Arimidex / Anastrozole For Men on TRT / Arimidex Guide and Dosage Testosterone Replacement Therapy

what’s going on guys welcome to the test
your levels channel today we’re gonna be
covering one of the most controversial
medicines and all of trt it’s an ask
Rizal also known as a rim attacks and
for the rest of video we’re calling it a
rim attacks and that’s most likely how
you’re gonna see it online anywhere else
people call it a rim attacks
so Arimidex was approved in 1995 for
women with certain types of cancer and
the idea is to block the estrogen from
their bodies to help fight the cancer
I’m not sure of all the science behind
it but it seems to work that’s what it
was used for
so Rima Dex actually blocks androgens
from converting into estrogen and for
men on trt one of the biggest things
that you are going to have to monitor
and adjust is your estrogen levels now
there’s a lot of controversy on this
there’s lots of guys that think Arimidex
is poison you should never use it
there’s guys that say lower your
testosterone level until your estrogen
levels get in check and you’ll never
have to use the remm attacks now that
that works for some but it doesn’t work
for others and there’s other people that
have taken Rubin X for years they need
it even at low doses of testosterone
they still have high estrogen levels
probably due to genetics and they need
something to help keep that estrogen
under control and that’s where Arimidex
comes into play now before we get into
all the other stuff for the remedy X or
preface this hey this is not medical
advice I’m not a doctor so work with
your doctor closely on anything related
to Arimidex Arimidex is a very very
powerful compound the moves you’ll see
most men take on trt is 1 milligram per
week so think about that one milligram
of Arimidex per week so that lets you
know it’s very powerful it is not
something to mess around with do not
take too much of it do not go from
taking none to a lot or back down it
blocks estrogen it it can make it so
that you have no estrogen in your body
and you will feel horrible for weeks
until it comes back now it’s being a
little dramatic but I know people who
have misread labels and they’ve taken
way too much or they think oh I’m having
high estrogen symptoms let me just
double my Arimidex dose or triple it
that should cure it be very careful with
the rim attacks is not something they
mess around with some of the most common
side effects of Arimidex are hot flashes
muscle and joint pain and upset stomach
some of the long-term side effects can
be a lower good cholesterol level and a
raised bad cholesterol
level Arimidex is thought and could
possibly lead to bone loss and that’s
one of the big side-effects that men who
hate Arimidex
that they fear and that they don’t want
to deal with the problem with the remedy
is that since it’s pretty much used for
women with cancer they only use it for a
certain period of time whereas men on
trt are using it for long periods of
time and they’re not a lot of studies on
long term Arimidex use so please keep
that in mind I mean every medicine does
have side effects so you can’t really
avoid that and obviously the less
medicine you take the better but if a
remedy X is something that you need so
you can have normal testosterone levels
and normal estrogen levels well the
choice is up to you and it’s really a
personal decision between you and your
doctor once again not medical advice so
remembered X does not destroy or get rid
of estrogen in your body what it
actually does is it blocks an enzyme
that your body needs to be able to
convert testosterone into estrogen so
it’s not flushing it out it’s not
blocking it it’s Spacely making it so
your body has a harder time aromatize
making testosterone into estrogen which
overall leads to lower estrogen levels
but once again if you take way too much
and none of the testosterone your body
is converting into estrogen your that
stream level is going to be zero and
you’re gonna have really bad side
effects like edy lethargy you’re just
gonna feel bad so once again do not play
around with Arimidex so scientifically
on paper the best time to take a limit
acts is 24 hours after your testosterone
injection and the reason for this is
testosterone Peaks about three days and
Arimidex has a half-life of about 48
hours so the idea on paper is that your
testosterone peaks and the Arimidex
peaks at the same time so that in theory
will block more testosterone from
converting over into estrogen keep in
mind that’s just on paper
many people take it the same day they
inject or the day before I mean you can
do really whatever you want but that’s
the science take that with a grain of
salt I
just because it’s science but I’d ever
really noticed a difference so the
endocrinologist Association or whatever
they call themselves
they have no opinion of Arimidex they
only deal with testosterone so the
endocrine society’s clinical practice
guidelines for testosterone therapy an
adult man with low testosterone does not
address the potential issue of high
estradiol levels during trt as such the
endocrine society does not recommend for
or against any treatments that lower
estradiol levels also there’s currently
a lack of guidelines as to the critical
level whereby intervention is needed to
treat high levels of estrogen so
basically a large group of doctors who
deal with hormones really haven’t looked
into this and on YouTube and on the TRT
advice page on Facebook and the
testosterone subreddit I’ll leave links
to both of those in the video great
resources if you have some questions
because I can’t answer them all
so the typical doses of Arimidex that
men take on trt and this is not medical
advice is 0.125 to one milligram per
week now granted that’s just the common
numbers or some people that take a
little bit more but those are sometimes
special use cases now it’s kind of
annoying about Arimidex is the pills
when you get them from the pharmacy they
almost always come in 1 milligram
tablets and they’re super tiny they’re
tiny tiny so if you want to get a core
milligram of remedy X you have to chop a
little tiny pill into quarters and I’ll
tell you this right now no matter how
sharp of a knife you have or how
straight you are they’re never going to
come out exactly that’s just the way it
is it sucks but that’s what you have to
deal with now there are compounding
pharmacies that you can get to create
little gel caps with specific doses of
Arimidex the problem is a 1 milligram
pill with insurance or the good rx app
which I highly recommend are usually
about a dollar to a dollar 50 a pill now
when you start getting into the
compounding pharmacy and they’re
compounding you 0.125 milligrams it’s
gonna be about two dollars a gel cap I’m
really that great at math on the fly
especially with a camera in my face but
let’s just say that the gel caps are
more expensive than the tablets that was
authentic overall Arimidex is really
cheap it’s very effective at what it
does it’s very powerful and it’s very
controversial so something really
important about Arimidex is sometimes if
your doctor is proficient in TR t the
dosage it comes on your prescription
bottle may be different than what your
doctor tells you to take and the reason
for this is your doctors trying to get
the Arimidex he wants to make sure that
it’s covered by your insurance so that
it’s cheap but whatever the bottle says
it does not matter go by what your
doctor says it may say one milligram
twice a week and he may give you eight
pills for the month doesn’t matter what
the bottle says do what your doctor says
in closing grim attacks is very powerful
I’ve said this a few times or in this
video and I cannot stress it enough it
is very powerful
do not make crazy changes to your
protocol with the REM attacks because
you can tank your estrogen and you’ll
feel bad and it’s going to take a while
to feel better so be very careful with
it so do exactly what your doctor says
so guys thanks for watching I hope this
video was informative if you found it
helpful a like is always appreciated if
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I love having you here thank you for all
the support and as always get your
levels tested

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