Clomid Clomiphene Citrate For Men on TRT / Clomid Guide Dosage TRT Testosterone Replacement therapy

what’s going on guys today we’re going
to talk about clomiphene citrate or
clomid and a lot of doctors like to
prescribe clomid before they start trt
to see if they can help the body make
its own testosterone before injecting
testosterone so clomid was invented in
1956 and it was to help treat fertility
and ovarian issues with women it was
approved by the FDA in 1967 and it was
only approved to treat fertility in
women so when a doctor is prescribing
clomid for men they’re doing so what’s
called off-label which means they’re
prescribing the medicine that was not
approved by the FDA to treat something
different clément blocks the hormone
estrogen from interacting with pituitary
gland in the brain when estrogen
interacts with pituitary gland lower
levels of luteinizing hormone and
follicle stimulating hormone are
produced luteinizing hormone and
follicle stimulating hormone are the
signals in your testicles that tells
them to produce testosterone so when you
have low of both of those your testicles
may not be producing enough testosterone
and the idea behind climate is to get
those two levels up so that your
testicles can naturally produce enough
testosterone the result of men can be
very good and also can help preserve
sperm and fertility for men some people
staying at clomid can increase your
testosterone levels by one hundred or
even two hundred percent but your
mileage may vary
it depends everyone’s different everyone
reacts differently to different
medicines now before we go any further
if your doctor prescribes you clomid and
you’ve got any vision issues at all your
eyes feel fuzzy you can see little
floaters in your eyes or anything
related to your eyes discontinue
immediately and contact your doctor
Clement is known for having vision
issues and some of them can be permanent
so do not take this lightly do not
ignore it if you have any vision
side-effects or your eyes feel weird
discontinue and call your doctor
now one thing that clomid does have an
/ trt is that clomid does not cause
testicular shrinkage or atrophy
injecting outside testosterone shuts
down your body’s natural production and
causes your testicles to shrink or
atrophy so a lot of people report that
when they take clomid their testosterone
levels do get to a better range but
their libido does not rise to where they
would think it would be at this range
and the reason for that is clomid does
have some estrogenic properties so
sometimes these guys their Estrin levels
get higher than what they’re used to and
that can kill your libido a little bit
so please keep that in mind
the usual ranges for clomid is 12 and a
half milligrams 250 milligrams per day
but definitely listen to whatever your
doctor says taking vitamin E while
taking clomid has been shown in some
cases to help clomid get your
testosterone levels a little higher but
it’s not recommended to take more than
400 IU’s of vitamin E per day something
that’s interesting about clomid is that
while it can help with fertility and it
can help get your testicles working the
way they should
higher doses of clément can actually
negatively impacts firm production so
clomid can actually be used as a mono
therapy meaning that it’s the only
medicine being used to treat TRT and to
try to raise your testosterone but it
can be used in conjunction with
testosterone it’s just not very common
steroid users and bodybuilders have used
clomid for a long time and when they use
it is when they’re coming off of a cycle
they’re stopping taking outside
testosterone and they’re trying to get
their body to produce its own test
officer and again something known as
post psychotherapy and clones been a
staple in that for years so thanks for
watching guys if you found this video
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always get your levels tested

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