Guide to Cabergoline / Caber / Dostinex for Treating High Prolactin Levels in Men

it’s called kaeruko lean or dawson acts
but most of the time it’s good called
so k Burgoyne is a medicine that is used
to help lower the prolactin levels in
men and women and it’s sometimes used to
treat fertility issues in women and men
so keeper works by stopping the body
from producing prolactin in the
pituitary gland and it also can help
shrink prolactin ouma’s which are small
non cancerous tumors that press on the
pituitary gland and make it go crazy and
produce a bunch of prolactin so caver is
a medicine that changes your brain
chemistry and when that happens there’s
lots of side effects which will cover it
later on in the video but I want to
stress if you have high prolactin and
you’re dealing with caver
this is something that you need to do
under strict medical supervision it’s a
serious medicine it does have side
effects and when you’re dealing with
your brain and your two eteri gland and
non cancerous tumors this is something
that you need to work with a doctor on a
very good doctor hopefully so I just
wanted to stress that this isn’t
something you self diagnose and go willy
nilly about this is pretty serious so
work with a doctor so caver is usually
used in six-week treatments and
hopefully within six weeks
it’s either shrunken down that prolactin
OMA or it’s gotten your body to stop
producing as much prolactin and now your
levels are normal but it can be extended
if need be once again work with your
doctor so it does have some drug
interactions this is probably not all of
them but this is the main ones that I
found when I was doing research the
first one is so pride the second one is
have a pet at all and the third one is
metoclopramide so any medicines that
make you sleepy or drowsy like opioid
sleeping pills muscle relaxers you need
to watch that one on caver you also need
to talk to your doctor about any
medications you take for anxiety or
seizures as these can have interactions
as well so dosing for caver and this is
completely between you and your doctors
I’m just giving you a baseline as to
what I found
I’m not telling me this is what you’re
supposed to take but it’s point two five
milligrams twice a week so as you can
see it’s a pretty potent medicine I mean
you’re taking half a mil
a week and that’s the recommended dosage
once again work with your doctor you may
be more you may need less I don’t know
I’m not your doctor not your dad get you
a little tested the typical cost for
caver is about $40 for four milligrams
and that’s all the good rx app probably
more expensive on your insurance so
download the good rx app it’s free you
can save a lot of money on medications
but that’s basically a two month supply
at the normal dosage that I saw while
doing research that would be about two
months worth so it’s about twenty bucks
a month so now we’re gonna go over some
of the side effects of caber billion so
we can mess with your stomach can make
you constipated
bloated gassy dizziness drowsiness
feeling full headaches and lack or loss
of strength those are the most common
ones now here’s some of the less common
but more serious side effects of caver
like I said before this is a serious
medicine this isn’t something you just
willy-nilly take this is something you
work really doctor on shortness of
breath even while lying down
coughing dry cough chest pain feeling
light-headed like you’re gonna pass out
pain in your side or your lower back
almost no urine or trouble urinating and
swelling of your ankles and feet so
there was a paragraph in one of the
research studies that I was looking at
and it was kind of a disclaimer about
caber and I’m gonna read it to you you
may have increased sexual urges unusual
urges to gamble or other intense urges
while taking this medicine talk with
your doctor if this occurs so from that
paragraph it’s kind of reiterating that
point that caber is changing some stuff
in your brain and when you change
certain things that can change certain
behaviors so keep a close eye on that
like I said work with your talk here on
this one this is not something to mess
around with please do not do this on
your own you don’t want to end up
touching yourself with a blackjack table
trust me so some other conditions where
you should not take caver is if you have
really high blood pressure heart valve
issues if you have fibrosis or if you’re
allergic to
the Peugeot medicines ERG ot I’m not
sure exactly renounce it but that’s how
you spell it so I hope if you can take
anything away from this video is that
it’s very serious medicine you don’t
want to do it on your own I’ve said it
like four times but I want you guys to
be safe out there
so while this is an approved medicine
for trying to lower prolactin and also
shrink the prolactin ouma’s little
tumors in your pituitary gland they’re
making it go crazy it does have lots of
side effects so work with your doctor
I’m cleaning out with this stuff well
that’s gonna do it for the video guys I
hope you enjoyed it I have a pretty
small youtube channel but I do want to
get this information to as much people
as possible
so if you could leave me a like I would
really appreciate it if you want to see
some more videos I got a lot of stuff
planned click on the subscribe button so
let me know in the comment section if
you’ve ever dealt with caver you’ve any
experience with caber or high prolactin
if you do your comment or your
information may be helpful for someone
else that watches this video later on
and I’m all about spreading knowledge
and helping people learn so that they
can you know get themselves better and
live a better life so thanks for
watching guys
I’m gonna leave some videos here I’m
gonna leave the subscribe button here I
really appreciate your watching have a
good one get your levels tested

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