How Does Your Body Produce Testosterone? And What Causes It Not To Produce Testosterone

what’s going on guys welcome to theTesla’s YouTube channel today we’regoing to go through the process in whichyour body produces testosterone it’s alot of science jargon so I’m just goingto read it off the piece of paper if I’mgonna put up some random pictures frommy life for you guys to enjoy while youlearn how the body produces testosteroneso let’s get started so basically thecerebral cortex signals the hypothalamusto stimulate the production oftestosterone to do this the hypothalamusreleases the gonadotropin-releasinghormone in a pulsatile fashion whichstimulates the pituitary gland which isthe portion of the brain responsible forhormones involved in the regulation ofgrowth thyroid function blood pressureand other essential body functions oncestimulated by the gonadotropin-releasinghormone the pituitary gland producesfollicle stimulating hormone andluteinizing hormone once these arereleased into the bloodstream theluteinizing hormone triggers activity inthe leading cells in the testes in theleading cells cholesterol is convertedto testosterone when testosterone levelsare sufficient the Tutera gland slowsthe release of luteinizing hormone via anegative feedback mechanism therebyslowing testosterone production withsuch a complex process many potentialproblems can lead to low testosteronelevels any changes in the testicleshypothalamus or pituitary gland canresult in hypogonadism such changes canbe congenital or acquired temporary orpermanent so basically the simpleprocess is is that your brain throw somegonadotropin at your pituitary gland thepituitary gland then releases FSH and LHinto the bloodstream that stimulates theleading cells in the testes to startproducing testosterone and it graftscholesterol and turns out intotestosterone so as you can see there’s alot of multiple steps that go into yourbody producing testosterone so I’m goingto touch on hypogonadism primary andsecondary in their own videos but justas a quick onebasically primary hypoyour brains trying to tell your testesto make testosterone but for whateverreason it is they’re not making enoughtestosterone and with secondaryhypogonadism something in the brain orto eteri gland for whatever reason it’snot sending the signal that it needstestosterone through that whole processso the testicles can producetestosterone so there’s a pretty shortvideo but I just wanted to give you anidea of all the different processes andsteps that your body goes through tomake testosterone you know it’s acomplicated process and there’s lots ofsteps so one of those steps is brokenthen that can lead to not having enoughtestosterone or hypogonadism this is whyI always tell everyone to get yourlevels tested so if you can see thatyou’re not producing testosteronegetting the blood tests can give you anindicator as to why whether you’re notgetting enough luteinizing hormone orFSH into your tetons your bloodstream sothat your testicles start producingtestosterone or there’s something goingon with fortuity gland or your thyroidor your hypothalamus that’s just notsending the signal to your body and toyour testicles to produce testosteroneas always get your levels tested speakwith your doctor about the results doresearch on your own and try to figureout this problem that a lot a lot of menare having and don’t be ashamed of ittrust me there are so many men that arehaving this issue right now you’re notalone there’s nothing to be ashamed ofso thanks for watching if you want tosee some more videos click on thatsubscribe button if you thought this wasa good video and you enjoyed some of therandom pictures that I posted up thereclick the like button and as always I’mgoing to leave some videos right hereand leave a subscribe button right thereyou know you want to click it thanks forwatching guys have a great day get yourelbows tested

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