How Does DHEA Effect Testosterone Levels, DHEA Supplements, DHEA Benefits

going on guys welcome to the test your
levels channel if you watched my last
video you can obviously see that I’m
still wearing this medium shirt and
today we’re going to cover DHEA which is
a natural hormone in your body you can
even buy it on Amazon but I wouldn’t
recommend it just yet
so DHT is something that normally pops
up on your blood test when you get them
it’s pretty normal test but doctors
wrong and it’s produced in the adrenal
gland and basically the simplest form of
what DHA is is it’s kind of a helper to
produce other hormones so it would make
logical sense that if you were deficient
in DHA it would be harder for your body
to produce other hormones like
testosterone and estrogen DHEA is a weak
androgen and your body converts most of
it to andros team beyond if you remember
back in the day I was actually in high
school they sold and roasting beyond and
Mark McGwire took and Racine Dion and
interestingly Allen did work for me but
if it messed me up and now I’m on trt
and I have a YouTube channel on t RT who
knows but I took it I got bigger at work
so dhaa doesn’t stop just being
converted into Andres TV on Andres TV on
is a precursor for other hormones like
testosterone so as we’ve covered with
some other stuff you know the body is a
very complicated system and hormones are
very complicated and one thing can
ladder down to the other things so in
theory if you were low on th yay you’d
be lower on hand or CV on be lower on
testosterone so if you’re watching these
videos you know that as you get older in
general if the body produces less and
less testosterone now DJ also does get
produced less as you get older but not
as much as testosterone so the bottom
would be testosterone and without bdh
yet DHEA they’ve done some studies on it
on older people and it didn’t really
produce any increases in muscle in older
people and that could be that their
bodies just don’t want to produce all
the other stuff that DHEA helps produce
so another study that I looked at showed
that DHEA helped a little bit with
depression but it was too small of a
research study it wasn’t really super
conclusive so he had depression I
wouldn’t choose to try DHEA that’s all
the plenty of other ways you can go
about that so just a little backstory I
watched a video called growing young and
it’s about hormones and it’s really good
if you want to watch it I’m not sure
exactly where it’s available but I saw
and there’s a doctor there is the
hormone doctor
HD he’s like 65 years old and he’s
pretty jacked and he was telling his
protocol he does I think 125 milligrams
of test and he takes like 50 milligrams
of DHA every day so me being the
brilliant person that I did before doing
all this research and learning all this
stuff I bought some DHEA off Amazon and
when I got my first blood test for a
clinic my DHEA was crazy high
and they told me to stop taking it so
DHEA synthetic version is available on
Amazon however it’s really not gonna do
anything for you unless you are truly
deficient in it
so with DHEA it’s a number to take a
look at on your blood test if you are
lower DHEA then taking a supplement may
be something you could consider but
always consult your doctor but if your
DHEA is normal taking more DHEA is
really going to do nothing so it’s waste
of money wouldn’t recommend it so
overall DHEA is a hormone in your body
which converts to other hormones which
convert to testosterone and while it
does play an integral part in creating
testosterone in your body it seems
through lots of research that more is
not better with DHEA having a normal
level is sufficient so don’t go out
there thinking oh I’m gonna drop 15
bucks on a supplement Amazon and it’s
gonna boost my testosterone just doesn’t
seem to work like that certain things
work in the body a certain way and
that’s how it is and take as much DEA as
possible but it’s probably not going to
do anything unless you’re truly
deficient in it so that’s about all I
have on DHEA I’d really appreciate it if
you guys learn something if you could
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anyway guys that’s the video today I
hope you learned something as always get
your levels tested

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