How to Improve Cholesterol Levels on TRT! Lower LDL, Lower Triglycerides, Raise HDL!

welcome to the tattoo elves Channel
today we’re going to talk about TR t and
cholesterol levels and I’ve got a little
bonus a little tip that I got from my
doctor at the end of the video so stick
around if you want hear about that
scientific research done a little
contradictory on the effects of outside
testosterone and the different
cholesterol levels but the general
consensus for men on TR T or steroids is
that it’s going to raise your LDL which
is the bad cholesterol and it’s going to
lower the HDL which is the good
cholesterol now we could go real deep
into cholesterol levels but I’m going to
cover the basics of LDL HDL and
triglycerides so LDL which is the bad
cholesterol is a fat like substance
that’s in your bloodstream and we need
it for normal healthy function but when
we have too much LDL it builds up plaque
in our arteries this can we destroy it
and heart attacks which we obviously
don’t want so while we need LDL we don’t
want to have too much of it
so HDL which is the good cholesterol
basically what it does it goes and
cleans up the LDL cholesterol and brings
it to your liver so your body can
process it so without the proper amount
of HDL to clean up the LDL you’re gonna
have a buildup of lvo and your arteries
and we don’t want that so triglycerides
when you eat your body turns excess
calories that it doesn’t need right then
into triglycerides and those are stored
in your fat cells later hormones help
release the triglycerides energy so that
your body can use the energy now if you
regularly eat more calories than you
burn especially carbohydrates you’re
gonna have a higher triglyceride level
so ideally on trt we want to lower the
LDL and triglycerides and raise the HDL
and we have to worry about this a little
bit more than normal everyday people
because we have that outside
testosterone so in order to do this it’s
kind of a two-pronged approach we have
to modify our diet and also our
lifestyle LDL and triglycerides are more
affected by our diet whereas HDL is more
affected by our body weight and our
exercise levels lowering LDL and
triglycerides is basically eating
healthy I’m not gonna go into super
detail about eating healthy what I’m
gonna do instead is I’m going to show
you some foods that are generally known
to lower LDL and triglyceride levels so
you’re gonna see a theme with these
foods they’re minimally processed and
they come from nature which is most
likely what we were designed to eat
we’ve just strayed from that
processed foods and lots of sugary stuff
and soda and all that good stuff
actually bad stuff so olive oil olive
oil can actually lower the inflammatory
impact of LDL it’s great for cooking
with it’s great on salads people will do
is in the Mediterranean diet have been
using olive oil for a long time it’s
obviously pretty good for us beans and
legumes they both contain soluble fiber
which is known to lower LDL levels so
whole grains like cereal wild rice bran
and brown rice are known to lower LDL
cholesterol as well but don’t go
overboard on that and thinking that
honey nut cheerios is a whole grain well
it has some of it it’s a lot of other
stuff and sugar as well so we’re talking
about the real whole grains fruits with
a lot of fiber like apples prunes and
pears it can actually lower your LDL and
help raise your HDL so omega-3 fatty
acids have been known to help with your
cholesterol on numerous ways these come
from fatty fish like salmon mackerel you
can also take a fish oil or a krill oil
supplement nuts Brazil nuts hazelnuts
pistachios almonds cashews they all have
very good heart-healthy fats they’re
also high in fiber and contain what are
called plant sterols plant sterols can
help block cholesterol from being
absorbed by your body and finally
avocados which are filled with folate
and monounsaturated fats if you’re
getting the general idea here we’re
eating natural unprocessed foods like
olive oil nuts fatty fish avocado whole
greens real whole grains all this stuff
comes from the earth and we’re designed
to eat that stuff so if you can throw a
little bit extra of that into your diet
every day it may help lower your
cholesterol and raise your good
cholesterol as we learned earlier
it’s basically your body turns excess
calories into triglycerides if you’re
stored in your fat and the best way to
help lower triglycerides is to lower
your carbohydrate intake a lot of people
do keto and paleo and hatkins
I’m not recommending either one of those
but pretty much all the research shows
that when we lower our
carbohydrate intake it’s better for our
body in general and it helps lower
triglycerides now like I said earlier
with HDL the best way to raise HDL is
pretty much exercise and lose body fat
it’s pretty much as simple as that I
can’t sugarcoat it there’s no magic
formula for it
now by doing the things that we
mentioned for lowering LDL and
triglycerides which is basically eating
healthier and eating less carbs we
shouldn’t turn loose some weight losing
weight helps with a lot of other stuff
when you throw in some exercise and some
weight lifting and you’re losing weight
at the same time you’re doing a
two-pronged approach you’re helping your
body lower your LDL and triglycerides by
eating healthier and you’re helping
raise your HDL by exercising and in turn
both of those help you lose weight which
help with pretty much all of your
hormones and help lower your bad
cholesterol and raise your good
you know this same approach this isn’t
novel this isn’t you know some crazy
thing that I figured out overall you
know eating healthier eating less carbs
exercising and losing weight helped with
almost every part of your body and your
hormone levels your blood levels how you
feel your energy
so I can’t sugarcoat it guys there’s no
magic thing that’s gonna help you with
all this stuff but eat healthier and you
improve your sleep and you go to the gym
and you’ll lose weight you’ll be better
off now let’s get to that bonus so I was
talking my doctor about you know raising
HDL and he made a recommendation to me
which I was kind of surprised about you
said you could try taking a red yeast
rice supplement and I said no no Reggie
sighs and I really heard of that he said
well most of the blood pressure and
cholesterol statin type drugs are
actually derived from red yeast rice so
Reggie’s rice has been used in Chinese
medicine for a very long time and some
of the pharmaceutical companies picked
up on this and they started researching
this and now a lot of the statin type
drugs that are used for cholesterol and
blood pressure are actually derivatives
that they’ve somehow formulated directly
from yet Reggie strikes red yeast rice
not yet we’ll get it so the thought
process is
instead of taking these derived ones why
don’t you just give your body that the
actual thing and let it get into your
system and do what it does you know you
can get a derivative of it and it may be
a little bit better I don’t know but
it’s going to it cost a lot more and
there’s probably be side effects or you
could take a natural substance that’s
created from a type of fermented mold
give it to your body let your body do
what it does body does some pretty
amazing things the actual compound is
called monocle and Kay and it’s actually
in the medicine called you and have to
look lovastatin
not familiar with it but it’s a statin
type drug so I’m not going to tell you
to stop taking any of the medicines that
your doctor prescribed to you that’s not
what I’m recommending so as interesting
one study reviewed another 21 studies
and they basically the overall
conclusion is that red yeast rice when
taken with these statin drugs helps them
work even better so that’s a pretty good
sign to me that it’s doing something one
study of 25 people which is a pretty
small study but it’s shown by taking 600
milligrams of yet red but it showed by
taking 600 milligrams of red yeast rice
a day these people lowered their total
cholesterol by 15% and their LDL
cholesterol which is a bad one by 21% so
I found that pretty interesting even
though it’s a very small study another
eight-week study of 79 people took the
same 600 milligrams of red yeast rice a
day and they didn’t give numbers but
they showed a significant decrease in
bad cholesterol or LDL so that’s another
good sign I’m not telling you that you
need to read yeast rice if you’re on trt
I just thought I would pass along a
recommendation about my doctor that was
backed by some of the research that I
did I actually have two bottles it’s
relatively cheap I figured why not it
doesn’t give me any side effects so when
I get my next blood test we’ll see if
it’s helped at all hopefully it did so
we’ll see but just thought I’d throw
them out there to you guys so wrap up
you know overall the general things that
you need to be doing to lower your bad
cholesterol and raise your good
cholesterol eat more like eat less
processed foods eat healthier foods eat
less carbohydrates exercise and lose
I mean it’s really a no-brainer but I
just wanted to bring that to you give
you guys some foods that have been kind
of shown to lower LDL and and then also
the red yeast rice supposedly helps
lower the LDL as well and it does a good
stuff for blood pressure as well so
thank you guys for watching I know this
isn’t a revolutionary video but I know a
lot of people worry about the
cholesterol so I thought I’d make a
video and look do some research and show
you guys kind of what you need to do and
how you need to improve your lifestyle
on your diet to help your cholesterol so
thanks for watching guys as always I’m
gonna leave some videos up here for you
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guys as always get your levels tested

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