Does Being Overweight Lower Testosterone levels? How Much Does Obesity Lower Testosterone Levels?

what’s going on guys welcome to the test
your levels Channel today we’re going to
talk about correlation of obesity and
testosterone levels and I’m in the same
boat as you
I’m not some 5% body fat guys ripped and
Jack telling you that you need to lose
weight but I’m a fellow chubby guy
telling you you need to lose weight
let’s jump into it
so to prove
one of you guys which you can obviously
see I actually had a burger with pimento
cheese and pickled jalapenos last night
at a friend’s birthday I had the fries
but that was my one cheese note for the
week so anyway moving on so being
overweight causes testosterone levels to
drop for a number of reasons
so testosterone is converted into
estrogen in fat cells and when there’s
more fat cells more of your testosterone
aromatized us into estrogen which gives
your body lower level of testosterone
obesity is also thought by the medical
community to inhibit testicular function
so testosterone is a fat soluble hormone
and being that stored in the fat if you
have too much fat then too much of that
testosterone can be stored in your fat
and not going through your body doing
what it needs to do therefore giving you
lower testosterone numbers when you get
a blood test and more importantly less
testosterone in your body for your body
to use for all the things that it uses
testosterone for so as I just said being
overweight causes your testicles not to
produce as much testosterone and it also
causes more of your testosterone to be
converted to estrogen and some of these
studies they noted that obese men
usually have a combination of these two
things and we have low testosterone and
high estrogen normally most people will
gain weight in that situation so it’s
kind of a double-edged sword
you’re already overweight and now your
hormones are making you so that it’s
easier to gain weight and also when you
have low testosterone you have less
motivation and so you’re less motivation
to get exercise and do manly stuff so
it’s really just a lot of stuff working
against you once you’re overweight and
have less low testosterone so when I
studied about 900 men the scientists had
half of them do 150 minutes of exercise
a week and eat less calories and then
they had a placebo a group that did
nothing different and at the beginning
of this study one in four men had low
testosterone levels of 300 or lower so
the group that did the lifestyle
modification they went from being about
25% low testosterone and after a year it
to 11% so that’s a pretty big jump so
men in this lifestyle modification group
lost about 17 pounds over that year so
in the study about 1,700 men the study
pretty much concluded that for every one
point of body mass index or BMI that you
go up you decrease your testosterone by
two percent so if you went from a 28 BMI
to a 30 BMI on average drop your tests
officer at about 4% so another study of
about 1,900 men showed that waist
circumference was actually a better
indicator of lower testosterone levels
than the actual BMI was so they showed
that a four-inch addition of body fat on
the waist increased your risk of having
low testosterone by 75%
in for comparison aging 10 years being
10 years older was only 36% so that’s a
pretty stunning number right there you
know just adding 4 inches to your waist
line increases your risk of having low
testosterone at 75% and going from today
to 10 years from now is only 36% another
study that compared men of normal weight
to obese men showed that the obese men
were eight times more likely to have low
testosterone they also went on to say
that obesity was the most effective
predictor of low testosterone as I said
earlier scientists have discovered that
fat cells are basically tasks they do
other stuff but their task from turning
testosterone and estrogen and when you
have more fat more of your testosterone
is going to be converted into estrogen
and they also found that abdominal fat
and us men and we carry most of our fat
and our abdomen is even better at this
it’s called visceral fat and it’s kind
of the fat layer that’s closest to your
organs not necessarily outside by the
skin so there’s also evidence that too
much estrogen can signal your brain to
stop telling your testicles to produce
more testosterone so like I said this is
you know a really vicious cycle here and
you’re already overweight so you don’t
have the motivation
the energy then you get lower
testosterone so you’re not gonna be able
to build muscle as fast now you’re gonna
have higher estrogen levels and higher
estrogen levels can actually tell your
brain to tell your testicles to stop
producing testosterone so I mean if
you’re here I mean don’t you get pretty
obese I mean you’re on a pretty slippery
slope down to low testosterone so high
estrogen can actually suppress the brain
from releasing gonadotropin-releasing
hormone lack of grh leads to lower
luteinizing hormone levels which in turn
tells your body not to produce as much
testosterone in the testicles so some of
these studies showed that weight lifting
was the best exercise for men to do to
help increase their testosterone levels
but that you had to do it for six months
to really start seeing results not only
you know muscle wise but testosterone
was so you can’t just do it for a month
and think you’re gonna be good
so another studies showed that men who
lost 15% of their body weight who were
overweight and to begin with had
significant improvements with erectile
dysfunction so just a random statistic
overweight men have about thirty percent
less testosterone than men of normal
weight generally speaking so if you’re
overweight you’re watching this you know
there’s a pretty good chance you have
lower testosterone than your buddy you
go to the gym and each correctly and as
a normal weight so more than 70% of
morbidly obese men have hypogonadism
that is where your testicles do not
produce testosterone for whatever reason
so also said that male hypogonadism can
be reversed with fat loss if the weight
gain was the cause of the hypogonadism
so just losing weight isn’t gonna fix it
if there’s something going on for two
eteri gland but if you gain weight and
you lowered your testosterone and
develop type of gonad ism then by losing
weight there’s a good chance that you
could reverse that many took trt and
testosterone supplements for five years
lost on average about 36 pounds and they
also took three and a half inches off
their waist and in my personal opinion
you know when your testosterone levels
are low and your estrogen
ha hard to gain muscle and muscle burns
a lot of calories so the more muscle you
have more calories you burn in the day
therefore losing weights a little easier
now I’m not telling you if you’re
overweight to just jump on trt and
you’re just gonna start losing weight it
doesn’t work like that first off you go
to doctor and get a blood test my
channel is called test levels for a
reason I want every man to go out there
whether they feel good or not and when
they’re getting their normal routine
blood tests
ask the doctor hey can I get tested for
free testosterone total testosterone
estrogen and SHBG and also you’re not
normally gonna do a cholesterol panel so
you know where you’re at
I’m not making this video make you feel
bad or you know I’m overweight to so
many people here in America overweight
and across the world just we have so
much high-calorie food that is nutrient
poor and it’s everywhere everywhere you
walk into you know you try to walk into
a 7-eleven and try to find something
healthy there it’s there’s a couple
items but it’s generally garbage now I’m
making this video to let you know that
there is a strong strong correlation
with being overweight and having lower
testosterone levels so if you are
someone that is severely overweight and
you’re thinking about jumping on TRT I’m
not saying don’t do it you know that’s
between you and your doctor but I’m
saying you need to change your diet and
you need to go to the gym you need to
lift weights and you need to exercise
this is not rocket science I’m not the
first person to ever say this but just
knowing that there is that strong
correlation between excess weight and
low testosterone which in turn goes to
higher estrogen levels which also has
bad side effects like erectile
dysfunction anyway I’ve got videos on
all that stuff you could actually just
click the subscribe button and you’ll
see all my new videos and then you can
go through and check out all my other
videos on this stuff and if you learn
something you click on the like button
as well but moving along losing weight
is just common sense and if you’re
overweight your body doesn’t like it bad
things happen we know this but now you
can watch this video you know that if
you are overweight you most likely have
a lower testosterone that means it’s
gonna be harder for you
build muscle you’re gonna have less
energy you’re just not going to feel as
good as you could so I plead you go to
the gym go to the glorious house of
games do some workouts you know I know
some people were beat up and have tough
joints find exercises that don’t hurt
you do light weights just go to the gym
and I promise once you’re done in the
gym like four times in a week the next
week you’re gonna want to go back and
it’s just a cycle so if you just
watching this video just make it a point
to say I’m going to start the gym at a
certain point whether it’s next week or
next month or tomorrow even better make
it a point to go to the gym you know
look up some other videos on YouTube
about how to meal prep where you cook
meals for the entire week and you freeze
most of them and so you don’t have to
think about what you’re gonna eat and
you always have food available that is
healthy so you don’t have to order that
pizza or go to the McDonald’s you know I
mean I can sit here and talk all day but
you have to actually do it you have to
say to yourself you know what I am
I feel like garbage I need to get my ass
in the gym and I need to start taking
control of my life and what I eat so
that I can have a better healthier body
and there’s lots of other great side
effects when you get stronger and lose
weight the ladies look at you a little
bit more it’s just a fact so guys thanks
for watching I’m gonna put some videos
up here I’m gonna put a subscribe button
right here I would love if you subscribe
take this journey with me got lots of
new stuff planned but just a bag of you
look yourself in the mirror can you be
doing better can you have a better diet
can you exercise more of course you can
we all can make it a point hit the gym
get exercise and eat healthy do it for
yourself not for me not for anyone else
do it for yourself
thanks for watching get your levels

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