How To Lower SHBG with Supplements for Men on TRT / Testosterone Replacement Therapy

what’s going on guys test your levels
here welcome to the channel today we’re
going to discuss shbg and some
supplements that you can take to lower
your SHBG so a lot of men have an issue
where they have normal total
testosterone but their free testosterone
is low
this means that their body has less
testosterone that can actually use and
this can cause symptoms of low
testosterone even when your total
testosterone test pretty normal
SHBG or sexual hormone binding globulin
it can be one of the biggest causes of
this issue so shbg binds to your
testosterone and when it’s too high it
binds up a lot more of your testosterone
leave them with your body with less
testosterone to actually use so you can
feel good there are a lot of factors
that can cause shbg to be high genetics
extra body fat drinking alcohol a low
protein diet but outside of lifestyle
there are some supplements that have
been shown to lower SHBG levels but keep
in mind that everyone reacts differently
to different supplements so these may or
may not work for you or they may work
not as well as for some other people you
should always consult your doctor before
taking any supplements as you could have
interactions so check with your doctor
and make sure it’s okay to take either
of these vitamin d3 is all-around good
supplement for men on trt and men in
general it has been shown to raise
testosterone levels while also slightly
lowering SHBG levels the first men’s
clinic that actually went to they were
the ones that told me to take 5,000 IU’s
of d3 every day they said basically it
should be a staple for every man on trt
I’m still taking vitamin d3 to this day
and I actually have the same bottles
when I started because it’s like 400
capsules for like eight or ten bucks I
actually have an Amazon link in the
description if you want to check out the
vitamin d3 that I take or you can search
around fine
another type of d3 but 5,000 IU seems to
be the sweet spot to take but the
supplement that prompted this video is
boron and boron is a really good
supplement and it does a lot of things
in human body it’s been shown to improve
brain function lower issues with
it can help metabolize insulin and can
help with kidney stones it can support
metabolic processes and can protect
against oxidative stress but outside of
those benefits boron has been shown in
studies to raise free testosterone up to
28% by helping lower SHBG but please
keep in mind your mileage may vary
another interesting aspect of boron is
that in different studies it has shown
to do different things to estrogen
levels in a one week study of men taking
boron they saw a 39 percent decrease in
estrogen however in a four week study
this study showed that boron actually
increased men’s estrogen levels so be
sure to monitor any estrogens like
symptoms either low or high while taking
boron some people recommend taking boron
for two weeks on one week off two weeks
on one week off I can’t personally
attest if this works because I actually
have lower SHBG so I’ve never taken
boron but that’s what some people say if
you’re having some issues with the
estrogen while you’re taking it that
could be something to try the typical
dose when you’re supplementing with
boron is 10 milligrams per day and if
you’re not into taking supplements
especially Poron you can actually get a
decent amount of boron from food but
it’s probably not going to hit that 10
milligram mark these foods are walnut
broccoli avocado almonds and raisins so
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