means you’re gonna have
more DHT in your body and makes it more
readily available to attach to your
little follicles and kill them so while
DHT is pretty nasty in that it makes men
involved and that sucks
but it does have lots of good
characteristics and you do need it in
your body DHT is really what defines men
as men outside of high testosterone
levels DHT is what gives you a lot of
your male features such as your guy your
boys you know facial hair all that good
stuff that makes you a man DHT plays a
vital role in that so libido
everyone thinks libido is just about
testosterone DHT also plays a large role
in that so if you’re on trt and your
testosterone numbers are good but you
still don’t have the libido like you
think you should it could be worth
looking at your DHT numbers and also
your estrogen numbers DHT also helps
keep your prostate healthy which is very
good in the day and age of so many
cancers that we have DHT helps with
prostate health DHT also contributes to
cognitive function or just feeling
pretty good and being alert and mentally
there so some of the symptoms of low
testosterone such as brain fog can also
be attributed to lower levels of DHT so
in theory when you inject more
testosterone you’re gonna have more DHT
and that’s gonna help feel a little bit
better a little less brain fog DHT also
plays a role in blood sugar manage
so normal DHT levels can help keep you
from getting diabetes now some of that’s
genetic but in the body it helps with
the blood sugar management and with your
insulin so it also helps with
cardiovascular disease they’ve done some
studies that people have lower DHT in
their system and they’re not any hot at
a risk for coronary issues like heart
attacks and stuff like that so while it
makes you bawl and that sucks it does a
lot of other good stuff to help you so
shave that head put on a hat dhts
kind of two-sided so some other things
that DHT can help with that normal
levels are depression anti aging and
bone and skeletal health so like I said
two-sided thing so as I already
mentioned the biggest downside of DHT is
baldness like I said it attaches to the
hair follicles other receptors in your
hair follicles got turns them off kills
them it sucks it’s just the way it is
it’s like throwing a nitrous on your car
makes it faster for a while but at the
end of the day it’s bad for it
it’s a horrible analogy that doesn’t
make sense moving forward so while I
said DHT helps with prostate health and
it does but at very high levels it can
contribute to prostate cancer high DHT
levels can also trigger acne flares
so with DHT you need it in your body but
super high or super low are not good
just pretty much with all of our
hormones low estrogens bad high estrogen
bad in the Middle’s good test same thing
DHEA prolactin all of these they all
work hand in hand and from doing the
research on this pretty much low or high
is usually bad usually right in the
middle is the best place to be
finasteride or propecia is a medicine
you may have heard of and it’s supposed
to help with all their it has lots of
side effects just like everything else
but basically what finasteride does is
it binds to the same receptors and your
hair follicles and it blocks the DHT
to them but the downside of that is that
when that DHT has nowhere to go it
builds up in your body and you have
higher levels so while it might sprout a
few little hairs on your head it can do
other things that we’ve talked about
better negative with high levels of DHT
so I did some research on some natural
ways that you can lower DHT if your
levels are too high and they’re
confirmed by a blood test then this is
some stuff that you could try to lower
it naturally so lycopene is a natural
DHT blocker you can find it in lots of
fruits and vegetables like tomatoes
mangos watermelons so two other
compounds that can help lower DHT levels
are l-lysine and zinc and you can find
those and a couple different foods but
the highest concentrations seem to be in
nuts so you could go and get yourself a
tub of mixed nuts unsalted it or lightly
salted if you’re trying to be a little
healthy but hey I’ve got salted tastes
delicious but that’s something you give
a try and it tastes good and they also
have good unsaturated fats that are good
for your heart in your body so just
don’t eat too much because they a lot of
fat so green tea and some other teas
they’ve got some antioxidants in there
and there also are known to lower DHT
levels a little bit and lower the
conversion from testosterone into DHT a
not a lot of science backing this up but
there are some indicators that this may
work now caffeine intake this one’s kind
of interesting so caffeine can actually
help lower your DHT production a little
bit but too much of it can actually
increase the production so if you’re
drinking 3/4 cups of coffee or 3 or 4
monster energy drinks or you just jam
the Red Bulls like it’s going out of
style that could actually be detrimental
and could increase your DHT levels while
maybe 1 or 2 cups in moderation could
help lower it so some research shows
that saw palmetto supplement can
actually help inhibit the production of
DHT this particular article I was
reading recommended 320 milligrams per
day I’m not saying to do that do your
own research that was just one
recommendation but do your research so
that’s going to pretty much cover it
guys DHT it’s necessary for you to be a
man it does a lot of good stuff for you
but it also does make
ball and too much of it can contribute
to prostate cancer or acne and of course
going bald
which sucks if you’re going bald I’m
sorry to hear that it’s a lot of its
genetic some of its DHT that’s kind of
what causes it but genetics it’s the way
it is sorry to hear it but what are you
gonna do alright guys thanks for
watching the video today I hope you
found it informative I’ve got a really
small Channel I’m looking to grow if you
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down at the bottom and thanks for
watching guys learn as much as you can
do your research get your levels tested

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