TRT Transformations Before and After – Alan’s Story (Testosterone Replacement Therapy). Watch Alan’s transformation before and after TRT

what’s going on guys test your levels
here and today we have another TRT
transformation video these are some of
the most fun videos that I like to make
because I just really think it shows the
power of TRT and how it can really help
men change their lives and today we’re
going to be going through Allen’s TRT
transformation and let me just tell you
that it is life changing and if he had
not learned about testosterone levels he
may have been in a completely different
spot so let’s get started not sure if I
need to do a medical dismember but we’re
gonna do it anyway
throw in the bone shoot manage so I met
Alan on Reddit and he had posted in the
testosterone subreddit and he had shared
pictures some update pictures and some
information about what he does in the
gym so I asked him if he wanted me to do
a TRT transformation video on his story
and he did so I gave him my email test
your levels at if you want to
have a TRT transformation done on
yourself send me an email
no one’s ever taken me up on that from a
video so but if you want to email me and
you could be on youtube so now and
emailed me I really had no idea what his
transformation was no clue what I was
going to expect to see but when I read
it I was like wow I’m so glad I reached
out to him because this is such a a
crazy life changing story that I mean
this has to be shared so I’ll read to
you what Alan sent me and then I’m gonna
go over some of the stuff that he does
in the gym and I’m gonna show you some
pictures so I was 30 years old my
marriage was failing
I was irritable depressed lethargic and
a shell of my formal self
I wrestled at a high level into my early
20s and by the time I was 30 I felt like
a loser I could barely get up and go to
work every day I was gaining weight and
losing muscle at a rapid pace I had no
energy for anything extracurricular my
unit barely worked my life was in
shambles I lost everything
my marriage my business at 40 years old
I was on my mother’s couch facing the
divorce wondering what
went wrong in my life I went to a doctor
and told him some of my issues and he
put me on antidepressants this is
another key aspect to this TRT
transformation if you’re a subscriber
and you should be click on the red
little button I’ve said this in a couple
miles and it’s the same common scenario
men go into doctors offices telling them
all the common things the symptoms of
low testosterone and seems a super-large
percent of the time they’re handed
antidepressants and it’s really just
makes the situation worse for a lot of
guys there was ten times worse than the
symptoms I was initially feeling I did
my own research and everything seemed to
point to low testosterone now Alan is
extremely lucky that he was persistent
and he did his own research this is one
of the reasons I made this channel it’s
because there’s not a lot of good
information and doctors don’t really
they’re not really that well versed in
testosterone and just remember for every
class of graduating doctors there’s
always one at the bottom I told him my
findings and he said I was too young
this is another very common scenario
where doctors will basically look at a
man and say well you’re 32 years old
you’re 35 years old you’re too dumb to
have low testosterone so there’s no
reason to test it and a lot of men are
just like okay well he’s a doctor he’s
obviously smart and there’s more than me
so I guess we’ll just try
antidepressants I told him my findings
and he said I was too young but he would
run a blood test just to check 24 hours
later he called me back to have me in
his office to go over the findings he
immediately apologized and said that I
had the test level of a 60 year old man
and was surprised I even grew facial
hair this is another common
misconception that doctors seem to run
off of and the general population seems
to think if you have testosterone you
can grow facial hair if you don’t have
testosterone you can’t grow facial hair
and it’s not that way at all there’s
I’ve seen many men that have thick full
beards that have low testosterone the
two are not really correlated in any way
turned out I had testosterone levels
under 200 which is extremely low I was
severely misdiagnosed I was immediately
prescribed TRT and have been on ever
since I got my marriage ban
got a six-figure job moved out of state
and started over it was an absolute game
changer for me this was a bullet really
the statement that really stuck out in
my mind probably kept me from eating a
bullet so he felt so bad with low
testosterone that he almost lost his
marriage he couldn’t get out of bed he
didn’t want to do anything severely
depressed and it was because he had look
testosterone this story could have gone
completely different if Alan hadn’t done
the research and found a doctor that was
willing to prescribe in TRT to get his
natural male hormone levels in the right
range so now I’ll tell you what Alan
takes Condit his TRT protocols some
other stuff that he does he’s been
hitting the gym he does jiu-jitsu does a
couple other things so let’s go through
I’ve been typically trying to match my
body weight with protein I take creatine
two scoops in the morning two scoops
post-workout I take a multivitamin in
addition I take d3 magnesium zinc
flaxseed oil and B complex intermittent
fast most mornings typically I have one
big meal at night I generally break my
fast with a thousand calorie protein
I cut sugar and watch the snacks I’m not
very carb conscious right now I eat a
lot of rice and chicken lots of
vegetables my total team numbers are in
the thousands and when he sends he’s
about 1100 which is right where I set
out getting administered 240 milligrams
a week with 500 I use of HCG every other
day I try to get to the gym at least
four days a week try to hit every body
part at least twice a week for 20
minutes I do two jitsu once a week and I
try to make a conscious effort to get at
least thirty minutes of cardio a week I
bench a lot do a lot of military pushes
incline and flat got my bench up to 345
max I could barely push two plates two
years ago which is 225 so he’s had his
bench go out 120 pounds that’s crazy
it’s a lot of weight may not sound like
a crazy amount of weight but when you’re
under it and you’re on a flat bench 120
pounds is a lot of weight
Allen went through like its 30s to his
40s with low
awesome and didn’t know he had low
testosterone and I mean look at the
difference that he’s had in his life
from someone who had a hard time getting
up for work and was had issues with his
marriage and was on his mom’s couch
feeling like a loser
lost his business all of that because he
didn’t have the right hormone levels and
I mean look at the difference from
someone who couldn’t get out of bed who
someone whose unit was not working
properly I mean this guy’s going to the
gym four days a week he’s doing
jiu-jitsu he’s coaching a local youth
football league he jumped up as bench of
120 pounds that’s pretty damn impressive
and literally that’s just from having
the proper hormone levels in his body
you know if your car is designed to run
on whatever and it’s not getting what it
needs to run properly your car’s gonna
run like crap and for Alan his body did
not produce enough testosterone and he
was feeling horrible because of it and
luckily he had a really good doctor and
now he is kicking ass and taking names
so now I’m gonna show you some pictures
of Alan they’re a little blurry but
you’ll get the idea and congratulations
Alan you’re pretty jacked and juicy I’m
in the best shape of my life stronger at
45 than I was at 25 in the gym four
nights a week I can bench 350 and I also
do jujitsu I’m not very good but I’m
active and that’s all I want coach a
local youth football team four years
work ten-hour days sometimes a hundred
days in a row and still managed to be a
husband father and a paycheck it allows
me to take care of me and everyone else
I’m an absolute proponent of TRT a bet
on to 40 to 50 milligrams of
testosterone sipping it for two years
both up to 240 cut back down with the
keto diet to 230 absolute life changer
never felt better
45 year old father of three best
decision I ever made if you’re on the
fence go see a doctor it gets your blood
work done change your life dad bod gone
fantastic advice if you’re feeling it
take the initiative go to your doctor
tell them you want a blood test
don’t like your doctor tell you what you
can what levels of your
you can know about you’re paying for the
test have them write it be assertive be
persistent and fun fact actually named
my channel test your levels so that men
would test their levels and it also had
the word test in there so I thought that
was kind of a little play on words but
to sum this up guys I mean this is a
complete 180 in life I mean I think you
said earlier the guy was on the couch
feeling like a loser lost his business
lost his wife or almost lost his wife he
wasn’t able to perform and you know what
I’m saying just it was all because he
had low testosterone it’s so crazy to
see that someone obviously he’s driven
and to see what his drive actually is
when his hormones are optimized compared
to what it was when he had low
testosterone I mean this guy had a
business he wasn’t like some little
introvert and he wasn’t you know just
some skinny little dude he was a normal
dude with a lot of Drive but as assess
Ostrom levels got lower and lower it
really started to affect his life to the
point where I am suing possibly some
point in his mind he considered you know
the ultimate ending to your life I guess
and I mean the fact that this guy just
did a complete freakin 180 injection not
just one but you know what I’m sayin
just inspiring to me to see someone go
from one end of the spectrum to another
end of the spectrum just from fixing
their hormones it’s pretty impressive
it’s pretty amazing and it really shows
you the power of hormones in your body
scientists don’t even fully understand
how all these hormones work but I’m
pretty sure that we all know if you’re a
part of this channel that testosterone
is something that men need to function
especially in this world where we have
crazy high amount of stress all kinds of
stuff going on and we have the
environment fighting against us we have
stress levels fighting against us we
have you know all the crazy stuff that
our food that messes with our hormones
and bottom line is men need testosterone
whether your body makes it or whether
you get it out of a bottle
you need tests to be a man
good and to be driven and to kick ass
and take names so thank you very much
Alan for sharing your story it’s very
inspiring I’m sure everyone who watches
this is gonna be like wow this is crazy
180 from one end of the spectrum to the
other and if you have a really cool
testosterone TRT transformation test
your levels at and with email
back and forth and we can make a video
on it and you can show everyone else
what a remarkable change it doesn’t have
to be that you’re 400 pounds and now
you’re 185 and you’re just ripped out of
your mind it could be anything like you
know just feeling really bad so now
you’re feeling really good you know
anything that we’re TRT helped your life
in a you know a significant way shoot me
an email but as always guys you’re
awesome click on the subscribe button
and get your levels tested like Alan did
and now he’s on top of the world

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