High Prolactin Issues / side effects in Men / Low Testosterone / Testosterone Replacement Therapy

what’s going on guys welcome to the test
real well this channel today we’re going
to talk about something called prolactin
and a lot of men have issues with high
prolactin which gives them lower
testosterone and also has a bunch of
other side effects so let’s jump in
so prolactin is created in the pituitary
gland of the brain men with high
prolactin and issues with high prolactin
almost always have secondary
hypogonadism secondary hypogonadism is
basically where the brain is having an
issue relaying the signal to other parts
of the body to produce testosterone so
the normal levels of prolactin and man
are around 10 to 12 usually under 17 so
if you get a blood test and you have
something higher than that or a higher
outside of the normal range for whatever
lab to go to this is definitely
something you want to talk to your
doctor about because this is your
pituitary gland and your brain
this isn’t testicles isn’t anything else
so you would need to work with a really
good doctor or an intelligent
endocrinologist to really dial in the
hormones to figure out why you have high
prolactin some of the side effects for
high prolactin are low sex drive
troubles getting erections tenderness in
the breast tissue and sometimes
gynecomastia and another nasty side
effect high prolactin is you have a
longer refractory period after sex and
what that basically means is it takes
you a lot longer to where you can go
again some people believe that by
keeping your estrogen in check you can
also keep prolactin in check but if
you’re having an issue in your to Terry
estrogen it may or may not help but for
most men this is a brain issue a
pituitary issue and estrogens really not
going to make a huge difference not
saying not to have it in good ranges but
it’s not a cure-all high prolactin can
sometimes be caused by prolactin Oma’s
and what these are non-cancerous tumors
that press on the pituitary gland and
cause it to release a ridiculous amount
of prolactin now normally this can be
treated with medicine the medicine helps
slow the production of prolactin down
which in turn shrinks the the edema
that’s pressing on your pituitary gland
but sometimes other treatments are
necessary such as surgery chemotherapy
this is why if you have high prolactin
you definitely need to work with your
doctor this is not something you just
diagnosed on your own try the medicines
is something you need to do under
supervised medical care so like I said
high prolactin is almost always
associated with secondary hypogonadism
so if you have that or you have high
prolactin you probably want to do a
thyroid panel you probably want to
really do almost all the hormones that
you can test so you and your doctor have
a better idea of what’s going on in your
body and a decision for the best
treatment can be made so an interesting
thing about prolactin is that it can
actually lower your s hbg which in turn
would give your body more free
testosterone so there’s probably some
men out there that have had issues with
their doctors because the doctors say
well you’re free testosterone is good
you’re SHBG is low and your prolactin
high so we’re not gonna deal with
testosterone replacement therapy and I
agree with that
until you handle why you’re having such
high prolactin levels so some newer
studies and there’s not a huge amount of
studies on this are saying that higher
prolactin can actually help with sexual
side-effects and cause more libido I
haven’t seen anyone online say this and
they all say that it has a super
negative effect so just take that with a
grain of salt I don’t personally believe
it but I just wanted to present it to
you guys because that’s something that I
found while doing research for this
video so some medications can actually
cause a rise in prolactin levels in your
blood some of these are opiates
antidepressants medicines used to treat
some medications that treat acid reflux
as well as marijuana use so there are
two main medicines that are used to
treat high prolactin and the prolactin
Oma’s the first one is bromocriptine and
it’s been used for a long time to treat
high prolactin levels but because it has
a lot of side effects it’s really not
used as much anymore and the first
choice is something called K Burgoyne
also known as Kaymer
now I’m gonna do a whole video on Kyra
go lean but just for the video if you’re
watching this because you have high
prolactin basically it’s taken twice a
week and it’s usually taken for about
six weeks that’s usually the timeframe
it takes tell me either shrink the
prolactin OMA or to get your prolactin
levels in check now this is a very
serious medicine so this is not
something that you do on your own this
is something that you work with your
I cannot stress this enough now cambree
choline also has lots of side effects
it’s changing the chemistry of your
brain it’s doing a lot of stuff up here
and when you do stuff up here you can
have lots of side effects so that’s
pretty much the video on prolactin
basically it can lower your testosterone
levels to where you think you might need
trt and if you don’t check your
prolactin levels you may not know the
real cause of why you have low
testosterone in the first place it’s
almost always associated with secondary
hypogonadism if you have high prolactin
levels I cannot stress this enough work
with a doctor this is not something that
you self diagnosed or self medicate this
is something that you do under medical
supervision cannot stress that enough
guys so I hope you enjoyed the video if
you have high prolactin or any
experience treating it or have gone
through the treatment for it I would
love to see your comments in the comment
section so that anyone else that watches
this video maybe you can pass along some
knowledge to them that could help them
get this problem sorted out but I’m
going to leave a few videos right here
I’m gonna leave a subscribe button right
here I have a really small Channel but I
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a lot more people so if you enjoyed the
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be covering a bunch of topics so thank
you guys for watching I really
appreciate it and I’ll see you next time
get your levels tested

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