What I Feel is the Best Starting Protocol for Testosterone Replacement Therapy / TRT

alright guys welcome back to the tattooelves Channel they were to cover a topicthat gets asked a lot what’s a goodstarting protocol or what’s the bestprotocol I see it asked all the time onFacebook and reddit leave links to mytwo favorite groups on both of thoseplatforms in the description right belowso people were starting out on TR tathere’s so much different misinformationand everyone’s protocols different sothey asked what’s a good startingprotocol and it’s really tough to saybecause everyone’s body reactsdifferently there’s so many differenthormones and different levels at playthat it’s super hard for anyone to giveyou a straight answer but I’m going toand that answer is there’s no rightanswer so what I’m going to do in thisvideo is give you a general idea of whatI’ve seen a lot of doctors and clinicsare patients on up and what I think youshould do you mind I don’t have a labcoat on I don’t have a cool pen andprescription pad I’m not a doctor thisisn’t medical advice and I’m gonna haveto put up a little disclaimerand we’re back so not medical advice I’mnot your dad do your own research doctordoctor a lot of clinics will usuallystart men between 100 and 200 milligramsof testosterone sybian 8 per week theywill usually pair this with ECG andArimidex now some doctors don’t like HCGsome men don’t want HCG so whether youwant to incorporate HCG into yourprotocol depends on two things are youworried about fertility do you want tokeep your boys the same size are youwilling to deal with possible extra sideeffects and possibly higher estrogen soif you’re not familiar with HCGbasically it tells your body to tellyour testicles to continue to producetestosterone which keeps them somewhatthe same size not really but they don’tit doesn’t let them atrophy so they staymedium so but HCG also can raise yourestrogen which can make dialing and yourprotocol a little tougher so whether youtake HCG or not with the protocol isreally up to you and your doctor so I’mnot going to cover that too much theranges can be from 250 I use a week to1500 I use a week and your doctor mayalso want to do HCG by itself to see ifyou can kick-start your body’s naturalproductionnow we’re gonna dex is controversialsome people say it’s really bad for yousome people say it’s perfectly good andit’s actually better for you because itkeeps your estrogen levels good I’m notgonna here to talk about that today Ihave a video on a rim attacks rightthere so from what I’ve seen a lot ofclinics will dose or remedy X 0.125milligrams three times a week it seemsto be a kind of a stapleso the normal cookie cutter protocolthat I normally see clinic star men onis 100 to 200 milligrams of sibian 80.125 milligrams of remedy X 3 times aweek and 500 to a thousand I use of HCGand that’s just a normal that I see alot of men this does work but for somemen who have certain situations andwe act a certain way there’s a couplethings that they could change so what Istarted off as a protocol if I wasstarting out and granted I didn’t dothis because I didn’t do any researchand I was doing it on my own which wasstupid and it is what it is but I’velearned now what I would start out on ifI was starting out TRT today I wouldstart out at a hundred milliamps oftestosterone sipping a split into twoshots so fifty milligrams 50 milligramsand I would probably not start takingArimidex but I would make sure that Ihad it on hand if you injecttestosterone and your body your estrogenlevel just cranks up and you have towait a week two weeks three weeks to seeyour doctor before you can get somethingto lower it back down you can run intosome issues you know gynecomastiaedie lethargy feeling like garbage highestrogen and low estrogen can make youfeel really bad so like I said I wouldstart off with the 100 milligrams perweek I would have her index on hand justin case so if you started to getsymptoms of high estrogen then you canat least take a red X to lower theestrogen levels a little bit and thenyou can kind of reassess yourtestosterone and you don’t have to justdeal with it you know you have somethingto take care of it quickly so you don’tget gynecomastia or anything like thatso that’s probably what I would start atand I would probably run that for amonth to two months and you know barringfeeling horrible or some bad sideeffects I would probably do that forabout two months and then I would get ablood test and that blood test is gonnagive me a good idea where I’m at solet’s say I was at 300 or 400 and now Itest and I’m at 700 that’s pretty goodthat’s pretty dialed in and then nowthat I know that I’m dialed in at ahundred then I can see what my estrogenlevel looks like and if my su is alittle high I could add a little bit ofa rim at X or if my Astra goes higher Icould add a little bitor REM attacks so let’s say you startedat 300 and after two months you test it500 for testosterone then you may needto jump up that dose a little bit and Iwouldn’t jump it up like crazy but maybeyou could jump that up to 120 or 140 andsee where you’re atthere is no standard protocol for TRT ifthere was then it would be fantastic butthere’s just not so what you have to dois you kind of have to get yourselfdialed in it can take a little while sodon’t give up on it don’t freak outbecause it’s taking a while you have tobe consistent with protocol get yourtests adjust as necessary test yourprotocol again adjust as necessary andthat’s pretty much the best way to do itnow let’s say another extreme case let’ssay you’re at 300 and you’re only a 400now now you have to start looking at whyis testosterone not raising mytestosterone level now you could look atSHBG it’s basically something in yourbody that binds to testosterone anddoesn’t allow your body to use thattestosterone and that’s what your numberfor free testosterone is so you’ve gotthe testosterone that’s in your body andthe free testosterone is thetestosterone your body can useso when shb is high it’s grabbing a lotmore of that testosterone and your bodyhas less to use that’s one scenariowhere you may need more testosterone toget to normal levels and feel betterbecause that’s the SHBG is just grabbingall that testosterone so there are someways to lowershbg i have a video on that I would alsorecommend doing some research if that’syour case so that’s pretty much it guysyou know I want to make this video toolong I just want to let you guys knowthat there’s no set protocol everyone’sdifferent some men take 80 milligramsand feel fantastic some men have to take250 to get to normal levels everyone’sdifferent so when you’re starting outyou definitely want to get blood testson and work with a doctor very closelybecause you want to get to that idealprotocol as soon as possiblenow I’m not saying within a week or twoweeks I’m just saying and the grandscheme of thingslike to get it done sooner than laterand when your protocol is not dialed inyou can feel bad and I’ve seen a lot ofpeople say I’ve been on t RT for a monthI don’t feel any betterbut they don’t have blood tests to showif their testosterone level was raisedenough their estrogens to Hana theydon’t have the blood work so it’s aprocess and it’s a tough process andlots of men go through it andunfortunately a lot of men go through itwith doctors that don’t really know awhole lot and they suffer a lot morethan they need to just because thatdoctor doesn’t really do the researchthere is no perfect protocol to start onbut the key is starting at a certainlevel being consistent with that levelgetting tested making changes gettingtested adjusting until you can find thatgood equilibrium to where you feel goodwhich is the number one indicatornumbers are good and they’re good to seeon blood tests so you get a better ideaof what’s going on in your body but atthe end of the day it’s how you feelyou’re not on TR t to hit a certainnumber in your blood test you’re on TR Tto feel good so once again guysconsistency blood test consistency bloodtest that’s about it guysbut thanks for watching if you likedthis video and you found it helpful youcould please leave a like I have a smalllittle channel it helps a lot I’m tryingto get 2,000 subscribers so you see thislittle guy right here you wanna click onthat subscribe button to see some morecontent I greatly appreciate it I’mgonna put some videos up here I’m gonnaput a subscribe button right there youknow you want to click on it and feelbetter once you do and you’ll probablylearn something so thanks for watchingguys as always get your levels tested beconsistent get your levels tested

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