When to Take All of Your TRT / Testosterone Replacement Medicines! Testosterone, Arimidex and HCG

welcome to the test your levels channel
got mice medium shirt on today we’re
going to cover when to take the
different medicines most people use in
TRT now I’m gonna cover testosterone a
remedy X and HCG I’m not gonna cover
dosages because I’m not your doctor and
everyone’s different
so for this video I’m just going to
assume that we’re doing a twice a week
protocol on everything and if you don’t
take a rivet X then you can just ignore
that part but this general concept and
the timing of certain medicines work for
different protocols you just have to
adjust it a little bit and I would love
to hear your comments down below on what
your protocol is maybe why you do it
maybe what some of your levels are just
so anyone else watching this video
starting now can kind of get a general
idea and just get some information just
to you know just to get their feet wet
and then to go out and do some more
research so I take my testosterone on
Mondays and Thursdays I’m gonna kind of
base this protocol around that once
again you could switch it up if your
protocol differs in mine so we’ll start
with HCG HCG has a half-life of 24 to 36
hours and this shorter half-life is why
a lot of men take it two or even three
times a week so a lot of men they take
HCG the day before they take
testosterone and the thought process
behind this is that the day before you
take your testosterone you know your
level probably a little bit lower than
it is when you after you took your last
shot so since HCG does help raise
testosterone levels a little bit
the idea is you do the HCG before your
testosterone shot so you get yourself a
little kick up and then boom the next
day you’re doing your testosterone shot
so the idea is to keep it as stable as
possible I personally take my HCG on the
same day as I take my testosterone I
don’t notice the peaks and valleys as
much as maybe some people do I may feel
a little more sluggish or a little bit
less libido on the day that I take my
shot but its simplicity to do them both
on the same day at the same time some
men swear by taking HCG the day before
other men could care less ideally on
paper for the most stable testosterone
levels it doesn’t make sense to take HCG
the day before whether you want to do
that and just add something else to
remember it is up to you I’m just
presenting the information so that you
can make an informed decision so the
next medicine I’m going to cover
limit X or anastrozole now our rivet X
has about 50 our half-life and so the
idea of Arimidex is to have the most of
it in your bloodstream when the
testosterone is that its highest and is
more likely to aromatize into estrogen
so on paper taking Arimidex today after
that you inject is ideal so the idea is
is that when your testosterone Peaks
which is about 72 hours after you inject
the Arimidex is going to be at its
highest level and in the ARIMA Dex being
at that higher level when the
testosterone is peaking is going to
block more of the testosterone from
aromatize in its estrogen this is turn
on paper should give you lower estrogen
levels than if you took it the same day
or the day before you injected
testosterone it’s all about timing here
now this was actually a recent change
that I made to my protocol and if you
watched my other videos I don’t really
have high estrogen side-effects I do
have high estrogen I just don’t have
many of the side effects like libido
feeling sluggish being tired all the
the only real side effect could I get is
acne and I get it on my shoulders a
little bit on my chest and a little bit
on my back and everyone saw on my face
but outside of just trying to control
the acne a little bit I just thought it
made sense on paper and I did the
research on this and a lot of other men
have to confirm this so I switched that
to my protocol my acne has definitely
gone down a little bit it’s not 100%
with acne usually you’ll see the results
of something you did two or three weeks
ago in my experience so I just started
this switch and I have noticed some
results but I’m hoping to see some more
results moving forward so once again to
recap take a remand X the day after you
inject testosterone or take this officer
however you take it idea Arimidex as
high as possible when your testosterone
is the highest level as well I’m gonna
block a lot of the tests officer from
Rivet izing give you lower estrogen
levels so you’re probably looking at
your phone or your computer screen and
you’re saying yourself what am i doing
watching a guy
smedium American Eagle shirt and not
only that the little Eagle is neon green
but I’ve got some good information for
you and the next thing you’re probably
asking yourself is so this guy on
YouTube wants me to remember to take HCG
on Sunday tests on Monday Arimidex on
Tuesday HCG on Wednesday tests on
Thursday and remedy X on Saturday I can
barely remember to take my testosterone
I’m supposed to how am I gonna remember
all this now first off so let’s say you
take testosterone HCG and Arimidex and
you’re worried about remembering all
three of them on different days in my
personal opinion if I was gonna have
trouble remembering all three of them
and I could just remember – I would go
with doing the Arimidex after the
testosterone all day long the HCG the
day before can give you a little bit of
bump in testosterone on the days where
you’re gonna be a little bit lower
before your next injection but the
Arimidex taking a day after testosterone
so that both of them peak at the same
time and you have as much Arimidex to
block the testosterone I think that’s
way more important so if you have to
choose between the two I would
definitely go with your REM attacks
after your testosterone injection
controlling estrogen and estrogen
side-effects is way more important than
having a day where you’re not really
looking at the old lady like you would
on a normal day or you’re feeling a
little tired so definitely worried about
the estrogen ruin in my Vidia moving on
so if you’re worried about remembering
all the stuff there’s actually a device
that they’ve created specifically to
remind you to take medicines it’s small
it’s lightweight and it fits in your
pocket and it will tell you every day
that she need to take medicine so on
Sunday you’ll be walking around with
this device and it will beep and will
give you some type of sound letting you
know that you need to do something and
you’re gonna take it out of your pocket
and you’re going to look at it and it’s
going to say something like I need to
take my HCG today now this device is
pretty handy it comes in lots of
different sizes and form factors you can
find them at lots of different stores
and you can actually use them for other
things as well but they’re mainly
designed to remind you to take medicines
so I would highly recommend you get one
of these there are some smaller
companies like Google and Samsung that
make these and you can get them at Best
Buy Walmart Target all that stuff so
I recommend getting something like this
this is called a smartphone pretty cool
lots of good stuff and you can look at
girls on yeah so thanks for watching
guys I’d love to see like I said earlier
in the comments I’d love to see what
your protocol is and what numbers it
gives you what days you take your stuff
just so we can get as much information
as possible for some of the people that
are just starting out they can see what
you’re doing what effect it’s had and
we’re all here just to learn so leave
some comments would love it so I’m going
to leave a couple videos up here I’m
gonna leave a subscribe button I have a
small channel try and get as much
information as possible if you click on
the subscribe button I really greatly
appreciate it if you liked the video you
learn something click on that like
button as always guys thanks for
watching get your levels tested

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